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  1. thunderbolt

    2018 pictures

    Wow some nice bruisers
  2. thunderbolt

    Interesting Buck

    Good luck stand man
  3. thunderbolt

    Passed up free meal

    Wow that’s crazy. Thx for posting
  4. thunderbolt

    My first Coues with a bow

    wow!!! congrats and great story
  5. thunderbolt

    A Successful Hunt

    Congrats on a nice buck
  6. thunderbolt

    Giant coues

    Looks like a diaper don't it..lol. It's a pillow case we put around the chest area to protect the cape while dragging him out. And his rifle is a .260 AI using H4350 pushing 140 burger vlds.
  7. thunderbolt

    Giant coues

    a good friend of mine killed a giant buck dec 2nd. Laptop won't let me post pics so I'll post a video I just made. Enjoy https://youtu.be/nvZgjKuAJrk
  8. thunderbolt

    First archery elk

    Thank you. That was my dad with the beer..lol 2 hip replacements, he was just there for the ride and the cool air. And no footage from the gopro. I didn't have a chance to turn it on. Everything happened so fast.
  9. thunderbolt

    unit 1 bull

  10. thunderbolt

    Unit 27 stud bull!

    congrats. awesome bull
  11. thunderbolt

    7W Bull

    gotta love those whailtails!!! awesome bull
  12. thunderbolt

    First archery elk

    A little video I made of us scouting and hunting. Ending of the video has how it all unfolded. Sorry for long 6 minute video. Didn't wanna leave anything out. https://youtu.be/jejDc8rZ5FA
  13. thunderbolt

    First archery elk

    Well its been a couple wkks since the hunt. Tagged my first archery bull elk. Hit him at 40 yards with a shwacker right thru the heart. He ran 35 to 40 yards and tipped over. Dam great hunt with friends and family.
  14. thunderbolt


    Amanda, is there a place on coueswhitetail to view all the coues deer celebration videos? I can only find 4,5, and 6. Thank you
  15. thunderbolt

    Cam Pics

    wow great pictures