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  1. Hucker

    Savage LRH 7mm mag

    Where are you located?
  2. Hucker

    17' Jumping Jack Trailer/Camper

    Can you put a UTV on top? Say, something that weighs 1,800 lbs?
  3. Hucker

    Pinpointing downed animal

    I take a picture from where I shot, when I am sure the animal is not gonna move anymore. I take an unzoomed pic, then a medium-range pic, and a zoomed pic (using binos, etc.). I make sure I take pics with an identifiable landmark in them. Next, I hang a piece of orange flagging (long and loose, so it flaps in the breeze) close to where I shot (hard sometimes). Then I try to hang another piece of flagging in line with where the animal is down, as best I can (in front or back...just make a mental note). Start hiking to where the animal is. Use the pics and flagging to vector myself in to the downed animal. Last, and certainly NOT least, go back and get the flagging when I am done.
  4. Hucker

    Results are posted!!!

    My oldest kid and I got 5b tags! His first elk tag. Fingers crossed for the little sh!t.
  5. Hucker

    Tent, stove and generator

    Agree...separate prices for each, if possible.
  6. Hucker

    Last Two Lab Puppies Left

    Dumb question, next! I cant keep mine out of the poolI couldn't get my lab into water if his life depended on it.You, sir, do not have a lab. If a lab sees you spit on the ground, it will try to swim in it. True story.
  7. Hucker

    Magnum 16x20 wall tent

    Pics or it didn't happen, right? The outdoor thermostat was up under the eaves when I took the pic. We moved it down the rope a little, and if I recall right, it was 27 out. We keep this thermometer between our cots at the back of the tent, beneath the window.
  8. Hucker

    Magnum 16x20 wall tent

    I have this same tent. I absolutely love it. Huge for two guys, comfy for three, and tight with four + stove. I welded up a stove out 1/2 of a 40 gallon water heater, and it will make it 80 friggin degrees inside when it is cold outside. It takes me and a buddy 30 min to set it up, and slightly longer because we fold the tent when it is still on the frame to minimize the dirt that gets on it. Someone buy this so I don't convince myself this would make a great cook shack....
  9. Hucker

    New in the box EBERLESTOCK X1a2 pack

    Where r u located?
  10. Hucker

    Results up!

    Where can I review this info?
  11. Hucker

    Day One Results

    "Dammit people the same question has been asked like 55 times. Everyone's portal says 0 points when you look at your apps. It has said 0 points since you applied. It said 0 points last year when you applied and will continue to say 0 when you apply next year. Not until they upload results is when you'll see the points change to how many points you had going in. You'll know if you drew if you have a charge or when they post the results. No other shortcuts and the system isn't glitching. Your points will be there at the end of the draw cycle."
  12. Hucker

    Day One Results

    pm bonecollector777 heck give you an easy well explained answer!!!!Haha don't pm me. Just go back and read my post and you'll get my point. Next year I'm dedicating a post just to that question. Ok, I found it. Different thread. I will cross post it for the 56th person to not ask...lol Good luck to all you lucky SOBs who drew. I hate you all again this year.
  13. Hucker

    Day One Results

    Question for the group: In my portal page, it shows I have the correct number of bonus points for elk. In the draw apps portion, it show the guy and I put in with as having "0" Individual Points, each. He should have one less than me. Should I be concerned the points were not considered in this draw? Anyone else show no individual points on their apps? Thanks guys.
  14. My boy pointed out your (camo) coueswhite sticker next to your pse sticker.