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  1. Non-Typical Solutions

    Why do they keep doing this?

    Latest I read states that the shooter was arrested in 2018 for threatening to shoot the school up. Current two kids in Az that were arrested for threatening to shoot a school up yesterday. Cottonwood and Prestcott valley..........................we aren't gonna get in front of mental health fast enough, fastest fix is to protect our campuses until better proactive solutions can be installed...........fencing, detectors, trained personnel, etc.............
  2. Non-Typical Solutions

    Why do they keep doing this?

    Actually................I've heard you can drive into a crowded sidewalk at Christmas time and be just fine.........................
  3. Non-Typical Solutions

    Why do they keep doing this?

    We had a training last Friday on a new program that we are going to "implement" next year to help students with "mental health"! While it might sound like a great idea you can't imagine the amount of red tape and paper trail required to get any action from an administration level! In most cases we are asked to take into consideration a kids home life....................duh................possibly the #1 common factor. Creating a campus with one entry and one exit sounds like a logistic nightmare but in my opinion is gonna have to happen if you really want to protect our kids! Including metal detectors! One of the big considerations is training adults that this is what needs to happen because this will cause backlash by adults who want the "freedom" they had as a kid. I mean, we get reamed by parents because we have a designated drop of area that takes "time" to get through because so many kids get driven to school by parents or siblings. Even though the drop off zone is for their children's safety. Times are very different! I am a huge proponent of trained armed staff and have volunteered to go through training! I was listening to a guy on the radio talking about "see something say something"...............which I am a huge believer in that concept but there is a pretty rough side to that as well, my neighbor who is anti gun sees me loading up for a hunting trip packing guns into my truck and all the sudden I have cops at my house investigating? Lots of things to consider but sitting on the sideline just praying ain't the only thing we need.........we need action, shut off all this foreign aid to countries that don't give a fit and invest in our children!
  4. Non-Typical Solutions

    Why do they keep doing this?

    Beto........is all you really need to know..............
  5. Non-Typical Solutions

    Why do they keep doing this?

  6. Non-Typical Solutions

    88 years ago today

    Can you imagine processing the scene????
  7. Non-Typical Solutions

    Black River

  8. Non-Typical Solutions

    Boycott of Aspen Lodge in Alpine, AZ

    Interestingly enough I got into a discussion with a G$F officer darting elk off of FS 26 last summer. Supposedly they were putting collars on elk to track wolf impact. I asked him why he thought there were so many elk in the area specifically the Alpine meadow! He told me they had always been there which is debatable. When my dad built his summer home in the edge of the "Alpine meadow" back in the 70's a person had to drive to Reservation Lake to see elk I hope you are correct about the buildings and you are correct about the slippery slope and going to heck!!!
  9. Non-Typical Solutions

    Boycott of Aspen Lodge in Alpine, AZ

    Judd ranch was up for sale 4+million.........had to know that anybody that could afford that price was gonna wreck it!!!
  10. Non-Typical Solutions

    Need a few pigs

    Man.....sounds good!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Non-Typical Solutions

    Where my fellow Doge coin billionaires at?

    It's gonna take a lotta green days to fix the mess and get things headed north again!!!
  12. Non-Typical Solutions

    Boycott of Aspen Lodge in Alpine, AZ

    My folks claim my first camp out was at Diamondrock when I was 4 months old and that would have been August of 60! My dad built a summer home in Alpine late 70's! Any time I have a spare minute I spend it somewhere in unit1/27 During the COVID lockdowns Alpine was mysteriously like gestapo mask, the cabin had visitors so I was desperate for a room. We stopped at the Aspen Lodge to try and get a room for the night! Got treated like dirtbag because I didn't have a mask on and they wanted bank for the room one night........we just said forget it and drove back to Snowflake. The development where my dad's place is has had many changes in ownership with properties and we have felt the long hand of Kalifornication within that development! It's like Joe said.....just stay in Kalifornication if you are just gonna bring it here to Az.........but I fear we are too late!!!!
  13. Non-Typical Solutions

    1996 4Runner

    No he didn't sell it I think we talked him out of selling it for now!!!!
  14. Non-Typical Solutions


    Thanks a bunch for the review!!! I think I’ll only need a 4 camera setup! Small house and small yard! I appreciate it!
  15. Non-Typical Solutions


    Recommend this system? Mostly curious about clarity and user friendly? I have watched an install video and it seemed doable!