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    Hunting anything with fur or feathers with my two boys, my Lab, my favorite brother, my Dad, and good friends. Fishing, Horses, Boating, building and fixing stuff are my other interests.

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  1. HorseHunter

    Browning 92 44

    Great rifle. Any back story on that Gy brand? For grins, I checked out the active list on https://searchagriculture.az.gov/docs/brandbook.pdf but did not see it. Could be not active, never registered, or another state. GLWS
  2. HorseHunter

    2002 Tacoma or 4runner for sale

    Not sure if you bought a Kia yet. Heads on on some of those Korean car brands if you are thinking of buying a used one. https://www.motortrend.com/news/state-farm-progressive-insurance-kia-hyundai/ Some are uninsurable (by most insurance carriers) due to theft issues. Just incase you haven't seen this in the news. Happy car shopping.
  3. HorseHunter

    Ĵust some humor 🤣

    I am familiar with a "Texas heart shot" on an animal running strait away but what do you call these shot placements? I worked with a guy that was an "anti" and every fall he asked if I was going to shoot an animal in the face. My sarcastic reply changed from year to year. This cartoon made me think of that.
  4. HorseHunter

    1964 (Found it)

    My Dad bought me my first deer rifle (Winchester 30-30 Mdl. 94AE) at Smitty's on Shea and Tatum circa 1984. I think about it every time I drive past that Fry's now. That purchase was easier than buying cough medicine today.
  5. HorseHunter

    Hunting guns

  6. HorseHunter

    Card Hits!

    Same happened here. Kid had Tag #55 and while checking on it again, poof, no tag! Agree, likely the update process as they have my money. I blame microwave ovens for contributing to our societal impatience... Happy hunting!
  7. HorseHunter


    Sorry to hear. I have an 03, same color. Any recs on theft deterrents for these models?
  8. HorseHunter

    Taking Care of Feral Cattle in Gila National Forest

    https://www.azcentral.com/story/news/local/arizona-environment/2020/12/09/feds-start-cattle-roundup-verde-river-amid-environmental-complaints/6486299002/ We had that issue here too! Had a buddy that helped out years ago, he reported they were extra wily and would hold up in the steep, thick stuff requiring dogs to chase them out. They managed to push out the few that cooperated but left plenty behind. I would imagine that strengthens the renegade bloodline in the subsequent generations. I would rather have them on my dinner plate than being picked apart by buzzards. Unfortunately, the reality of a wild cow round up is not as easy as one might think. Still, would be one heck of an experience.
  9. HorseHunter

    Ex NFL Player Takes an Archery Mt Lion.

    That is the first I have heard of a Wolfe killing a lion...
  10. HorseHunter

    Mobile tint

    https://www.vadertint.com/ They have done 4 vehicles for me over a few years. Super convenient. Mobile Service (602) 348-6661
  11. HorseHunter

    Statewide Coues Tag

    Awesome buck! One picture angle would not have done it justice. So much character! Nice work!
  12. HorseHunter

    Stupid hunter

    I heard she drew a coveted cow elk tag in Kentucky back in 2019.... https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-50901159
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