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  1. HUNTnTAT2

    .410 shells WTB

    All I can say is make sure she is shooting tungsten loads when it comes to hunting season. My daughter killed a tom this past spring at 47 yards, stoned him, didn't even flop. With a shell we handloaded. I have some lead loads(handloaded and factory) that I can help you out with and can load you some tungsten hunting loads(pm me). Tungsten is expensive. So when you go to purchase don't be surprised at the price tag. If you go factory tungsten loads, Apex and Foxtrot would be my choice. 35 yards with our tungsten handloads out of her Stevens 301T .410 15/16oz #9.5 shot size
  2. HUNTnTAT2

    Reloading components for trade or cash

    Imr 4831 🙋‍♂️
  3. HUNTnTAT2

    209 primers

    Sportsmans phoenix.
  4. HUNTnTAT2

    Free bow case

    2nd if coues 120 falls through
  5. HUNTnTAT2

    Looking for muzzy 209 primers

    I have some federal 209a primers. Shoot me a message. I'm up by lake pleasant
  6. HUNTnTAT2

    Free Plano Bow case

    3rd in line. Im your neighbor!
  7. HUNTnTAT2

    270 reloading

    Thank you all for the responses! Keep em coming
  8. HUNTnTAT2

    SOLD Large Rifle Primers (Federal 210/GM210M)

    Great offer for the hardest component to find right now. Good on ya. Would take some off your hands if you were closer. Been trading my 209's for large rifles
  9. HUNTnTAT2

    ISO-Single shot 410

    Stevens 301 is hard to beat for the price. Have one for my daughter. She took a turkey with it this spring
  10. HUNTnTAT2

    Primer trade. 209a for large rife

    Lake pleasant area
  11. Have 1000 federal 209a. Wanting to trade for large rifle primers. Cci br2 Cci 200 Trades only. Not interested in selling my 209a primers.
  12. HUNTnTAT2

    270 reloading

    I have a legit set of calipers. Brand new winchester brass. And a ton of once fired remington brass that was shot from my rifle. The heads pace guage and bullet seating comparator could use a little more explanation. I'm very meticulous when it comes to the attention to detail stuff. I've been looking at the loads for IMR4831 online. I'll order some load manuals. You recommend some? I'm at the mercy of finding primers right now. So I'm in no rush at all to get anything loaded up. More in the search of information stage right now. Look forward to chattin' you up some more on it!
  13. HUNTnTAT2

    WTB Hornady 270win American whitetail 130gr

    Have a full box of federal premium trophy copper in 130gr. I'd be willing to let go. Shoot a PM.
  14. HUNTnTAT2

    270 reloading

    Absolutely would love to use some "pay it forward" gear. I'll shoot ya a PM. Honestly, thank you! Cwt members are top notch!
  15. HUNTnTAT2

    Shotgun Ammo For Sale or Trade

    Where you located??