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    Hunting anything with fur or feathers with my two boys, my Lab, my favorite brother, my Dad, and good friends. Fishing, Horses, Boating, building and fixing stuff are my other interests.

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  1. HorseHunter

    Huntin' Jokes

    A friend of mine has 2 tickets to the Super Bowl in Tampa, both box seats. He paid $21,500 each. It comes with a ride to and from the airport, lunch, dinner, and a $400 bar tab. Also, backstage pass to the winner’s locker room. He didn’t realize when he bought them, it was going to be on the same day as his wedding. If you’re interested, he’s looking for someone to take his place. It’s at St Paul’s Church in Orlando at 3 pm. The bride’s name is Ashley. She’s 5’4”, about 115 lbs, and a good cook, too. She loves to fish and hunt. She’ll be the one in the white dress.
  2. HorseHunter

    Stolen Hunting Rig - Recovered!

    I could be friends with anybody that possesses the level of creativity and sense of humor needed to build a monstrosity like that. I love it, I really do! Hopefully who ever stole it returns it due to the frustration experienced when attempting to source the proper oil filter at autozone. ”year, make, model, sir?” I will keep an eye out while chasing smelly critters on my HAM hunt. If I find it, no reward necessary, maybe just let me drive it once. Best of luck
  3. HorseHunter

    Building a water catchment

    I appreciate your sentiments on wanting to provide for wildlife and I would suggest you coordinate with the department that manages those lands so you can do the most good. You could volunteer as part of a larger project. That catchment system is cool and it’s $900. Pretty sure you could buy a box of 22LR for that much dough right here on CWT. In all seriousness, aligning/coordinating your efforts with that of biologists that have taken into account the location of other water sources, animal movement patterns, etc. This would allow you to make the largest impact for the benefit of the wildlife. As a public land owner, like yourself, if no one here can dissuade you, I would ask that you monitor it and after the guzzler is no longer in service that you haul it back out and leave no trace. I agree with you that the person who drove through the temporary water puddle did not do the wildlife or landscape any favors but maybe instead run out there with a rake and smooth it out before it gets too dry. Worth stating: Also note any man made water source has to have an escape ramp of some type. I have pulled more that one dead squirrel from a stock tank and as you can imagine it does not help the water quality. Glad you are getting out there!
  4. HorseHunter

    RIP Ed Bruce

    That’s too bad. Chris LeDoux gives him a shoutout in his 1980 “hit” Where is the glory. Here is a link and the mention is at the 1 minute mark. Then years later Garth gives Chris a shoutout in his 1989 release of Much too young.
  5. HorseHunter


    Thought climate was added later too. Only remember 4 C’s growing up, 2 million people, and one area code. Of course if I mis-remember, I will blame the public scrool systim.... 🤣
  6. HorseHunter

    Cabelas 12x20 Alaknak

    Great rule of thumb that also applies to horses.
  7. HorseHunter

    Are The Gun Stores Really Empty?

    Good info in that article. A little more digging finds the expansion of American manufacturing by Wilson Combat. This is great to hear. https://www.arkansasonline.com/news/2020/dec/13/berryvilles-wilson-combat-expanding/
  8. HorseHunter

    Stuff and Things for sale.

    Free bump for used items priced anywhere between 90% and 150% of cost new.
  9. HorseHunter

    Tuning up for the Holidays

    Hey! Does OutdoorWriter know everybody?
  10. HorseHunter

    Tuning up for the Holidays

    Hard to beat Burl Ives. Especially his narration of the movie Rudolph the Red Nosed Raindeer.
  11. HorseHunter


    Can hear the Mrs saying, “Kids, have you seen spot? She had better not be on the couch again!”
  12. HorseHunter

    Midway has ammo

    Wow! Those programmers took my advice and acted fast! #yourwelcome Ok, next they need to invent a fabric type material that can attach to another piece then detach just as easily....... all my best ideas seem to be taken! 😂
  13. HorseHunter

    Midway has ammo

    As crazy as it sounds they need to add the word “available” to their sorting feature. That way you can see what they have and not sift through all the unavailable items.
  14. HorseHunter

    Bass Pro Shop / Sportsmans Warehouse

    Seriously? It’s like the phone company Ma Bell back in the day. The outdoor outfitter monopoly. “If we don’t have it, you don’t need it!” Who can we get to open a store in Az? Sheels?
  15. HorseHunter

    Rid-A-Rat Pack Rat solution?

    Ever have rabbits infest your car? I did! My lab alerted me to them. Newer cars have that sheet of fuzzy plastic for fuel economy (cuts down undercarriage turbulence, I presume) and some momma rabbit taught her off spring to escape my dog by hopping up there. One was relocated to PHX at my Dads house when after the 35 minute trek my lab jumps out and acts like a drug dog and starts pulling the inner wheel well plastic out of the car to get at Peter cottontail. I crawled under and started banging on stuff and out jumps a bunny and the race was on! The below pic was a different bunny a week later in the same car.