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  1. standman

    My Epic Sheep Hunt

    Thanks! The morning I killed him is the first time I laid eyes one him.
  2. standman

    2022 DIY 45C Sheep

    Awesome ram!! I watched your whole YouTube video several times through the summer and fall leading up to my sheep hunt. So cool! Brian
  3. standman

    Freaky Teeth On My Ram

    They never seen it. They had no idea
  4. standman

    My Epic Sheep Hunt

    A little tired….yes. 😁 The adrenaline rush and then come down is real. Yeah, there definitely is a little panic , Even though ram is dead on his feet. Jubilation is an understatement. I’ve never been so excited with an animal and experience in all my life. So I had 30 points. I have not had the chance to eat any yet. I’ve never had sheep before so I’m excited to try it.
  5. standman

    Freaky Teeth On My Ram

    Here is another
  6. standman

    My Epic Sheep Hunt

    I see what you are seeing. I have a bunch of pics and video of the other ram before I shot and there isn’t anything showing up on those.
  7. Any of you sheep guys ever seen teeth like this?!?!?
  8. standman

    My Epic Sheep Hunt

    Unit 43a
  9. standman

    My Epic Sheep Hunt

    Some scouting stuff… 5117E2D3-B4C4-4075-BFDC-A1BC1267351C-1466-000000E79C5F7C8A.mov
  10. standman

    Sheep Hunts 2023; Good Luck!

    Haha. That’s why I put the video in.
  11. standman

    My Epic Sheep Hunt

    Thank you. If his other horn wasn’t the way it was he would have been 180-181.It’s a 6.5 creedmoor.
  12. standman

    My Epic Sheep Hunt

    Thanks. From what I’m told it’s not to unusual for a sheep to take some lead. The third shot I put it right through both shoulders and he went four legs in the air. 460 yards.
  13. standman

    My Epic Sheep Hunt

    6225E988-482B-4B57-A677-E0AC7B523722-8198-0000086ED92A02B7.mov To say my hunt turned out to be great would be an understatement. It was one of the best experiences ever, from scouting to the time laying hands on my ram. Memorable to say the least especially with just my nephew, grand nephew and I getting I done. So quick a run down… ram was aged at 8, but with the gnarly bases G&F said he could be 9+ but couldn’t tell for sure. Ram scored 174. One circumference landed in the bad spot in his horn which kept him from scoring higher but that just adds great character to the ram. His good side measures 91”. Oh in the last pic with grand nephew, the road that goes through the saddle, that saddle is where I shot from Brian
  14. standman

    Sheep Hunts 2023; Good Luck!

    Things worked out pretty good!!😁
  15. standman

    September is Prostrate Awareness Month

    My dad passed from it last year. When diagnosed he was staged 4. It had spread to most of the bones throughout his body. Fought for nearly 4 years after diagnosis. Brian