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  1. I was able to put closure on my archery deer hunt today. Last Saturday I had this buck come in. I drilled him perfect right behind the shoulder. As soon as I hit him, It proceeded to hail and rain. I got out of the blind as fast I could to start following blood trail. Only made it about 40 yards before hail had covered the ground and washed all the blood away. For the next 2.5 hours it proceeded to rain 4 1/2 inches. I searched the whole time in the downpour but to no avail. I decided to head out and make a few calls for help. On way out to cell service, I barely made it out due to flooding. So I made my phone calls and tried headed back in with it still raining but flooding had overtaken the roads and they had been barricaded and closed. So now for the rest of the weekend the roads were closed and I couldn’t make it back in. I was just sick. Couldn’t believed what had happened. So my tag was filled and wasn’t going to do anything else but find this buck. Finally today, one week later, I was able to catch a whiff of a dead animal while seaching with a friend. Few minutes later he hollered and said he had found him. He had only went about 125 yards. I had probably walked by him 4 or 5 times with 20 yards and just couldnt see him where he fell. Bear had found him and chewed his antler points pretty good. Wasn’t much left of the buck. About gagged me to death cutting the head off. Velvet was mostly ate off. Bear had Chewed up eyeguards, ends of main beams and other points but I was happy to put my tag on a really great buck. Taxidermist is going to be able to rebuild points and put velvet back on him. Bitter sweet ending losing the meat but was able to recover him. Brian
  2. standman

    More Blessings from the Hunting Gods!!

    That’s what you dream of when you dream of typicals!! Brian
  3. standman

    Bitter Sweet Ending

    Yeah he was a stud buck. Really wide. It really sucks not having cam out. Would of had pics of him and known exactly what he was but I think we can get him pretty close to his glory😊. I am doing the trapping still. Not as much this past year as my mom and dad were on hospice with cancer and was taking care of them. They both past away this summer.
  4. standman

    Prickly Pear Jelly and Syrup

    Never done the prickly pear. But I do have a plum tree that is loaded with plums. First time in my life that I have ever seen a plum on it. Going to make some plum jam. Brian
  5. standman

    Applying on mobile for special tags?

    I was trying to figure out same thing.
  6. standman

    Wife is gone.

    Sorry for your loss. Cancer really does suck! Lost both my parents two weeks apart this past month to cancer. Brian
  7. standman

    Happy Fathers Day To All The Dad's

    Happy Fathers Day to my dad. Lost him two weeks ago tomorrow. Hard day today but a great day also.
  8. standman

    Road to Big Lake?

    The main road to big lake usually doesn’t open until around April 15.
  9. standman

    Fur tanning? (PHX)

    I use this tannery all the time. They are great. https://www.moyle.net/ However you will have to flesh and dry before sending it. Brian
  10. standman

    2022 Hunting Resolutions

    Thank you!
  11. standman

    2022 Hunting Resolutions

    I just want to get my mom and dad healthy enough so I can get back out hunting and fishing again.
  12. standman

    AZBGSR 2021 Winners

    Cliff Findlay, the mule deer winner, second time in three years he’s won that tag. Lucky SOB!!
  13. standman

    Pinetop over Memorial Day

    Pinetop Lakeside is full!!! No vacancy!!!! Brian
  14. standman

    2021 Fall Draw?

    3a/3c has the December rifle hunt.
  15. So yes. It was me that won!😁
  16. Haven’t received any email confirmation yet. So not sure.
  17. standman

    What ever goes topic!!!

    No crappie yet. Haven’t been able to get after them this year yet.
  18. standman

    What ever goes topic!!!

    Couple fish mounts I got back a few weeks ago!
  19. standman

    San Carlos OPEN for Fishing

    Lake is at like 1.8% and under 10ft at dam.
  20. standman

    San Carlos OPEN for Fishing

    My dad went out to SC G&F to buy our new annual permits. They honored our last year permits that we didn’t get to use. Didn’t have to pay a dime for the new ones.
  21. standman

    AZGFD Account

    Check out this topic.
  22. standman

    Range Finder feedback?

    I have a sig kilo 1250. Had it for 2 years. In august it went crazy. Range something at 100 yards and it’ll give ya a reading that varies 30 yards everytime you range it. Anyway, contacted sig in mid august and here we are going into December and still haven’t got to send it in. Worst customer service and communication I have ever seen. They blame it on COVID and not having enough representatives. Never seen a warranty give someone the run a round so bad Emails or phone calls doesn’t matter who I contact they have pawned off their excuses and slow response to COVID Brian
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    Our 2020 Fall Hunting Successes

    They won’t give me another tag lol.
  24. standman

    Our 2020 Fall Hunting Successes

    I’ve done a little hunting, fishing and trapping this fall so far!
  25. standman

    Here we go again, another call from AZGFD.

    Is that what you call those carp sheds. 😂😂