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  1. daryl_s

    Great Times At Camera Land

    Doug, I see the Swarovski STC is on backorder everywhere again. What are the current wait times if ordered now?
  2. daryl_s

    Stanley Cup

    This was exactly my thought before I saw any comments. Very cool to see!
  3. daryl_s

    WTB Adam's adapters twin 774s closed thanks

    I bought a single Kowa 773 spotting scope late last year and I have been very impressed with it so far.
  4. daryl_s

    2023 Coues

    Congrats on a nice buck, and staying persistent in tough conditions. I only got out opening day and it got hot very quickly.
  5. daryl_s

    Need your piano tuned?

    Same. I have a piano that works well, but a few keys are noticiably off. I've just been dragging my feet.
  6. daryl_s


    I wondered the same thing. I haven't asked around, but I'm guessing it will update once those hunt dates hit, same as you suggested.
  7. daryl_s


    I didn't get to put it to use, but when I went out in January archery deer hunting I wrapped some duct tape around a sharpie and threw it in my pack. I figured I could use that if I harvested a deer. I really like the e-tag option. For anyone who is curious, here's a few pictures of what it looks like on the app.
  8. daryl_s

    Time Flies; CouesWhitetail.com

    He's still out doing awesome things. I haven't seen him post here in many years. He contributed a ton of awesome content before he stopped. https://instagram.com/mullinsoutfitters?igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA==
  9. daryl_s

    Time Flies; CouesWhitetail.com

    Man, Mike was awesome! I went to high school with him, but he was one year ahead of me. I knew who he was, but it was a really big school and we were in different friend groups. When I found this site I spent hours and hours reading stories and looking throught the picture galleries. That's when I found out Mike was a serious coues hunter. He came by and scored a big deer my dad had killed, and also brought some antlers to show us. Not long before he passed we talked about doing some spot and stalk archery hunting down south in some areas I knew pretty well. It never happened. There are a LOT of members here that stopped posting years ago. There are also a lot that very rarely post. Some of these guys are the best of the best when it comes to successfully harvesting coues. It is humbling to see how good they are at it.
  10. daryl_s

    Time Flies; CouesWhitetail.com

    I just hit 18 years a little over a week ago! I have met a lot of great people on this site over that time. Others that I haven't met in person, I still feel like I know them pretty well. It is intersting to see how the forum and a lot of the posts have changed over the years. I think a lot of that is due to how social media has grown and evolved over that time. It used to be every different season you could read several different excellent write ups on people's hunts, along with multiple pictures. There used to be a lot more information on tactics posted. I miss those days. Ever since I first started hunting coues as a 12 year old in the early 90's I had an extreme passion for it. Looking back I really had no idea what I was doing, and if I ever got a buck it was pure dumb luck. I have learned so much from those early days and the help of many members on here. Even just a few years ago I was struggling with a tough hunt and reached out to a few members on here just asking for some tactical advice. After some advice and encouraging words I was able to take a really nice buck(in my avatar) on the last day. I owe a lot to this site and the great people involved in it.
  11. daryl_s

    Deer tags. (In mail?)

    I use onx and download maps ahead of time so that I don’t need any signal and it has worked perfectly fine. When I have no signal it shows S.O.S. And a little satellite icon. If I hurt myself really badly and need emergency services I could text 911 via satellite. To this point I’ve never had to do that, but it gives myself and my wife a little more peace of mind knowing I have that capability. I don’t feel like I need an emergency locator, or spot messenger, or anything of that sort now. I haven’t ever tried sending a text yet while connected via satellite. https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT213426#:~:text=With iPhone 14 and iPhone,location with people via satellite.
  12. daryl_s

    Deer tags. (In mail?)

    Yeah, it's just a personal preferrence for me. I got the iPhone 14 when I heard about the new satellite capabilities it would have, plus I always have onx maps downloaded for offline use. I like the convenience of the e-tag so I decided to give it a go this year. I get why some may not like that option.
  13. daryl_s

    Deer tags. (In mail?)

    I got my tag the day they posted results. E-tag is the way to go!
  14. That's a great price on the Kowa spotting scopes. I bought a 773 back in December and I have been really happy with it.
  15. daryl_s

    When will results posted on portal accounts

    My dad pulled a late December tag also, with 2 bonus points.