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  1. daryl_s

    Zeiss Tripod Adapter

    I'm interested, pm sent.
  2. daryl_s


    You will not find better binoculars for $800. I have this same pair and they are what you would expect from Zeiss.
  3. daryl_s

    AUCTION: A Week-long Vacation at a Luxurious Resort

    Well, this thread is from quite a while ago, but I wanted to follow up on this. I'm not sure why Crankbait backed out when he was so gung-ho about going, but my wife and I ended up going and we had a GREAT time. Tony was extremely helpful and easy to work with. We drove down on Sunday September 1st and stayed at my wife's cousin's house in Hermosillo. The next morning we drove the rest of the way to Mazatlan. We drove back the following Sunday, and instead of stopping again in Hermosillo we drove straight through to our home. It took 14.5 hours, including 40 minutes at the border to cover the 850 miles. While down there we lounged on the beach and pools at the resort, visited the Malecon, the big Mazatlan Cathedral, the Mazatlan Aquarium, and many different restaurants. We stayed at Pueblo Bonito Emerald Bay and we used the resort's free air conditioned shuttle to go to the other Pueblo Bonito resort that currently has a large section being re-modeled. We saw the open portion that has already been re-modeled and it is very NICE. This was the sunset from the beach on our last evening there. I am already looking forward to my next vacation in Mazatlan. I just wanted to say thanks again, Tony.
  4. Man, someone got a major steal on those Meoptas!!!!
  5. daryl_s

    AUCTION: A Week-long Vacation at a Luxurious Resort

    Dang, I posted from my phone and apparently there’s a slight time difference 😢 Have fun Crankbait!
  6. daryl_s

    AUCTION: A Week-long Vacation at a Luxurious Resort

    Pretty sure I’ve been sold on living there. If only I could convince my company to let me work from home. I fished Comedero with my dad and cousin for a week when I was about 14 or 15 and the stories are not at all exaggerated. Big fish of the trip was 12lbs 2oz caught by my cousin. Whoever wins this is going to be very happy with their trip.
  7. daryl_s

    Woodbury Fire

    Just purchased point guard. Thanks for the reminder.
  8. daryl_s

    Woodbury Fire

    Can I still add it? If I can I’ll do it right now.
  9. daryl_s

    Woodbury Fire

    Can I still add it? If I can I’ll do it right now.
  10. daryl_s

    Woodbury Fire

    I put in for this unit two days before the fire started
  11. daryl_s

    Woodbury Fire

    The view from Florence looks really bad.
  12. daryl_s

    Where am I

    Looks like just a few miles north of my house. I live in Florence in Anthem Merrill Ranch.
  13. daryl_s

    Fire between Horseshoe and Bartlett

    From my vantage point that looks like about where it is.
  14. daryl_s

    Fire between Horseshoe and Bartlett

    I just noticed there’s a fire burning in the Superstitions.