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  1. Non-Typical Solutions

    Looking for Azruger

    Where is he from???
  2. Non-Typical Solutions

    The Oil City Derrick

    Great picture!!!!
  3. Non-Typical Solutions

    Sybil Road

    Thanks a bunch, that gives me a pretty good start......
  4. Non-Typical Solutions

    Sybil Road

    I have a couple of pictures but they are only of the backyard of my father in laws home and it doesn't show much. Pictures with buildings would be awesome if possible. My father in laws home burned to the ground while they were living there and they moved to Dragoon from there! He was a senior in high school at the time the home burned.
  5. Non-Typical Solutions

    Sybil Road

    We are working through them as well, just thought there might be somebody out there with a treasure! Stuckeys was just right off the road but if you drive south on Sybil road there is a sharp bend in the road and then it crosses the railroad tracks. Just to the west from that crossing there used to be several buildings, water tower..........thanks!
  6. Non-Typical Solutions

    Sybil Road

    I am trying to find somebody that knows or has access to any map that would depict the railroad community around Sybil road! Circa 1952-55! There were houses, not right by I-10 but in a bit off the freeway!!!
  7. Non-Typical Solutions

    Towing Mirrors

    Just something that sticks out further so I can see sides better. Not bigger necessarily.....just further out!
  8. Non-Typical Solutions

    Towing Mirrors

    Any recommendations for add on temporary towing mirrors? Need to attach onto a 2015 F150 Ecoboost!!!
  9. Non-Typical Solutions

    Vietnam Veteran's Day: March 29

    Kids doing a mans job and paying for it with their lives! Nothing but respect for those who's numbers got pulled and those who just jumped in and volunteered!
  10. Non-Typical Solutions

    We lost a good one this weekend.

    One of my wrestlers took his own life about 8 years ago. He was out of high school, served a mission and was running his own business. Little did any of us know he was suffering from bipolar/depression. He was doing so good he decided he didn't need the medication any longer! Sorry for your loss.....it is a tough pill to swallow, always count your blessings and hug the ones you love every chance you get!
  11. Non-Typical Solutions

    Another heartbreaking loss

    Way to many deaths on the roads........sorry for your loss and prayers for the family......
  12. Non-Typical Solutions

    2004 Toyota Tacoma

    Thanks for that info.........
  13. Non-Typical Solutions

    2004 Toyota Tacoma

    Boy.......that is an understatement after a weekend of trying to track parts down I think that is exactly where we will end up landing tomorrow!!! Thanks
  14. Non-Typical Solutions

    2004 Toyota Tacoma

    Looking for a place in the east side of the valley where I can find front struts for this truck! 2” lift! Anybody experienced in this area? Do I get the loaded spring/strut or just the strut? Kinda in a bind looking for someplace open Saturday that has this in stock!
  15. Non-Typical Solutions

    Cedar Chest

    Built specifically off the orders from the boss lady!!! I had already purchased some black handles for the project then she changed my mind:)