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    My wife and kids, sports, hunting, camping.

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  1. daryl_s

    Where am I

    Looks like just a few miles north of my house. I live in Florence in Anthem Merrill Ranch.
  2. daryl_s

    Fire between Horseshoe and Bartlett

    From my vantage point that looks like about where it is.
  3. daryl_s

    Fire between Horseshoe and Bartlett

    I just noticed there’s a fire burning in the Superstitions.
  4. daryl_s

    Traeger at Costco Tempe

    I picked one up last week at the Southeast Gilbert Costco. So glad I did.
  5. daryl_s


    I'll take it. PM inbound.
  6. daryl_s

    iPhones for sale

    Any idea if they will work on Sprint's network?
  7. daryl_s

    CC Hit

    30 tags combined for my first two choices. My 11 bonus points probably won't be enough.
  8. daryl_s

    (2) outdoorsmans packs for sale

    Great deals on both of those!
  9. daryl_s

    Florence eating place?

    Not many options in Florence. A & M Pizza is probably your best bet. The owners are actually Italian.
  10. daryl_s

    Swarovski 15x56 HD

    Whoever gets these is getting a smoking deal!
  11. daryl_s

    Late Hunt - Rutting???

    I was out Saturday in 24B and saw some decent rutting action. Two smaller bucks fully engaged pushing each other around and some bigger bucks chasing a doe around the hillside in the same area.
  12. daryl_s


    Nice to meet you Dustin. Good luck on your hunt!
  13. daryl_s


    PM sent
  14. daryl_s

    Jim White tripod head

    PM sent
  15. daryl_s

    Outdoorsmans Med Tripod

    I will take it, pm inbound.