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  1. daryl_s

    24B Ram

    This past Friday. I have only been finding small deer, so I turned my attention to the cliffs and got lucky.
  2. daryl_s

    24B Ram

    Even though I will probably never draw a tag in my lifetime, I love seeing these guys. They are such amazing animals. This is a 24B ram, and not one that you’d see from one of the lakes. He looked to be a really good ram. Hopefully the video uploads with good clarity. IMG_1288.MOV
  3. daryl_s

    Ollin BTX digiscoping adapter

    Serious question, not trying to stir the pot. Is the Ollin system that much better than phoneskope to justify twice the cost? The question is meant for those that have used both in the field. I’ve used the phoneskope system for a few years now and I have no complaints.
  4. daryl_s

    Electrician trade school opinions?

    I guess I should have mentioned that I worked as an apprentice while doing the schooling. I went to a 6 hour class once a week during those 4 years. You get raises as you reach different levels of schooling and on the job training hours. I believe now they do a 3 hour class twice a week in the evenings. This way you don’t have to miss any work. You also get health benefits that the contractor pays for.
  5. daryl_s

    Electrician trade school opinions?

    Commercial and industrial is the way to go, IMO, if he wants to be an electrician. I did an apprenticeship through the IBEW here in Phoenix from 2005-2009. I graduated and had no school debt while making good wages and contributing to a pension. I was lucky enough to get into the utility side of things 2 years ago, so now I'm working on pension number 2. This is where I did my apprenticeship: https://www.pejatc.org/ This is the apprenticeship in Tucson: https://www.tucsonjatc.org/
  6. daryl_s


    Dying to get out but I’m on call for work through Sunday night 😒 Knowing they’re pushing does just makes it worse for me 😢 I need Monday morning to get here!
  7. daryl_s

    Crickets ?…

  8. daryl_s

    Azgfd fall regs

    The same happens with the 3rd whitetail hunt from time to time.
  9. daryl_s

    Phoneskope Case IPhone 11

  10. daryl_s

    Phoneskope Case IPhone 11

    Used Phoneskope case for iPhone 11 or iPhone XR. Works great, got lots of great use out of it before I upgraded my phone. $30 and I’ll ship or meet face to face if you’re close by. Sample video of some sheep at just over 1,000 yards through Zeiss 10x42’s. PM me here, text, or call 48O-5OO-6545 Daryl FullSizeRender.MOV
  11. daryl_s

    SE Valley Mechanic

    I’m looking for recommendations for a good, honest mechanic in the southeast valley or Mesa. I don’t mind paying a premium for someone who is really good at what they do and is honest. The shop I used to always go to has gone downhill in the last few years. This is for a 2013 Ford Fusion.
  12. daryl_s

    World Cup

    I lived in Argentina for a few years, about a year of that being in Rosario, the hometown of Messi and DiMaria. I saw firsthand the passion that Argentines have for the game of fútbol and that’s how I grew to love the game. In my house we were all on the edge of our seats for the whole game, and what a long one it ended up being. A few years ago Leo Messi made the comment that it was more important for him to be remembered as a good person rather than a good soccer player. How can you not cheer for that kind of guy?!
  13. daryl_s

    Akc standard poodles for sale (one boy left!)

    I also got a standard poodle from this member just over 2.5 years ago. She has been an excellent family dog. My young boys like to play rough and she seems to enjoy it just as much as they do. She absolutely loves to chase birds and rabbits, and her speed is surprising. We have been very happy with her.
  14. daryl_s

    World Cup

    What a final that was yesterday! I’m glad Messi could finally win the biggest prize in fútbol!