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  1. redhammer911

    Flathead from Bartlett

    Glad you let it go takes years for a fish to grow to that size; nice catch...
  2. redhammer911

    Rossislider is a liar and coward

    You get to wound up I was just liking he apologized guess you can continue to beat the dead horse. Not sure how you want to run your mouth on me.
  3. redhammer911

    Elk hits tomorrow????

    Heck yeah boys I got two hits this morning; going hunting.... 😃
  4. redhammer911

    Good 4x4 transmission shop

    Try A&S transmissions if your on the westside... (623) 910-9880 or Pete's Transmission in downtown phx (602) 257-4447
  5. redhammer911

    General Bull Hunts.... Who's going?

    My son got lucky and got his first bull; hope everyone is recovered well...
  6. redhammer911

    General Bull Hunts.... Who's going?

    I'll be in 27 also with my son for his first elk hunt; good luck.....
  7. redhammer911

    Barnes Vor-tx 7mm rem mag 140/150 gr

  8. redhammer911

    Barnes Vor-tx 7mm rem mag 140/150 gr

    $60 For both...
  9. Got two half boxes of ammo for sale (140 has 13, 150 has 10): Barnes VOR-TX 7mm Rem Mag 140/150 $90 for both
  10. redhammer911

    .300 WM ammo

    Barnes 180's work well with that Tikka...
  11. Selling: Vortex Viper 15 x 50 HD binoculars $400 OBO great shape w/ outdoorsmans stud installed... Vortex Diamondback 4x12x40 BDC scope (w/ Vortex rings) $140
  12. redhammer911

    Hornady 6.5prc eldx

    Sold out...
  13. redhammer911

    WTB Seekins/NF UL rings....

    PM sent...