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  1. Non-Typical Solutions

    caught stealing tree stand pics!

    Sorry lance appears that trouble maker is making the rounds!🙃
  2. Non-Typical Solutions

    caught stealing tree stand pics!

  3. Non-Typical Solutions

    caught stealing tree stand pics!

  4. Non-Typical Solutions

    HR 5717

    Anybody heard about this? Maybe I missed it somewhere?
  5. Non-Typical Solutions

    Fire restrictions

    We drove over middle mountain road in 27 a week ago, it looked like somebody had gone through with a horrible weed eater and munched off the branches of trees right next to the road.....10-12' up, I think they got a microburst wind storm of some sort through there with those branches so dry they just shred/snapped, I'll dig for a picture...........
  6. Non-Typical Solutions

    ISO-.357 rifle

    My brother said Winchester, Marlin.......wasn't really looking for one over the other as far as maker........said his wallet was probably the biggest factor
  7. Non-Typical Solutions

    COVID Vaccine Info

    If we are so concerned about the virus.......why does the vaccine only get given to 18 and older? Not trying to be anti vaccine......just watched a bunch of high school kids playing basketball last night while wearing masks and got to thinking......why not kids too?
  8. Non-Typical Solutions

    ISO-.357 rifle

    I'm not sure I would sell that to my own brother!!! Sweet looking rifle!
  9. Non-Typical Solutions

    COVID Vaccine Info

    And everybody wondered why Trump booted WHO.........duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  10. Non-Typical Solutions

    ISO-.357 rifle

    Asking for my brother.......anybody sitting on one they are interested in getting rid of? Don't know the going rate and not sure exactly what he is willing to pay, just asking!
  11. Non-Typical Solutions

    Fire restrictions

    Even with the lift on restrictions......it is really really dry out there...............
  12. Non-Typical Solutions

    Portal/bonus PTS. missing

    I got onto my account and I think everything is OK..........
  13. Non-Typical Solutions

    COVID Vaccine Info

    When I first heard this story I thought the exact same thing......I served my mission in Norway, that was 40 years ago but when people talk about socialistic government and all the perks.....I would never have wanted to go into one of their hospitals for any serious treatment!!!
  14. Non-Typical Solutions

    COVID Vaccine Info

    Neighbor around the block from me passed this morning from covid19 complications. As long as I've known him, over weight, heavy laborious breathing.......played a lot of softball with him, he could smash the ball but always had a courtesy runner after getting to first off what normally would have been a triple for most! Great guy, probably 45-50 years old, three kids! We knew when we heard he was in the hospital that he would be lucky to make it out of there! Admitted on Saturday morning, gone this morning! I am still with Houston on this vaccine, my wife and I are actually at odds on this right now, I want more time to validate what it really is.......way too much politics in the middle of the development! If I was at health risk I might think differently but if I could hit a triple, I would still be able to make it to third!!!!
  15. Non-Typical Solutions

    COVID Vaccine Info

    Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..............it is the preferred pronoun from what I understand!