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  1. HUNTnTAT2

    Vortex Razor 10x50 HD binoculars

    $700 obo. Make an offer. No trades
  2. $750 Had em since new. Have served me well. Great optics. Selling to fund new optics purchase.Will include Marsupial Ranger green harness & Outdoorsmans stud. NO TRADES
  3. HUNTnTAT2

    Lees Ferry

    Can't beat the cicada hatch in the summer. Unreal top water fishing
  4. HUNTnTAT2

    Kuiu Kenai Ultra Jackets for Sale

    Where ya located?
  5. HUNTnTAT2

    Various 270 Win bullets

    Are the 150gn partitions & 130gn sst's still available ?
  6. HUNTnTAT2

    Non-Res Deer tags sold out

    AZ OTC should only be for residents. NR should have to draw at a VERY limited tag allocation. The mandatory harvest reporting should be for across the board, not just for archery hunters. How can we not mandatory harvest report for unit x that has 750 rifle deer tags for the general hunt?? That's a ton of lost data. The quota system is arbitrary. I hunt areas within a unit that Is already closed that I don't see people in. Multiple bucks running that country right now. I may get strung up on the forum gallows here for this next one but I would love to see a ruling put in place for only harvesting one buck during the archery deer rut hunts. Not the calendar year deal we currently have where you can kill 2 bucks. One in December and one in January when the year rolls over.
  7. HUNTnTAT2

    Vortex viper 65 spotting scope

    Sold. Thanks!
  8. HUNTnTAT2

    Vortex viper 65 spotting scope

  9. HUNTnTAT2

    Vortex viper 65 spotting scope

    Angled 65mm spotting scope. Neoprene cover. Glass is 10/10. Located in Peoria. $325 623.four.one.8-8858
  10. HUNTnTAT2

    EXO mountain gear k3 4800 pack system

    Darn good pack. Possibly the most comfortable on the market
  11. HUNTnTAT2

    Bow press, vise, and bench

    Pm inbound
  12. HUNTnTAT2

    Any Info On West Fork Oak Creek

    Stay on OC. Can be a good time to catch a big brown right now
  13. HUNTnTAT2

    Minnkota and Cabela’s boat battery chargers

    Where ya located?