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  1. gaps

    300 RUM Ammo - WTB

    I know it's a long shot but who has a box or more of Hornady Precision Hunter 300 RUM 220gr ELD-X that I can buy?!?! E6924EA5-37BF-40E6-9985-237668FD132B.heic
  2. gaps

    AZ 4B rifle antelope success

    Congratulations on last years hunt, great photos and write up too, thanks for sharing!!!
  3. gaps

    4B archery antelope info/pass tag holders

    Good luck to you guys!!! Any luck with seeing decent bucks?!?! I have a rifle tag in 4B that runs from 9/2-9/11 and could use some help...I need more time to scout...
  4. Bump for all of those who have deer tags!!!
  5. $1,499.00 OBO I absolutely love this scope, only selling because I went with the new Gen III Razor. Comes with original box. Still mounted on my 300RUM. Call/Text me at 480-518-0702.