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  1. San Carlos bird 21 pounds, 10.5 inch beard, tough hunt called in several but had accuracy problems missed several. My son's hunt was his 6th consecutive tag in a certain unit and he is 6 for 6. He also missed several birds this year, but was able to shoot this young bird. All of his shots where around 25 yards. The problem with some of the long range ammo we use is a very tight group at close range. Most of the toms were all alone and all of the hens we saw were by themselves. I believe they were on eggs already, or in the process. This great news for all you guys this week-end. What worked best for us was moving on toms several times. We found this made them believe we were a real hen on the move. There were several people up in the area calling toms,. They were calling for fun, but they were not hunting. ETA Not sure why the pictures are posting sideways?
  2. Wagges

    Fast Eddie Spot Hog Sight

    I used this single pin sight for 6 months, and then went a different direction. I don't have the container it came in, or the directions. I know you can get more tapes for the wheel. http://www.lancasterarchery.com/spot-hogg-sight-tape.html for 5.00 dollars. This sight is very easy to set up. $100.00
  3. Wagges

    Unit 23 Late Hunt

    My son wants a 350 bull, but reality is we are looking for a 320 to 350. I have taken two bulls over 380 with a bow and believe that I can judge them well. We just don't know what to expect, not being around the unit for several years. I used to know the family that owned the Elenwood Ranch, and I spent a lot time there early 2000. Back then there were to many people that hunted that area. I know they kill big bulls in Sept. around Canyon creek, and Neaglin rim and but I thought most of them traveled back to the reservation before the end of Nov. I also hope the hunters spread out with only 125 tags. Is there a area to stay away from because of hunter density? Thanks for the help and input, we both appreciate it.
  4. Wagges

    Unit 23 Late Hunt

    My 16 year old son drew this tag. I put him for this hunt, but did not realize how hard it is to draw, around 5%. We are looking for anyone that has been in the unit the last couple years in late November or December, maybe someone who was on a deer hunt or a elk hunt that has seen some nice bulls. He can shoot up to 700 yards and is in great shape. My ability at 52 is not as good as it once was. I spent most of my youth hunting coues deer and late archery elk. I am very familiar with this unit, but I have not been in the unit in 10 years. I know the success rate is high and probably the ONLY unit left that AZGFD manages the right way. As there are very few tags, we really want to shoot a quality elk. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Bow Tech Prodigy used one year, This bow has a large adjustable draw length, and three performance setting with the module. Limbs are 60 pounds. Rip cord fall away rest, Alpine soft lock quiver,G 5 three pin sight with floating fourth pin. 400.00
  6. Wagges

    Goulds in 31

    Here is my Gould's video from April of 12018 in Unit 31. Great hunt but my only regret is that I didn't use my bow. I had foot injury right before the hunt and had to hunt in a hard sole slipper. I have a lot of other short videos, but the one I attached was the best one. Not very many turkeys up there,, but when you find one, they are very easy to call in. I have killed over 20 turkeys in AZ, and this experience was second to none. Rio in 13B is next on the list. Thank all of you for the information and helpful replies, it was GREATLY appreciated. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nku4HP9aoGs&t=2s
  7. I have owned this gun for 6 months, and it shoots 1/2 groups at 100 and 3 inch at 700 yards. I have put about 150 rounds through it. Selling because it weights 9.0 pounds and I have two other Creedmore's. Great gun,great trigger, no complaints and that is amazing for a Aavage. Velocity at 2725 with a 143 Hornady ELDX, best groups for me. Energy at 700 is 1111 foot lbs.
  8. Wagges

    San Carlos

    This is my 15th year hunting the San Carlos Reservation. I was able to harvest a very nice bird. I know that all of you who love Spring Turkey Hunting so much that you are willing to pay $250.00 to hunt these birds must have noticed the changes this year. This has been the toughest year ever. I BELIEVE THIS IS DUE TO THREE HUNTS. I think they have taken a page out of Arizona Game and Fish handbook of over hunting and pray that the 30% success doesn't over achieve. I I encourage anyone that hunts there to send back their Questionnaire and request that they stop this practice. We all pay more to have the ability to call to birds that are less pressured. I believe 3 hunts will ruin this great hunt.
  9. Wagges

    Goulds in 31

    After gathering 17 bonus points, I drew this tag! I have never been there but I was extremely tired of waiting. It is crazy to me that even with 17 points, I could only draw the second hunt. There are only 3 tags on each hunt, so it was tough to get drawn but I am so glad I did. This was the only tag I was certain to draw by the numbers. I am an avid spring hunter, 15 years on San Carlos and several hunts on public lands. I have harvested over 25 birds during spring hunts. If anyone has any information on the bird population, areas to hunt, and places to start, I would really appreciate and direction/guidance you may have to offer. I want to shoot this bird with my bow, but will not eat this tag. Very dedicated to achieving the Arizona Slam with my bow. I have heard that game and fish has trapped birds here, and some years the numbers are down. Any help would be great.
  10. Custom built and designed trailer to use behind an off road vehicle for outdoor adventures. Extended sides with mesh 3500 pound axle and upgraded BFG 31 75 15 tires. 3 years old and only been used 6 times. I have $2500 + invested in this trailer $1700 to have built and another $825 in tires and rims. Asking $1600