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  1. Hucker

    Happy Mother’s Day

    Happy Birthing Person Day!!!
  2. I have a U.S. Offroad hidden winch mount I bought for a truck that is long gone. It has never been mounted. It is bare steel. Link: https://www.usoffroad.us/store/winchmounts/tacoma-2012-2015/tacoma-2012-15-winch-mount-bumper/ This allows you to maintain the factory look of the truck, but have a nice winch setup. You do have to cut a section of the lower part of the bumper to install, but it is easy, and looks great IMHO. No pics because it is still wrapped in the plastic it was shipped in. New these are $525 plus shipping. How about $300? I am down in Sierra Vista, but travel to Tucson multiple times a week, and to the Valley sporadically. We can talk about meeting half way if interested. I'll do PayPal, Venmo, or cash.
  3. Hucker

    Nobody / anybody

    So my portal says I drew, but I only bought a point. So screwed up this year...lol
  4. Hucker

    I heard the hits are coming.

    But what if my card gets compromised tomorrow?!
  5. Hucker

    How far would you pack out an elk

    All I can say is, F^ck Jack and his canyon in 5B. Six trips through the canyon in the snow that fell opening morning a couple of years ago (24"?) was arguably the hardest packout I've ever done. But ask my hunting partner...I'd do it again, like a dumbass! Edit: one way trip was about 1.5 mi, but elevation gain/loss was stupid...
  6. Hucker

    Holy crud!! Got a hit

    Yeah, but the draw sucks this year....
  7. Hucker

    I heard the hits are coming.

    April 1 would allow for some fun...but only if they started at 10 am, and went real slow.
  8. Hucker

    Front Sight Pahrump

    Over the hump to Pahrump...to hump.
  9. Hucker


    If one is good, two is better!
  10. Hucker

    Tick Tock

    I called today and talked with a nice gal from g&f. She said the draw was gonna happen soon. She gave me a guesstimate of when she thought it would go.
  11. Hucker

    Cool buck...

    Decent 4x4.
  12. Hucker

    Something good happened last week

    Dr. Pamela Austin Powers?!
  13. Hucker

    Tick Tock

    2 hrs 50 min until 217,000 blow up g&f site...
  14. Hucker

    She’s gone..