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  1. HorseHunter

    ISO Dog Rattle Snake Training

    https://huntercanine.com/ I used them. I'm sure there is someplace closer to you though. Basically use an e-collar and a real snake so the dog associates the snake smell with the e-collar and wants no part of it. Not really a DIY deal as you can imagine and the lesson is faster than you might guess.
  2. HorseHunter


    Gotta be a joke meme. Why would the group People Eating Tasty Animals even care about baseball? Next thing they will try to remove the dolphin from my tuna/bacon sandwich.
  3. HorseHunter

    Cool old leather scabbard

    Saw the wear mark where it carried a bolt action rifle once or twice, then I saw, by the maker sign, someone actually wrote "Bolt" in the leather. Ever think of stamping Grandpa's name or initials on it then passing it down in the family? No one will ever have a stronger connection to it than you. Very cool item. Thanks for sharing.
  4. HorseHunter

    Yellow Labs for sale

    I'm no marketing guru but adorable puppy pictures may elicit an emotional response you are looking for. This response includes a person shelling out $850. Picture this, a CWT member viewing the aforementioned adorable puppy pictures when a child in the home catches a glimpse of little fuzzy bundles of yellow joy... That child, all of the sudden, needs (can't live without) a lab puppy and it's so close to Christmas.....WHAMO, sold a dog! Everyone knows you don't get a pup on a major holiday, getting them before or after allows them to acclimate to a normal routine, missing or being settled in prior to the chaos of the holiday festivities. Thanks to the microwave oven and on demand this, on demand that, we are also horrible at delaying gratification so your puppies are well-positioned to be in hew homes before Christmas. GLWS
  5. HorseHunter

    Dumb Question

    Above advice is spot on The caliber the rifle is chambered for will be stamped on the side. Mags have more tolerance since all it does is feed the round not chamber it to go bang. I have a friend that bought a super sale savage axis in 30.06 and it uses the same mag as the axis in .270
  6. HorseHunter

    AZ; Ready to Rumble?

    #you'rewelcome I just washed my truck and watered the citrus trees. Figures.....
  7. HorseHunter

    CWT B.P.

    Tough job for sure and waaaayy underpaid for what they put on the line on our behalf. Although the grey and sorrel in the recent news pics did not look like a mustangs (looked more cutting bred judging from the way that pony moved) below is a couple of articles about the CBP/Mustang project. Pretty awesome that they use horses on the borders. https://www.blm.gov/programs/wild-horse-and-burro/partnerships/new-mexico/us-border-patrol https://nypost.com/2021/09/04/border-patrol-using-wild-mustangs-to-patrol-border-with-mexico/
  8. HorseHunter

    Scammer alert

    Sportsmans in N Phx (27th ave by costco) had some 103 grain in match and hunter eldx yesterday Not sure if you had use for that bullet size or not
  9. HorseHunter

    Remington 1100 sold

    Chambered for 2-3/4 or 3”?
  10. HorseHunter


    Ha! Funny (creative) way to get rid of your ad! To the (fictitious) Feller that bought that, I've got a used wax ring and corroded bolts I will sell for $40 Sure like so many ads we have seen, you could buy new for less but why would you? This one has "experience" Besides I can now jamb up your thread by reposting once a week, lowering the price by a buck a week or alternating with the TTT which is morse code for "I priced this way too high". Maybe I could even have my pals chime in and mention what a great deal it is. 😂
  11. HorseHunter

    Scammer Alert Jayyou

    I too am pleased you got your money back. Did you "kindly" ask him to ship the SLCs? The sticky note with the user name and date was a nice touch. This incident got me thinking on how to safely make a distance purchase with all the techno-wizardry these days. I would have asked him/her/it to hold up a front page newspaper in front of them in a selfie (like an old school hostage photo) then asked them to mail me their drivers license and library card as collateral. Then asked to facetime them in their home walking out front to see their mail box # and walk to nearest street intersection, at the same time reporting a suspicious character roaming the streets at his vector see if LE rolls up while you are facetiming. I am pretty trusting though. Any other best practices here?
  12. HorseHunter

    Any suggestions for RV gate install

    Spam? Yeah, pretty sure that is a safe bet...
  13. HorseHunter

    AZ 4B rifle antelope success

    Great buck! You certainly put in the work. Really enjoyed the story.
  14. HorseHunter

    Anybody know these thieves