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  1. standman

    Applying on mobile for special tags?

    I was trying to figure out same thing.
  2. standman

    Wife is gone.

    Sorry for your loss. Cancer really does suck! Lost both my parents two weeks apart this past month to cancer. Brian
  3. standman

    Happy Fathers Day To All The Dad's

    Happy Fathers Day to my dad. Lost him two weeks ago tomorrow. Hard day today but a great day also.
  4. standman

    Road to Big Lake?

    The main road to big lake usually doesn’t open until around April 15.
  5. standman

    Fur tanning? (PHX)

    I use this tannery all the time. They are great. https://www.moyle.net/ However you will have to flesh and dry before sending it. Brian
  6. standman

    2022 Hunting Resolutions

    Thank you!
  7. standman

    2022 Hunting Resolutions

    I just want to get my mom and dad healthy enough so I can get back out hunting and fishing again.
  8. standman

    AZBGSR 2021 Winners

    Cliff Findlay, the mule deer winner, second time in three years he’s won that tag. Lucky SOB!!
  9. standman

    Pinetop over Memorial Day

    Pinetop Lakeside is full!!! No vacancy!!!! Brian
  10. standman

    2021 Fall Draw?

    3a/3c has the December rifle hunt.
  11. So yes. It was me that won!😁
  12. Haven’t received any email confirmation yet. So not sure.
  13. standman

    What ever goes topic!!!

    No crappie yet. Haven’t been able to get after them this year yet.
  14. standman

    What ever goes topic!!!

    Couple fish mounts I got back a few weeks ago!
  15. standman

    San Carlos OPEN for Fishing

    Lake is at like 1.8% and under 10ft at dam.