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  1. HUNTnTAT2

    Outdoorsmans packs

    Palisade SPF
  2. HUNTnTAT2

    Outdoorsmans packs

    Long range is sold. Ranger green Palisade is still available
  3. HUNTnTAT2

    Outdoorsmans packs

    $375 for the palisade $350 for the Long range Muley rack not included. Lake Pleasant area. Work in Phoenix. 623.four.one.eight.8858. Text
  4. HUNTnTAT2

    EXO PACK - USED ONCE 500.00

    Still available??
  5. HUNTnTAT2

    December late pictures

    Awesome pictures! Thanks for sharing.
  6. HUNTnTAT2

    Need Coues Cape

    Have a coues cape but not from a mature buck. Fleshed and all. Not a scrap of meat on it
  7. HUNTnTAT2

    2003 Honda Rancher

  8. HUNTnTAT2

    2003 Honda Rancher

  9. HUNTnTAT2

    2003 Honda Rancher

    Yes very unfortunate reason to sell such a reliable machine. She has never let me down. In between fire jobs and starting an academy in week. Sucks to get rig of her
  10. HUNTnTAT2

    2003 Honda Rancher

    2172 miles 311 hours ITP mud lite tires Original owner. Garage kept. Starts every time like a Honda should. Electric start. Electric shift. Only reason for selling is my Transmission on my truck just went out. $3k PM me for more details
  11. HUNTnTAT2

    .410 shells WTB

    All I can say is make sure she is shooting tungsten loads when it comes to hunting season. My daughter killed a tom this past spring at 47 yards, stoned him, didn't even flop. With a shell we handloaded. I have some lead loads(handloaded and factory) that I can help you out with and can load you some tungsten hunting loads(pm me). Tungsten is expensive. So when you go to purchase don't be surprised at the price tag. If you go factory tungsten loads, Apex and Foxtrot would be my choice. 35 yards with our tungsten handloads out of her Stevens 301T .410 15/16oz #9.5 shot size
  12. HUNTnTAT2

    Reloading components for trade or cash

    Imr 4831 🙋‍♂️
  13. HUNTnTAT2

    209 primers

    Sportsmans phoenix.
  14. HUNTnTAT2

    Free bow case

    2nd if coues 120 falls through
  15. HUNTnTAT2

    Looking for muzzy 209 primers

    I have some federal 209a primers. Shoot me a message. I'm up by lake pleasant