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  1. standman

    Fishing Forums

    Alright here’s a fishing report from last week from Show Low Lake. It was on fire all week. Caught lots of cats, walleye, smallmouth, and bluegills. And kept some of all of them. 😁
  2. standman

    ISO 17hmr

    I have a Ruger 77/17 hmr. Love this gun. Predator killing machine! Good luck in finding the gun you want. Brian
  3. standman

    Only 1 hour until cards start getting hit

    I heard Nobull350 got a sheep hit for someone on his card. 😬
  4. standman

    Stocking schedule/ Wht Mtn reports?

    I have an annual fishing permits for both Reservations and still haven’t got to use them yet and probably not going to get to. But still been doing good up here in the White Mountains Brian
  5. standman

    Stocking schedule/ Wht Mtn reports?

    I doubt anything is going to open on the Rez anytime soon. Newest info from yesterday... Public Information Announcement: Monday, June 22, 2020 the Tribal council approve the following: 1. The Fort Apache Indian Reservation is now a Dry Reservation and you can not sell alcohol or consume alcohol effective today. Alcohol and Drugs are NO LONGER ALLOWED ON THE RESERVATION. Consequences begin with the 1st offense being $5000 fine; 2nd Offense would result in the loss of Tribal Member benefits for 1 year; 3rd offense would be the permanent loss of Tribal membership. 2. A resolution approving Hon Dah Casino as the Quarantine Site which will house Voluntary and involuntary people. If a person is running around with the virus that is no longer tolerated and will be placed in a quarantine site by way of law enforcement and court. 3. Resolution to authorize the purchase of 300-400 COVID-19 testing kits for use at various testing events on the Fort Apache Indian Reservation. 4. Tribal Council passed a resolution to implement a Reservation wide Lockdown beginning at 8PM June 26 and ending June 29, 2020. Thereafter, immediately, a shelter in place will be in effect for 2 weeks ending July 13, 2020. 5. Tribal Council voted to approve Funeral/Burial Assistance to the family of the late former Councilman Wayne Colelay Jr. 6. Tribal Council voted to allow wood cutting to be opened to tribal members beginning July 13, 2020. This would allow tribal members to get wood for the upcoming fall/winter months. 7. Tribal council voted to extend closure of the WMAT indefinitely. This includes the Casino and all Tribal Businesses.
  6. standman

    Big Sweets

    Big sweets is a gorgeous buck! Like to see some other pics of the buck that was killed. Brian
  7. standman

    i am in for bighorn

    I’m in with my 28 points. Brian
  8. standman

    Which lake gets less traffic?

    Definitely rainbow
  9. standman

    Leave No Trace

    On Apache sitgreaves National Forest this past weekend
  10. standman

    Nephew’s Big Tom!

    Yeah. He shot him at 5:10. Christian used the same gun.
  11. standman

    Nephew’s Big Tom!

    Thanks everyone. It happened so fast Christian couldn’t believe his hunt was over so soon. Lol Brian
  12. standman

    Nephew’s Big Tom!

    Wednesday morning was my grand nephew Christian’s opening morning for the youth turkey hunt. Easiest hunt I’ve ever been on. We got the turkeys to gobble first thing but far away. Took us a while to get close to them while they were in the tree. We were able to set up about a hundred yards from them. I got the decoys set up, called once and they gobbled back. Called a second time and he was on the ground about 80 yards away. My nephew seen him strutting coming up the hill behind some hens. I made one more light call, he saw the decoys and strutted right in to them. He was 20 yards and Christian busted him with his 20 guage. From the time of setting decoys up to when he shot him took only five minutes. Awesome morning with Christian. Brian
  13. standman

    Youth Turkey?

    Slowwww!!! Friend of mine caught one 20” cutthroat. Only bite in two hours. Just a bad evening. I know of other good day’s friends have had 😁 Brian
  14. standman

    Youth Turkey?

    261 is open from Eagar to Big Lake. Went up fishing Friday evening. Brian
  15. standman

    Honda Pioneer 700

    Message sent. Brian