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  1. Non-Typical Solutions

    Any Tax Professionals?

    My brother in law doesn’t work has two kids and gets 5k back every year! My wife and I both work and always owe 3-5k every year even after paycheck deductions🙃! So obviously I need to quit working or get a new tax person!!!😂 Good luck!!!
  2. Non-Typical Solutions

    I have been........preoccupied!!!!!

    Cole started off with some rough patches knee injury included but has bounced back.........went to Gunnison last weekend where he went 3-1 then last night he brought the house down!!!! Javelina hunting next weekend with my grandson and my phone connected to the Kearny Midwest Duals!!! https://gomountaineers.com/news/2020/1/16/WRST16Jan2020.aspx ALAMOSA, Colo. --- Last season, the rivalry wrestling dual of Western Colorado and Adams State came down to the final match of the night with the Mountaineers picking up the win via a pin in Gunnison. This season, not so much. The No. 23 Mountaineers won six of 10 matches – including three pins and two tech falls – as they made it seven wins in a row over No. 11 Adams State with a 31-12 victory Thursday night at Plachy Hall. WCU (7-4 overall, 2-0 RMAC), the defending RMAC champs, picked up pins from Cole Mortensen at 157 pounds (1:40), No. 12 Ruger Wyneken at 184 pounds (2:34) and Sammy deSeriere (1:47) while getting tech falls from No. 3 Patrick Allis (16-1) at 125 pounds and Hunter Mullin (21-5) at 174 pounds to get big points for the Mountaineers. Michael Thelen just missed getting a major decision win for WCU at 165, beating ASU's Gavin Davy 7-1. Maybe even more key was the WCU wrestlers keeping it close against Adams State's (2-2, 1-1) three high-ranked wrestlers as Cody Fatzinger fell to No. 3 Jonathan Andretta 8-2 at 133 pounds, Jason Hanenberg lost a 3-2 decision to No. 3 Noah Hermosillo and Giovanni Cassioppi fell to No. 6 Josiah Rider 6-0 – totaling just nine team points for the Grizzlies. The match of the night was at 157 pounds as the freshman Mortensen appeared he was going to be pinned within the first minute against ASU's Ryan Rochford before fighting it off, picking up a reversal and pinning Rochford at the 1:40 mark in the first period. The Mountaineers are now 48-35-1 all-time against the Grizzlies. Up next for WCU is the Midwest Duals in Kearney, Nebraska, on Jan. 25. #23 Western Colorado 31, #11 Adams State 12 125: Patrick Allis (WCU) over Isaiah DeLaCerda (ASC) (TF 16-1 5:00) 133: Jonathan Andreatta (ASC) over Cody Fatzinger (WCU) (Dec 8-2) 141: Noah Hermosillo (ASC) over Jason Hanenberg (WCU) (Dec 3-2) 149: Josiah Rider (ASC) over Giovanni Cassioppi (WCU) (Dec 6-0) 157: Cole Mortensen (WCU) over Ryan Rochford (ASC) (Fall 1:40) 165: Michael Thelen (WCU) over Gavin Davy (ASC) (Dec 7-1) 174: Hunter Mullin (WCU) over Natrelle Demison (ASC) (TF 21-5 5:59) 184: Ruger Wyneken (WCU) over William Tyler (ASC) (Fall 2:34) 197: Cole Gustavson (ASC) over Espen Weber (WCU) (Dec 12-6) 285: Sammy deSeriere (WCU) over Sylvester Montgomery (ASC) (Fall 1:47)
  3. Non-Typical Solutions

    Can you see it?

    Cole was taking his math final, -15 outside, snowing!
  4. Non-Typical Solutions

    New Deleted post

    One thing that always amazed me about nose rings is do people even have a clue as to the origin and purpose of a nose ring? I didn't even get to read the original post.................... A nose ring is a ring made of metal designed to be installed through the nasal septum of pigs (to prevent them from rooting) as well as domestic cattle, usually bulls. ... Nose rings are used to encourage the weaning of young calves by discouraging them from suckling. Nose rings in bulls are commonly used to help control or lead the animal!
  5. Non-Typical Solutions

    azgfd payson meeting dec 4th as told by "payson round up"

    From that report it doesn't sound like they are too user friendly up on the top side of the chain of command......... Who is the world works under DOS anymore and I'm not even tech literate................ “We’re still in DOS system,” he said.
  6. Non-Typical Solutions

    Anyone know the family washed away in Tonto Basin?

    Interesting side note: We had our team at the Jr. High White Mountain League Finals in Heber on Saturday. Daniel who has been coaching the Show Low team was there coaching his team on a day that had to be a tough decision but shows his strength and commitment to his obligations and team! They always sell breakfast burritos after weigh ins and all those proceeds went to the Rawlings family. That collection was presented right before finals Saturday night to Daniel, his wife and two kids. It is inspiring to see a family who has been stripped of something so precious yet stand strong! Again, prayers for those searching, may they find that little girl, and prayers for that family that they may continue to be strong! Thanks to so many who have spent time there helping search.....Flatlander........and so many others!
  7. Non-Typical Solutions

    Another Flooding Reminder

  8. Non-Typical Solutions

    Anyone know the family washed away in Tonto Basin?

    Seriously a tough video to watch.......prayers again for all.......
  9. Non-Typical Solutions

    Anyone know the family washed away in Tonto Basin?

    Prayers for all involved, the parents, siblings, searchers.........great families, rough, rough heartbreaking!!!!!
  10. Non-Typical Solutions

    Help Arrest this poacher!

    Oh boy....first Outdoor writer and now Big Lake...........better go get my hip waders on for this next round!!! Lots of fit hitting the shan..................
  11. Non-Typical Solutions

    Youth javelina 22/23

    No I didn't but my grandson lives in Gilbert so we will be working from that leave point!!! No way ever I could survive living full time down there!!!! FYI......Snowflake vs Ben Franklin Saturday at 6:00 at Williamsfield semi finals..............Ben Franklin put a smack down on Snowflake early in the season!!!
  12. Non-Typical Solutions

    What am I?

    Cute little bugger...............
  13. I used to hunt them after work just off Beeline. Just past the Rodeo Grounds on the Rez past the Verde River you will see a Tonto National Forest sign on the right. Go just past the sign and pull off and park.

    To the south a couple of hundred yards there is a ridge that runs east to west. On the south side of it there are about three ridges that run off of it to the south towards the river. I have taken Javeinla in there a long time ago.

    1. Non-Typical Solutions

      Non-Typical Solutions

      Thanks for the info....I appreiate it!

  14. Non-Typical Solutions

    Youth javelina 22/23

    Thank you very much, not sure where I missed the AZGF info regarding the Rolls Area, I appreciate you sharing that with me! Usually try to get as far from population as possible but just thinking about some quick after school spots that maybe we could hit!!!
  15. Non-Typical Solutions

    Youth javelina 22/23

    I’m headed to scout out some areas for the upcoming youth javelina hunt, unit 22/23. I want to check out the backside of saguaro lake but I am not 100% sure what the legalities of hunting there. I believe it to be Tonto National Forest but it’s also a popular recreation areas for the butcher Jones beach area and off road vehicle trails around the rolls area. Are there any no hunting laws that prohibit hunting there? I know it’s not considered prime real-estate but it’s close enough to run out after school etc.