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  1. Wagges

    San Carlos Turkey hunt cancelled?

    f the res, I hope they choke on that 100,000 they got for the cancelled turkey hunts. never again
  2. Wagges

    Zeiss Conquest Scope Sold

    SOLD! If anything changes will be in touch. Thanks for the response
  3. Wagges

    Zeiss Conquest Scope Sold

    I run a route, therefore i am in every city every week. can meet just about anywhere
  4. Wagges

    Zeiss Conquest Scope Sold

    Zeiss Conquest 4.5x14x44 MC One inch tube, simple duplex reticle, parallax knob 150.00 602.seven 21. 98S1 text me
  5. Used 24 volt w/80 pound thrust, and new cable handle. I don't want to throw it away, it works great. I bought a spot lock Minn Kota $100.00 6o2 - seven 21-98S1 please text me!
  6. Wagges

    Kaibab Fall Turkeys

    I picked up a left over turkey tag in Kaibab, and was wondering if any archery deer hunters had seen groups of turkeys or areas of signs, like scratching. I have hunted there a bunch over the years, but I cant get there until late Thursday. I am also wondering if the fires are still burning, smoke sucks. Love Kaibab the best forest in the state. Please send a PM thank you again
  7. Wagges

    G&F misleading public

    Enforcement is a joke, Game and Fish officers are an Endangered Species. There is no one watching out for wildlife. Our game & fish officers are now state law officers, and believe it or not that is not WILDLIFE MANAGEMENT. Just be happy they're not the ones looking out for your safety. 15 years ago we would at lease see a warden during every opening weekend. They now spend there time on ATV management, and I am sure you guys have seen how well that is going.
  8. Wagges


    I hate California, I am 3rd generation AZ Native. I make my own decisions and from what I have seen happen to this state for 40 years. Just because we where taught as kids to do something and find out later it's wrong, doesn't mean we shouldn't change it. Most people want to believe the cattle association is better than the Anti's. One and the same. Cattle will never go away but it doesn't have follow a model of destruction that has been in place for 75 years. We all have to divide the pie. I am the furthest person you would ever be able to call left leaning.
  9. Wagges


    My understanding is that most of the beef that comes from southwest and leased lands is sold over seas. I was told this by a rancher/cattle man. This is a term I use for a person solely makes his money from the sale of cattle. He told me the majority of our beef goes over seas, China. Don't quote me on the true amount as I admit I don't know the percentages. It's wrong to lose habitat and wildlife numbers to overseas interests. The cattle industries in the Midwest and East do it on private lands. This cattleman, told me that the average desert ranch with some property and the lease, is selling for 800,000.00 to a million, and you can't touch the ranches in the better elevations because of the price. So please don't ask me if I eat steak. For 30 years I have eaten ELK, Deer, Antelope and have not bought one package of hamburger. I DO BUY STEAKS AT COSTCO. All the ponds are all ready built, so what exactly do they do for wildlife besides drink them DRY
  10. Wagges


    Hello Jim I am sure you believe that the cattle ranchers care about our wildlife, but I feel this far from the truth. They care about profits and how much they have to pay for PUBLIC lease to make the money. YOUR public lands are for sale, only to ranchers. As a normal US Citizen you cannot lease the land unless you are a rancher. They resent the public and are constantly trying to stop our access to our lands. They truly believe that the lease grants them rights that supersede our own. Your organization should spend your dollars in ways that only help native wildlife, not invasive species like Cattle, Burros, Horses. Your project at DATE CREEK Ranch helped cattle about 90% over Mule Deer, Javelina, Quail, and other native species. Last time I was there, the only animals that could drink at your drinkers were cattle, horse, and adult deer. As sportsmen, we want to see as much wildlife as possible, not privately owned livestock. In my first post, I said that I that I have given up believing that anything will change. I appreciate that employees that volunteer and I believe they want to make a difference and help. These are not the same people who create policy. Those employee's hands are tied when it comes to the decisions made that impact our public lands. Those efforts are commendable, but my position remains the same.
  11. Wagges


    Putting 1000 pound animals in the desert and expecting the native animals to thrive is insane. Quail and other small animals can't ground nest with no cover. All your bullshit about Co-op is always one sided, the CATTLE Associations way. Whenever I see people advocating for cattle industry, it seems they are also those who financially benefit from their agreements . The largest group with the best lobbyists. Cattle in AZ is like putting a dinosaur in Phoenix and expecting that situation to work itself out. Most states receive enough rain to compensate for this large of grazing, not AZ-not even close!
  12. Wagges


    In my opinion there should no longer be cattle on public land. There would be natural water sources for our elk, deer, etc if cattle weren't overgrazed on our public lands for the last 75 years. This crap will never change. Forest service is the laziest group out there. Just look at how they are letting the utv's destroy our forest. Its all bullshit that wo'nt change. I am Native Arizonan of 52 years and have given up on Arizona Game and Fish and National Forest Services. Now I hunt other states. Hunting will be for the rich not for The average man or woman. What will game and fish do when they have nothing to sell, sell us camping permits?
  13. San Carlos bird 21 pounds, 10.5 inch beard, tough hunt called in several but had accuracy problems missed several. My son's hunt was his 6th consecutive tag in a certain unit and he is 6 for 6. He also missed several birds this year, but was able to shoot this young bird. All of his shots where around 25 yards. The problem with some of the long range ammo we use is a very tight group at close range. Most of the toms were all alone and all of the hens we saw were by themselves. I believe they were on eggs already, or in the process. This great news for all you guys this week-end. What worked best for us was moving on toms several times. We found this made them believe we were a real hen on the move. There were several people up in the area calling toms,. They were calling for fun, but they were not hunting. ETA Not sure why the pictures are posting sideways?
  14. Wagges

    Fast Eddie Spot Hog Sight

    I used this single pin sight for 6 months, and then went a different direction. I don't have the container it came in, or the directions. I know you can get more tapes for the wheel. http://www.lancasterarchery.com/spot-hogg-sight-tape.html for 5.00 dollars. This sight is very easy to set up. $100.00
  15. Wagges

    Unit 23 Late Hunt

    My son wants a 350 bull, but reality is we are looking for a 320 to 350. I have taken two bulls over 380 with a bow and believe that I can judge them well. We just don't know what to expect, not being around the unit for several years. I used to know the family that owned the Elenwood Ranch, and I spent a lot time there early 2000. Back then there were to many people that hunted that area. I know they kill big bulls in Sept. around Canyon creek, and Neaglin rim and but I thought most of them traveled back to the reservation before the end of Nov. I also hope the hunters spread out with only 125 tags. Is there a area to stay away from because of hunter density? Thanks for the help and input, we both appreciate it.