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  1. daryl_s

    24B Rams

    While fighting the wind last Saturday looking for deer I turned my attention to the cliffs and found 8 desert bighorn sheep, 4 of them being rams. I’m not a sheep expert, but one of them seemed to be a real tank! I was able to watch them for about 2 hours. They are such amazing animals. Totally made my day. Video was taken with my phoneskope through my Zeiss Conquest 10x42 at 1040 yards. Video is a little shaky due to the wind. Hopefully the quality isn’t diminished during the upload. FullSizeRender.MOV IMG_2761.MOV
  2. daryl_s

    BIg Game Draw Application mistake

    If he buys point guard he has to eat the price of the tag. If he changes to a card number that gets declined then he’s not out anymore money.
  3. Love to see the success posts and hear the stories that prove there are many more good people than most think. Congratulations to you and your boy and great job to the members here who went above and beyond!!
  4. daryl_s

    Antis at it again. Lions and Bears.

    How can they say we aren’t speaking up on supporting lion and bear hunting?!?! All they should need to do is pull up the number of tags sold. Don’t almost all deer and elk hunters buy a lion tag every year? I do, as well as everyone I know who hunts.
  5. daryl_s

    **SOLD**Swaro 65 Lens + SOC

    Can’t believe you still have that Kuiu jacket. That’s a great deal.
  6. daryl_s

    6.5 PRC Rifle FS

    Still available
  7. daryl_s

    6.5 PRC Rifle FS

    Christmas Eve bump. I got just over 1/2” group with 140gr Nosler Ballistic tips with this rifle.
  8. daryl_s

    Zeiss15x56 conquest

    Wow, great price!! These should go fast.
  9. daryl_s

    WTB Zeiss Conquest HD 10x42

    Most underrated 10x binocular out there, IMO. Good luck in your search.
  10. daryl_s

    Ward's Outfitters

    I don’t know him personally, but it seems like overall he has always had a pretty good reputation. Also, hasn’t the G&F had it out for him for a while because of his archery success in SE AZ, to the point where they greatly reduced the otc seasons in those areas? I think there’s some history and they may have been putting in the extra work to nail him for whatever they could. Typical of government agencies these days, go after those who question and/or challenge you. IMO the punishment is much harsher than the “crime”
  11. daryl_s


    I have a friend who somehow has ridiculously good luck when it comes to raffles. He has won a rifle, handgun, Hoyt bow, 15x56 Swarovski HD’s, and the 12x42 NL Pures. All of those were from local AZ hunting organization raffles. He won the NL Pures in a raffle when I texted him and let him know about it. I no longer buy raffle tickets for raffles that he’s in.
  12. daryl_s


    I’ve seen a few responses on Facebook from people that drew. They were called by G&F on Monday afternoon/evening.
  13. daryl_s

    6.5 PRC Rifle FS

    Monday bump It was also brought to my attention that Sportsmans Warehouse has this on sale, so New price is $750 for rifle and scope together, or $500 for rifle, $250 for scope if broken up. Price is OBO. Save on taxes and get a few rounds to shoot with.
  14. daryl_s

    6.5 PRC Rifle FS

    Weekend bump
  15. daryl_s

    Where's Casey? 5 in a row baby!!! 38 - 15

    Man, you are hella desperate to discredit ASU football, aren’t you? You make it sound like their season was a total flop. They finished with the 3rd best record in the conference. You guys went 1-11 and had a ridiculous losing streak that almost hit 20 games dating back to last season. Keep up the good work buddy 😉