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  1. standman

    The Draw

  2. standman

    The Draw

    I’m in for Gould’s with my 15 points. I want one last Gould’s tag and take him with a cross bow. That would make two with shotgun, one with bow and one with crossbow. Brian
  3. standman

    Road Hunting discussion

    Never pass up a good volunteer 😁😁
  4. standman

    Rut Activity

    Me too!!
  5. standman

    Rut Activity

    I have a friend whose son is a game warden over in 10. He’s been doing elk surveys but has to do it by driving. The state won’t let them fly for surveys because of Covid. Not sure if it’s the same for over in our neck of the woods. Brian
  6. standman

    White Mtn Reservation fishing and hunting

    White Mountain reservation is now open for fishing. Post from the tribal chairwoman Brian
  7. standman

    Interesting #.. thought they were banned

    Pretty sure I know who you are taking about 😁 Brian
  8. standman

    White Mtn Reservation fishing and hunting

    The spikes probably came from all the people that had to stand in line for hours to get fishing permits and also apply for hunts because they have no online sales. I bet it had nothing to do with fisherman on the water Brian
  9. standman

    Fires every where..

    Haha. I’ve been blanked so far. We must be hunting the same highway. Lol. Sure is nice not having anyone around.
  10. standman

    Fires every where..

    How’s the hunting going? Brian
  11. standman

    A3 Golden Boy Jed Larson Convicted of Poaching

    The whole only means of supporting my family excuse is a joke. He can go get a regular job like everyone else. And so can his wife.
  12. I don’t know. I didn’t hang around to see if he actually was able to get away with all he wanted. They were working on the second batch when I left
  13. Up here in Show Low
  14. They said they can only run four at a time for a background check. But they can sell him 4 run it through and then sell another four and run it through again.
  15. I was going to buy one at the Walmart I went to but the guy in front bought every gun but one. He ended up buying 8.