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  1. standman

    San Carlos lake reports?

    Lake level I believe is just below 20%. Had a big fish kill last July. I know of several people that have been and not a lot of fish to be found. Here are some pics.
  2. standman

    Unit 1 early archery

    I have a friend that had 19 points and drew tag #3
  3. I agree. He’s pretty. If I was to mount a cat, one like him would be it. Big black spots.
  4. It would have helped push prices if both buyers were interested in buying coyotes and fox instead of just one. Needed a little competition between the two.
  5. Desert cats usually don’t. They just don’t get the heavy longer fur like a flagstaff, rim, or white mountain cat. Desert cats need to be taken in late December and January to reach their full potential. They can bring pretty good money. An earlier taken desert cat is too flat and short of hair, therefore worth very little. There are other factors also with all cats that make a difference. The wider and whiter the belly with clear black spots is what you want. Also a $50 average on Arizona coyotes is pretty darn good. Here are the three cats that I took up there... the one on the right I didn’t sell. As you can see it doesn’t have the whitest belly.
  6. Some of both. Poor furred animals will not sell at all. Just can’t make a bad animal look good no matter what. Good fur that is poorly put up still sells, but not as good as if it was showed off as good as it could be.
  7. I took three cats to the sale. Didn’t sell one, had a much higher offer from someone not at the sale, sold the other two for $900 and $820. Good stuff sold really well. Fur that was below average didn’t sell well at all.
  8. Here is a quote I got from trappers association on how it will go... You can check in any time. It's first come first served. You can check in as early as 9AM. Sales will start at 10AM. When you get to the sale you leave your fur in your vehicle and come check in and get a number. When your number is getting close you'll be called to bring your fur to the tables and place them into lots to be graded by the buyers. When your number is up you'll be your own auctioneer and buyers will write you a check directly and you can leave if desired. If you choose to No Sale at that time and want to think about it more, you can take another number and move to the back of the line. We have done it this way the last couple of years and it has worked well and efficient and the sellers appreciate the chance to talk directly to the buyer. This year we have multiple buyers and a whole lot more fur. Hopefully it will continue to run smoothly. Remember, the buyers want the best furs with the best put up and will pay good for them. Don't expect to get top dollar for low grade furs and bad put up. Come and have some fun, visit with other trappers, sell some fur, watch some great demos and eat some good food!
  9. standman

    Results are posted!!!

    I got 3c archery bull tag!
  10. standman

    When will the hits start? no thread on this yet?

    My draw results just showed on portal!!
  11. I sold all my coyotes last week for $70 each.
  12. standman

    Live Trap- trying to remove a coyote in town.

    Very very difficult to catch a coyote in a live trap. They are too smart/spooky to even get close to it. It can be done but very rare. I caught my first one ever this year while cat trapping. It was a shock to say the least ...
  13. standman

    Super Raffle tag buck...

    Comment was not aimed at anyone in particular. Didn’t even read your post before I posted. It’s was aimed at everything that I’ve seen on Facebook, Instagram, and this site over the years whenever a big, exceptional, out of ordinary buck is killed and posted. Hardly ever fails for a post to go south in a hurry. I don’t know anything about the buck, people involved, or the guide. Just a general statement about people and social media now a days.
  14. standman

    Super Raffle tag buck...

    Big bucks, social media and the internet..... never fails to produce controversy, jealousy, and name calling.