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    Hunting anything with fur or feathers with my two boys, my Lab, my favorite brother, my Dad, and good friends. Fishing, Horses, Boating, building and fixing stuff are my other interests.

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  1. HorseHunter

    99-04 super duty stuff

    North Phx My ‘03 crew cab is getting a face lift. these are my take off parts Stock running boards -$50 class 4 hitch $50 Towing mirrors good glass, passenger side amber lens is broken but power adjustment in working order - $Free Rear bumper - has cutouts for back up sensors -$Free Grill - going in the trash after I rob the clips off of the bottom. - I will pay you $1 to take it. or trade for titled and running 4-wheeler, lever action carbine,Turret Swarovski scope with perfect glass for my magnum rifle, or other high value items that don’t eat. 6zero2 Five26478one
  2. HorseHunter

    American Brittany Available for stud

    Blake is a fine looking specimen. Dad had two Brittanys and loved them. Saw his dog retrieve a wounded goose one day and it was on! Perfect size and lots of drive. Handsome pups too! Great, now I am wondering what a Yellow lab/Brittany cross would look like! We could call it the CWT Respaniel Never mind, That is a horrible idea and not my first. Great looking dog!
  3. HorseHunter

    22 mag for dad

    Love that Ruger single six with the interchangeable cylinders. The flexibility makes it worth the few extra bucks.
  4. HorseHunter

    Snake Quiz

    Got this one right but read it wrong. Was wondering what intern would get snake counting duty! They meant number of species not individual snakes. This proves the adage, better to be lucky than good....sometimes. BTW, this is my 100th post. Do I get a medal? Hope it brought you some joy.
  5. HorseHunter

    Rotomold Coolers

    That’s cool! I need to pony up for the Pro Series next time. Outfitter is what I have. Thanks for the info.
  6. HorseHunter

    Rotomold Coolers

    I own Canyon too (and they are my go-to) but they are made in Vietnam, not Arizona. They are distributed from Flagstaff and anymore that seems to be as close as you can get to Made in the USA-ish.
  7. Wolf Pack vs Griz and no I don’t mean not Montana vs Nevada Interesting video although the commentary is a bit annoying, still worth a watch. Here is the link to the article. https://ftw.usatoday.com/2020/10/yellowstone-tourists-react-as-wolves-gang-up-on-grizzly-bear-travel
  8. HorseHunter

    Elk don't shoot back

    Yeah, I was kidding about that. I need to get better with the emojis and whatnot to help communicate intent. I shy away from them since I asked my wife if she got the Hershey Kiss I sent her and she informed me that it was indeed not a kiss but a pile of excrement... So back to Jellystone, my bride and I were having breakfast in Gardner, circa 1998, and the nice older couple seated next to us must have felt chatty so I let them know how excited I was at my prospects on a Yellowstone early Elk Opener. There faces lost all expression and they uttered in disbelief “you can’t hunt in the park” and I replied with a mouth full of pancake “pretty sure I can, it’s our park after all”..... then I turned my attention to my coffee and left them hanging a bit. My wife of 5 days let them down gently and they were relieved when she told them I was joking. Hey, awesome insight on the culling stoping in the 1960’s. I did not know that. Thank you.
  9. HorseHunter

    Elk don't shoot back

    Those Yellowstone NP tags are hard to come by anymore.
  10. HorseHunter

    Mountain Lion in Paradise Valley

    That place is loaded with coyotes, rabbits, house cats, and little dogs. With the washes and golf courses as corridors it’s not a surprise periodic puma sighting occurs.
  11. HorseHunter

    Frustrated newbie seeking advice

    The azgf website has a great write up on every unit by species. https://www.azgfd.com/hunting/units/mesa/24a/ Find any excuse to get out there as much as you can. Learning how to glass will make all the difference.
  12. HorseHunter

    What size of rim do I need for my truck?

    If the pic you posted you need a 15” rim your current tire is 235 mm wide the side wall height is 75% of The above width its a Radial tire (as opposed to bias ply) mounted on a 15” rim that is how you read 235 / 75 R 15
  13. HorseHunter

    Marlin 22 mag for sale with ammo

    Great looking rifle! Tubular magazine so nothing to loose track of and the .22 Mag is a nice cartridge. Bump for a nice rifle and a trustworthy seller. Buy with confidence.
  14. HorseHunter

    Need Glassers in unit 22 tonight & tomorrow morning

    Heluva Buck! Looks like Thomas is hooked on hunting now! Great work Thomas and men! None of us hunt alone, even when out solo, we have the voices of our mentors and forefathers That help guide our next move.
  15. HorseHunter

    Towing Behind a 5th wheel laws?

    I’m just saying I would not hit a drive thru with that setup. Seriously, One of those remote cameras on the back of the fifth-wheel would be handy in this case.