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    How to price trophy coues deer

    LOL I just saw all these posts. That jackets vintage and custom I'd wear it!!! I purchased this buck from someone I met and they cleaned the skull and one side broke loose where the bone fuzzed in the center so it can be fixed. I personally thought maybe $800 but maybe more. Like I said it can be fixed for sure and even mounted. I'm gonna see what I can get as a score personally to double check. Either WAY until it's officially scored it's not perfect.
  2. AZShedKingz

    How to price trophy coues deer

    It is unless it's on private land or game and fish signs off on it.
  3. AZShedKingz

    How to price trophy coues deer

    Ya well the buyers around here tend to rip you off and with something this large I'd rather not have that happen.
  4. So I'm new to the forum and apologize if this is in the wrong section but I'm curious on how you go about pricing large TROPHY CLASS coues deer. This buck scores maybe around 129" and is just insane but i dont know where to start.