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  1. 270wsm

    2 youth tags filled

    Video was awesome Jerry! I highly recommend subscribing to Jerry’s channel he has some really good videos posted
  2. 270wsm

    Son’s first elk

    Yeah hopefully he’ll have his left handed rifle by next season
  3. 270wsm

    Kids 2018 Youth Hunt

    Awesome job Brandon congrats to you and your kids
  4. 270wsm

    Son’s first elk

    First of thanks to Nathan for all of his help and to those here who offered up some advice. We had an awesome time on this hunt even though James tagged out in the first 20 minutes of light on opening morning my younger son Darren also had a tag and missed a few shots he had a blast hearing all the bugles and seeing a lot of elk. I put together a video of the hunt unfortunately I couldn’t get the shot.
  5. 270wsm

    Junior 3c help

    Thanks wildwoody I’ll be headed back up in about 6 days I will definitely check that out thank you
  6. 270wsm

    Junior 3c help

    So my two boys drew junior elk cow tags in unit 3a/3c this is the first time I’ve ever set foot in this unit. I have been scouting the unit a few times since we found out they were drawn and have pretty much gotten skunked except for seeing a lot of sign in one area to catching a glimpse of what looked like an elk running into to pines . If anyone has any info that would help me out I’d greatly appreciate it, feel free to pm me thanks .
  7. 270wsm

    Sig Ar15

  8. 270wsm

    Sig Ar15

    Sig m400 AR 15 roughly 350/400 rds down the tube comes with soft case 2 pmags foregrip, pistol grip,and stock are all magpul. Will include about 70rds of varmint ammo . Asking $800 OBO
  9. 270wsm

    Day One Results

    Both my boys drew their first elk tags this year still no dice for me yet.
  10. 270wsm

    You guys in Phoenix see this

    Seen the same thing in Safford someone said I'd was a test rocket from California
  11. 270wsm

    My 2nd Unit 27 Bear

    Awesome bear Brandon. He's got some nice color. Congrats man
  12. 270wsm

    Rod's unit 28 buck

    Thanks Brandon
  13. 270wsm

    Rod's unit 28 buck

    No we didn't see any elk this time but we have seen them in this area in the past.
  14. 270wsm

    Rod's unit 28 buck

    I'll be back in there tomorrow morning. I've got another buddy that still has a tag. I'm not to worried about being secretive since I don't hunt mulies very often anyway.
  15. 270wsm

    Rod's unit 28 buck

    you could have driven that buck to that spot from far away. The way Rod made it sound it was a zoo with all the side by side traffic in there on the weekend so they pretty much drove the buck to the canyon we've been glassing.