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  1. thunderbolt

    First muley with a bow

    No pigs were killed that day catfishkev.
  2. thunderbolt

    First muley with a bow

    Went out with some friends to help hunt javalinas and this guy shows himself at 2 hours before sundown. Put on the decoy and made a stalk around a mountain. Came around a corner and was face to face with the buck at 50 yards. I believe he never ran because I had the decoy on. Perfect hit on a beautiful 4x3 and he didn't go more than 80 yards. Another awesome hunt with my friends. #nobusiness
  3. thunderbolt

    First deer ever!

    congratulations!!!!! awesome
  4. thunderbolt

    2 youth tags filled

    Thank you mark. Goofy kids..lol
  5. thunderbolt

    2 youth tags filled

    Them kids were troopers
  6. thunderbolt

    2 youth tags filled

    Thank u reg
  7. thunderbolt

    2 youth tags filled

    Not problem . I really like it. Haven’t had any issues with it. Tracks really good.
  8. thunderbolt

    2 youth tags filled

    Bustinhearts, its an athlon midas btr 4.5 to 24.
  9. thunderbolt

    2 youth tags filled

    Thx u bigorange
  10. thunderbolt

    2 youth tags filled

    Sorry if I haven’t been on here in a minute. Been busy. Finally had a chance to help out with 2 youth hunters. I let them take control of some of the camera work. Too much good footage to not leave out. Video is 30 minutes. Enjoy
  11. thunderbolt

    My 2019 Opening Day Buck

    congrats standman!!!!! are u big on scent or do you place your blind down wind? these darn swerling winds coming off mt graham have been kicking my butt. I don't spray myself down but I wash all my cloths in scent away products and shower with scent away shampoo and body soap.
  12. thunderbolt

    Wife gets it done

  13. thunderbolt

    2018 pictures

    Wow some nice bruisers
  14. thunderbolt

    Interesting Buck

    Good luck stand man
  15. thunderbolt

    Passed up free meal

    Wow that’s crazy. Thx for posting