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  1. ChrisC2217

    Help Identifying Deadhead

    Appreciate it Dustin, shoot me a message if you have some questions ill do my best to help, although im still new at this and still learning. Viper - on these ive shown i did not use any wood filler. Ive practiced with wood filler on these below followed by watered down white satin paint. Still trying to get the hang of that whole process.
  2. ChrisC2217

    Help Identifying Deadhead

    Thanks y’all. For that one i did a first coat of minwax provincial left on for about a minute or two then wiped off to dry. Second small coat of minwax poly-satin pecan stain around the brow tine to burr with a small paint brush and left on, then a small coat of minwax early american from the burr to a quarter of the way up the beam as a final coat with a small brush as well. I usually wipe this coat after about 30 mins with a large brush to get a nice natural blend. Ive been fortunate enough to have plenty of practice deadheads. Some others ive only done 1 coat or two. Heres what those ended up like.
  3. ChrisC2217

    Help Identifying Deadhead

    Hey thanks a bunch Chef! That means a lot. I recently started restoring deadheads and sheds I've been finding last 2 months. It's become an enjoyable hobby for me.
  4. ChrisC2217

    Help Identifying Deadhead

    Its a private ranch with animals from all over. I thought a previouis owner may have had some on the property for hunting.
  5. ChrisC2217

    Help Identifying Deadhead

    Thanks Dustin!
  6. ChrisC2217

    Help Identifying Deadhead

    I found this deadhead on a ranch here in Texas. I recently restored it and I was thinking this may be a Coues. I know it may be hard to tell but I have a suspicion it may be. Thanks for any help!