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  1. Got this for the wife's EL 12x50 and after using a couple times see didn't like so I got the outdoorsmen mount install. So its pretty much brand new. $100.00 OBO Call or text if you have any questions. thx
  2. These rim and tires came off a 2016 F250 and have 36K miles on them. Also have the center caps for them. $550.00 OBO Call or text with any questions 520-419-4906
  3. cvw789

    Hair O' the Bear

    Very nice Congrats.
  4. cvw789

    Boys 3rd elk

    Congrats guys that's pretty cool.
  5. cvw789

    Late Season Success - Brothers Big Fall

    Awesome job Congrats !
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    First 80"+ buck

    Awesome Congrats !
  7. Great write up Congrats !
  8. cvw789

    Canvas saddlebags

    Ill check today and get back to you. I want to say 12'x12'x 4' but not sure
  9. cvw789

    Canvas saddlebags

    I have to canvas saddlebags for sale both are used one a little more than the other but both are still in great shape $35.00 each
  10. cvw789

    Opening Day Muley

    Great buck !
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    Awesome Guys ! Congrats
  12. cvw789

    Look what Pops got!!

    Awesome Congrats