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    Hunting anything with fur or feathers with my two boys, my Lab, my favorite brother, my Dad, and good friends. Fishing, Horses, Boating, building and fixing stuff are my other interests.

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  1. HorseHunter


    Do you still have the '79?
  2. HorseHunter

    Best Auto Electrical Shop

    Auto Air and Electric Bell Rd. East of I-17 They can give you the hourly rate for electrical troubleshooting over the phone.
  3. HorseHunter

    Hunting rifle sight in

    To be clear, were these Peanut M&Ms or M&Ms and peanuts (like a DIY gorp mixture) ? Need to know RSO preference incase I need to grease the wheels... ha ha bump for the sight in service...
  4. HorseHunter

    Looking for a place to have breakfast in Scottsdale

    Snooze in Kierland, super close, really good, and you gotta order the bacon even if your meal does not come with it. If you have high cholesterol, get the bacon anyway. (not medical advice, just good livin' advice) They will try to push cage free eggs but I always order the eggs from caged chickens. I feel the hens just try harder with less distractions (worrying about attacks from hawks and all). Their black coffee is good too! Also love Butterfields, near Scottsdale and Shea but a bit more of a drive. Their OJ and pancakes are amazing!
  5. HorseHunter


    My old place was on the edge of a large preserve and I took six or so rattlers off of it. Tanned a few, then gave some to a dog trainer. I built a snake pole and left it leaning against my garage, told my neighbor to borrow it whenever he had the need (mighty neighborly, I thought) , he and his mrs, looked at me and said "We call the fire department" to which I responded, you sickos, why do you light the shakes on fire? They explained the local FD will relo the snakes (no fire necessary). So I had to ask, if your kitchen faucet has a drip, what do you do? They said, "call a plumber".....
  6. HorseHunter

    Anything I should know before buying a trager?

    I like my Traeger Texas Elite 34 a lot. I have put two large briskets on at one time. We are talking the largest ones Costco had. You do need a propane grill for quick jobs like burgers and steaks, imo. It has acted up a few times since I got it in Jan of 2019. I replaced the circuit board (temp setting plate), the thermometer, and the igniter. All DIY stuff with parts via uncle bezos' website. Parts were reasonable and readily available. Must clean every few months, (basically shop vac-ing the inside) Do buy the aluminum sheet for the grease shield and the bucket inserts for the grease, makes clean up tons easier. ACE Hardware has a great selection of accessories. Likely in the instructions, (IDK, never read 'em) but if set at high temps, turn to lower temp setting for a few mins before setting it to shut down mode. This allows the extra pellets in the burn can to burn down because some times the 10 min shut down is not enough after you have been pouring the coal to it. You also want to keep the hopper 1/2 full or oxygen can get pulled through the auger tube and it's a bigger job if it back burns (you will see smoke coming from the pellet box) I am on my second cover and I was surprised by a few rain storms when I forgot to cover. This may have contributed to the circuit board I replaced. I have cooked more since I got it and I enjoy the process. Kinda goof proof for the most part. Since the heat is defused, there are no flare ups and hockey puck burgers, should you get distracted by an instant replay on game day.
  7. HorseHunter

    What to do with Savage 110?

    Can you imagine it with a Harris Bi-Pod on that beast? Tell the kids not to skip leg day! Maybe a a hunting pack with a built in scabbard like an Eberlestock J1 would help distribute the weight? Mine gets top heavy too especially with the Bi-Pod, so I understand what you are up against.
  8. HorseHunter

    What to do with Savage 110?

    Put a limb saver recoil pad on it and a trigger job. If the barrel is threaded, throw a muzzle break on it. It made my Winchester 300wm with the BOSS system very shoot-able. I can surmise from the screen name that you are a big fella, so if the kids follow suite, they will have no troubles packing that beast around the countryside. Not sure what an FP is but if it's a bull barrel you could rebarrel it for $200 in parts. (Link provided) Otherwise, I'd just buy something you want and tell Dad he is accruing storage fees. 😂
  9. HorseHunter

    Advice on cold weather states

    I grew up here but spent 20 years around Boise (elevation 2700') granted Southern Idaho along the Snake River Plain is known as the Banana belt of the NW so we got much less snow than our MT neighbors. We lived in a town of 2500 people and the locals knew everyone's business. Didn't bother me though. I coached my kids in Tee-ball and baseball and that was a great way to connect with the locals that were in a similar stage of life. My wife was born in Boise but you may be surprised how many people never leave those small towns (Boise was the "Big City"). Helena (elevation 4000') being East of the Rockies gets that polar vortex occasionally in the winters which is pretty brutal. My wife and I honeymooned across Western MT back in 1998 and a lady in Kalispell (not Helena) recounted their population boom in years prior followed by a 1996 winter with 12' of snow. She said as soon as Spring came many of those new arrivals were on the first thing smoking out of town. Helena is more flat so you won't have that same issue Kalispell had due to the way weather interacts with the mountain topography. Once Winter thaws you have what I call mud season until it dries out. Summers can find you with air quality issues from the wildfires. Having always owned livestock, I had to use stock tank heaters and still broke ice with a sledge hammer. Not fun at 0 degrees as you can imagine. I really heard about it when I was out of town and the Mrs. had to do it. You will get sick of winters the same way we get sick of summers here as others have mentioned, but seasons pass and maybe you snowmobile and ski so you can make the most of it. Like Idaho, the timber companies have sold off large tracts of land we used to be able to hunt to folks that lock it up and will trespass you like those Texas Oilmen the W Bros. You will have a leg up rolling into town with AZ plates on your rig instead of CA plates though. Also, you will want 4wd or if you have a Fwd car you will want to put on studded snow tires seasonally and sometimes that will not be enough if you beat the plows on the road. Also think about your proximity to family Parents, kids, grandkids, etc. If you are the hearty type and the Mrs. promises not to get home sick, I would go for it. Just don't expect the cost of living to be lower. I still have some snow shovels I can give you if you decide to go! Good luck and have fun!
  10. HorseHunter

    Camping etiquette ( what's wrong with people ? )

    Doesn't sound like a fun time for anyone. As others have stated, my family learned to avoid public land camping and boating on holiday weekends like we avoid bar hopping on New Years Eve. Too many "non-professionals" take on those activities then.
  11. HorseHunter

    Clothing Gear for Alaska?

    +1 for Frog Togs, They are a good budget solution especially for the kid that will out grow them by next year. Have fun!
  12. HorseHunter

    Free dog that decided my house was hers.

    In her defense, you have a pool, food, and friends for her to hang with. Who would want to leave that situation? Seriously, it's awesome you are looking out for her! Good luck rehoming her.
  13. HorseHunter

    Yellow Lab

    My Yellow Lab, aka chicken killa, turned into an awesome pheasant dog. I did not punish her because the bird(s) flew into her fenced yard. Plus, hard to get mad at a bird dog for doing bird dog stuff. Look at it like a good use of a chicken to prove they posses the prey drive they will need to hunt. This would likely be a great pooch for the right owner. Yep, that's her as a young pup in a pile of feathers. Hope you find him a great hunting home here.
  14. HorseHunter

    Sound Bear Country Advice

    Emails in the '80's? I still have copies of jokes that were sent via fax to my place of work in 1990. And yes, the fax paper came in roles. You must have been an "early adopter" as I learned about email and the interwebs in 1997ish. Dial up modems and such. I used to read Field and Stream articles while I waited for the computer to log on and the AOL email page to load. Admittedly, tech has never been an interest of mine.
  15. HorseHunter

    Sound Bear Country Advice

    This is the best Bear Spray instruction I have seen and below is a funny sign I have seen in Alaska