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  1. 2023 Jeep Tires and Wheels, BFG KO2 285/70/R17 Take offs, Rubicon Rims, 5 Total, Discounts Tires price on tires alone is 1900.00 1200.00 Text 602.291.671six Don
  2. Coming soon, 5 jeep rims brand new take offs. Rims only, tires will be used on a different vehicle. I believe they were on a Wrangler Rubicon EV. They will be available Monday the 15 400.00 Text 60two. 291.671six Don 400.00
  3. Browning Maxis 3.5 12 gauge shotgun, with a 28 inch barrel. Mossy oak blades camo, Three Invector plus choke tubes. Full, Mod, Improved. There is a area on the action on both sides with wear marks. Unfortunately, I put in a leather scabbard that removed some of the camo. It happened one time, that was enough. The gun shoots great, and fast. I have bought a new shotgun with a 26 barrel, and 3 inch chamber. Don't like 3.5 shotguns. I used this gun for Turkeys, ducks, and cranes 750.00 Text 60two.291.671six Don
  4. 2019 PSE Carbo Air stealth 35 $750.00 Text 602.721.9851 70 pound limbs, 35 axle to axle, Evolve Cam, 26- 32 DRAW LENGTH, 80% to 90% let off, 6 5/8 Brace height, Kuiu Verde Camo Tight spot 5 arrow quiver, B Stinger Stabilizer, Quad Fall away rest, NO SIGHT Just shot a pig this month. Ordering a new one with 60 pounds limbs. My 70 pounds days are over
  5. Wagges

    Going Old School

    Its all about success rate and Money!!!. If you are to successful they will have to eliminate tags. Then they lose money. If you fight against each other you play into there narrative. I don't care how you kill the animals. there's only so many. Stay together you are strong
  6. Two boxes of bullets still wrapped in plastic. 75.00 each box. 602.seven21.985one text
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  10. Wagges

    Garmin Zero A1 bow sight

    Updated price, please let me know if you have any interest. Text 602.721.9851
  11. Wagges

    Garmin Zero A1 bow sight

    Used Garmin Zero, two years old, sold the bow it was on, all parts ready to go 350.00 Text 602.721.9851
  12. Brand new in box. Never been shot. A gift when I already have a crossbow. 1000.00 or best offer. I don't want a trade. And I wont take 750.00 Text 602.721.9851 Don
  13. Wagges

    Cva paramount vs rem ult

    Just bought a paramount .40 cal HTR. I shoot a lot of long range guns, and I reload everything. That being said, this is my first muzzleloader. When they only shot a hundred yards, I was not interested. heck, my bow can do that. This gun shoots 1.5 groups at 200 and just under 2 inch 400 yards. Finding the Blackhorn 209 was difficult, and learning how much pressure to put on the loads was tricky. I am using 112 grains BH 209 cci large rifle primers. I measure the powder on two scales down to the single grain of powder. RCBS Chargemaster 1500 and then the RCBS Matchmaster. The velocity is accurate with my ballistic chart showing 2800 velocities and BC at .360. At 400 yards it takes 5.6 MOA, velocity at 400 is 1931 and energy is 1863. Using a Nightforce NXS. It has been fun. Other states give you a better chance at getting drawn with muzzleloader. Not AZ anymore, there's just too many dang people
  14. Garmin Zero Bow sight, Used on couple hunts, I could not get comfortable with this technology. 500.00 Text me at 602 Two Nine one 6716