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    Jim White tripod head """"Updated Post""""

    I'm interested in purchasing. Anyway to get a picture of the head? Any contact info?
  2. has anyone hunted on the san carlos for coues deer? do you know what the process is to get tags or permits? is there a contact number?
  3. I have seen alot of pictures of guys on the forum with rifles mounted to tripods for shooting at long range. they look really steady and light weight. I currently have a harris ultralight bipod mounted to my rifle and am curious of the pros and cons of the tripod mounts. Also where to find them?
  4. Mpar

    unit 29 help

    Thanks for all your help.I am getting excited to go scout this weekend and for the hunt in december. I hope to have some pictures to post in about a month.
  5. Mpar

    unit 29 help

    thanks we will try around portal
  6. Mpar

    unit 29 help

    Yeah thanks big help.
  7. A friend and I drew december tags for unit 29. We are planning to scout this coming weekend. Any ideas on where to start? How did the fire impact the deer? Is the all the forest open and has anyone had any success on the earlier hunts? thanks