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  1. Non-Typical Solutions

    Fu*&^%ing ethics

    On your property but too close to an occupied dwelling
  2. Non-Typical Solutions

    free brick of .22lr with purchase of 2005 Nissan Titan $7500

    Did you ever tell your wife the real story behind that dent?
  3. Non-Typical Solutions


    Way too many of these stories floating around, never met the man but enjoyed his banter here on CWT! Prayers for his family!
  4. Non-Typical Solutions

    Water Pressure Tank and Pump

    Thanks for the heads up I kinda like the idea of no pressure tank!
  5. Non-Typical Solutions

    Water Pressure Tank and Pump

    So it just pumps on demand? If my sprinklers are running it’s pumping?
  6. Non-Typical Solutions

    Water Pressure Tank and Pump

    I just got done replacing my jack pump with a solar/110 pump in my well! I have a 4500 gallon storage tank! I am trying to replace my old pressure tank and pump! Any recommendations? I have seen a unit that looks like this and wondering if it might do the job?
  7. Non-Typical Solutions

    Finally Rain!!

    Snowflake 3 days in a row with a good rain each day!
  8. Non-Typical Solutions


    Anybody getting any? We have had a couple of decent rains, good start, need lots more!!!
  9. Non-Typical Solutions

    Weird PM hack?

    Anybody else getting this? Stanley where are you? Maybe Lark? Casey?
  10. Non-Typical Solutions

    Cost of living in Payson

  11. Non-Typical Solutions

    Every once in a while

    Nelson Middle of March not a single hit! Yesterday we had 3 poles reeling in at the same time more than once! Grandson might have had more fun running the net than he did fishing!😂 Good fighters lots of flipped flies 😬
  12. Non-Typical Solutions

    Every once in a while

    Things come together!
  13. Non-Typical Solutions

    Another fire near Superior

    Camping at Black Canyon lake, lots of campers plus an idiot with a fire right next to the no campfire sign! When I stopped and pointed it out to him he told me to mind my own business! Next day after they’re gone of course game and fish officer rolling through I stopped him asked who we’re supposed to call, he said 911! 😳 Doesn’t make sense to my simple mind but he claimed it goes to county dispatch! FS gonna shut it down!!! It is a tinderbox our here! 🔥
  14. Non-Typical Solutions

    Let's See Them Gardens.

    Oh we have had things disappear through the years, the tricycle is cabled to the railroad tie so they can't just grab and run, I mean it can still walk! The pig survived last year and the flamingo is new so we'll see!!!
  15. Non-Typical Solutions

    Let's See Them Gardens.

    I’m horrible at growing vegetables and trophyhnter is correct on money spent each year but it helps provide a little color for a normally wind blown snowflake!