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  1. Hucker

    Need to find a home - black lab

    His other dog is the sister to Bentley, so he is torn. Thanks for the ideas. I passed them along to him!
  2. Hey all, I have a buddy who is trying to rehome a 10 year old, male, black lab. Bentley is great with humans (adults and kids), but is becoming more agressive with other dogs. My buddy feels he should be in a home where he is the only dog. Buddy can no longer keep him, and is looking to rehome him. House trained and good manners. Just not getting along with other dogs, which is why he needs to rehome. LMK if you are interested and I can put you guys in contact to see if you can work something out. Comes with dog bed pictured and other dog stuff (leash, collars, more?). Thank you.
  3. Hucker

    Jason's Jaguar

    Three, to be exact. I have a picture to prove it. LOL
  4. Hucker

    Jason's Jaguar

    Allegedly in proximity to "a cow pond near Bisbee."
  5. Hucker

    Browning HC LR - 7mm Magnum

    Bump this up. Get it now, and get it sited in for elk season. I will be in the Phoenix area almost every weekend from now until Veteran's Day weekend for baseball, so I can get the rifle up to the valley.
  6. Hucker

    Remington 700 LSS - .300 RUM

    Another year, another bump. Rifle still available. I will be in the Phoenix area almost every weekend from now until Veteran's Day weekend for baseball, so I can get the rifle up to the valley.
  7. Hucker

    Deer tags. (In mail?)

    Check and see if you are signed up for e-tags. I do not recall signing up for it (I like the paper tag in my pocket). But my kid received his tag in the mail the same day as my buddy. I did not receive mine. Called G&F and they advised I was signed up for e-tag. Like I said, I do not recall signing up for it (and would not have), but my account was setup for it. So I had to download the stupid App.
  8. Hucker

    How long until cards are hit??

    Hit for 2 tags.
  9. Hucker

    WTS Two Yamaha Kodiak Quads

    Luckily, he bought the 20 year extended warranty, so 2 years left. Battery is 18 years old. Lug nuts are size smallish. Bolt pattern on transmission is friction-fit. Right front tire is bald...the rest are 6/64ths. No 4x4...this unit is a 3x4. Please let OP know if you are still interested. Thx!
  10. Hucker

    Toyota Dealer Recommendation

    I know one thing....I would NEVER do business with Camelback Toyota, even if they tried to pay me to take a new vehicle. What a collective group of scumbags! And I mean that in the nicest way possible....because, I mean, I went in to buy a car and expected shenanigans from car salesmen. Their level of asshattery was epic. I had a deal for a Tacoma done over the phone. Salesguy (I feel bad for him...he was the pawn in this scenario) sent me some of the paperwork electronically. It was set. I specifically asked about dealer add-ons and other crap. I was told they don't do that to people and it was absent from the quote I received. Awesome! I bummed a ride from Sierra Vista to Phoenix to get my new truck. The salesguy took me to the off-loading yard because the truck had just arrived that morning. We looked it over, and he said he would have it put together quickly (remove the white sticky-plastic-paint-protection, etc). When we got back to the main building to do paperwork, the sales manager had to talk to me, because, you know, that's how it works. That is when he laid it on me. The agreed-to price was before dealer add-ons. And they did over $7k in add-ons: paint protection, door edge guards, window tint, and a market adjustment. I told them I just saw the truck with the white-film on it, so don't add that crap to my truck. He said it was already on it. I called b.s. General manager came over to talk...the whole game. "Let me see what I can do for you." Long story shortened, I walked away. They tried every trick in the book to get me back in there. Sad what they were doing to people (because you know there were people who did not know enough to walk away and got screwed). Luck for me, my ride was still in town to bum a ride back home! Two days later, I had a deal on a new truck with my local guys. No gimmicks, no asshattery. I just had to wait a month for delivery. I feel like I got a good deal on a new truck without the b.s. And with my savings, I turned Camelback's Walmart-brand tint into lifetime-warrantied ceramic tint, their paint protection (spray wax?) into a ceramic coating, and their door edge guards into a slight suspension upgrade (Bilstein 6112/5160 combo)...for about $4,500 less than buying from Camelback. Sierra Toyota got my business.
  11. Hucker

    Card Hits!

    Checked my card today and got hit for 3 tags. I checked yesterday, and had no pending charges. Checked today, and it showed a charge for $405 on 3/8/2023. So my son, buddy, and I are hunting the late bull hunt in 5b! USAA….pffft.
  12. Hucker

    Browning HC LR - 7mm Magnum

    Yes it is. Sorry, haven't been on much.
  13. Hucker

    ISO Plasma Cutter

    Looking for a Hypertherm 30xp or Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 42, or similar. Anyone know of anything available? Willing to do cash sale, or trade for some guns (if that works). We'll have to discuss if seller or buyer throws in cash on gun trade. Rem700 300 RUM (ad somewhere in Classified section) Browning HC LR 7MM Mag (same) Thanks all!
  14. Hucker

    Things to do in Tucson w/10yr old?

    Everyone knows half pina colada and half strawberry is the best eegees! And I had to go from Sierra Vista to Wilcox for field days…lol
  15. Thanks Kevin! Carried it last week for coyote/lion gun. Did not fire it, so round count is still the same, but it caught some dust on the ATV. I'll get it cleaned up this week. Bump it up.