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  1. standman

    12AW weather

    I’ll be up there taking my grand nephew! Brian
  2. standman

    Rut Activity

    Killed this bull right before dark yesterday. Called him in to 22 yards. Ended up shooting him at 30 yards.
  3. standman

    Rut Activity

    Four more days till I get to start!!!! Bulls finally starting to heat up where I’ve been scouting. Sunday had a bull come right up to the truck after I bugled one time. He was lonely. 😂 Brian
  4. standman

    Rut Activity

    Spent weekend scouting 3c. Heard two half bugles. Brian
  5. standman

    Labor Day White Mountain Trip

    Big Lake has had a bad algae bloom for about two months now. Smells horrible. Brian
  6. standman

    My 2019 Opening Day Buck

    Thanks! I do place my blind on the prevailing down wind side. I wash my clothes in scent free soap. I don’t spray down. With my blind, I do keep only the window I want to shoot out of open. The fewest windows open I feel the better for scent containment. I have been using one of those ozone scent eliminating gadgets. Does it work? I really don’t know but figured why not try it. I have very few deer wind me so maybe it does work or maybe I’m just lucky to not have to much swirling wind. That’s all I do. Good luck. Brian
  7. So cool! I’d love to hunt up there someday! Brian
  8. standman

    My 2019 Opening Day Buck

    Thanks everyone! Now I get to concentrate on my archery bull hunt. Brian
  9. standman

    First velvet buck

    Congrats on an awesome buck!! Brian
  10. My season lasted a little over a half day. I got into my blind at about 7 am. Didn’t have any action until about 10 am, when a doe came in. After she left, nothing went on till just about noon when a two point came in. After that it was a steady stream of deer, couple spikes and does, till 1:30. I had about as much of the heat as I could take. I never had been so hot in a blind. I was wringing wet with sweat. At 1:45 I had enough. I got all my gear ready to go and took one last scan out of the blind to make sure I didn’t miss something. I looked up the hill and here came a big buck down the trail a long with a 1x2. I scrambled to get ready. The buck came right in front of my blind at 15 yards and was quartering away. Drew, settled my pin on the last rib, and released. The arrow it exactly were I aimed. The buck ran up the hill and stopped then walked off. I didn’t like the reaction of the deer so I gathered my stuff and went back to camp. Decided to give the buck two hours. At 4:00 I started on the blood trail. Not much blood. A few drops here and there. When I got to where I last seen him, the blood quit. Slowly I followed a few tracks and a couple broke limbs. 40 yards later there he was piled up. The arrow hit the last rib and came out on the back edge of the opposite shoulder. What an amazing day for a great buck! Brian
  11. standman

    The First of Many

    I really like the double pedestal mount. Brian
  12. standman

    Any recent velvet pics?

    He’s in the wrong unit!!!!! Not mine 😂😂😂 Brian
  13. standman

    Any recent velvet pics?

    I do!!! 😁😁😁😁 Brian
  14. standman

    4A Archery Bull - show me your pics

    Lol. Took less than 3 min.