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  1. Hucker

    Durston X-Mid 2.0

    I have a 2P from Massdrop. Like it a lot.
  2. I love my wife, and so can you for $59.99…and if you act now, you can get twice the loving for one low price.
  3. Hucker


    A bunch of ammo was available at the Sportsmans Warehouse in Tucson last week... GLWS
  4. Hucker

    Sig Romeo 4h

    Sold. I bought it.
  5. Hucker

    Sig Romeo 4h

    PM sent.
  6. Hucker

    TRUMP AR15 and a hers AR

    Bump for a good dude!
  7. Hucker

    Any have 20g low recoil factory loads?

    I have some of the low base loads. Where are you located?
  8. Hucker

    CWT B.P.

    Just gotta weather the storm until some Secret Service Agent doesn't pay his hooker bill in Colombia again. Pass that hot potato!
  9. Hucker

    Looking to buy 7mm ammo!

    Disregard...you cannot receive messages. Hit me up. I can probably help.
  10. Hucker

    Looking to buy 7mm ammo!

    PM sent
  11. Hucker

    Anyone looking for an uzi 👀

    Not today, Mr. ATF.
  12. Hucker

    Hits Started

    3 tags for my sons and me. Went 3 for 3 last year. Let's see if we can duplicate it.
  13. Hucker

    Happy Mother’s Day

    Happy Birthing Person Day!!!
  14. I have a U.S. Offroad hidden winch mount I bought for a truck that is long gone. It has never been mounted. It is bare steel. Link: https://www.usoffroad.us/store/winchmounts/tacoma-2012-2015/tacoma-2012-15-winch-mount-bumper/ This allows you to maintain the factory look of the truck, but have a nice winch setup. You do have to cut a section of the lower part of the bumper to install, but it is easy, and looks great IMHO. No pics because it is still wrapped in the plastic it was shipped in. New these are $525 plus shipping. How about $300? I am down in Sierra Vista, but travel to Tucson multiple times a week, and to the Valley sporadically. We can talk about meeting half way if interested. I'll do PayPal, Venmo, or cash.