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  1. Umpqua

    Which Unit?

    There are for sure some nice bulls off the BO. Here in western Oregon, Weyerhaeuser started charging access to hunt on certain properties. Some guys don't like it because they always got on for free before. I like it. Before if fire season was at all a threat you were locked out. Now with the fee, the gates are open unless fire season is truly a hazard. Also the fee has limited the number of hunters. Also since the land is actively managed with clearcuts and new feed that comes with those clearings and reforestation, the place supports a lot of elk. Public lands around us are now rarely harvested with all the environmentalist hoops the Forest Service has to jump through.
  2. Umpqua

    What would you do with 21 points?

    P.S. If I did a late hunt I would show up 10 days early so I could have some bulls located before the opener.
  3. Umpqua

    What would you do with 21 points?

    I would agree, but since it is the only rut firearm hunt I would definitely draw it made it on my list. About the only way I would do it is if I could carry someone on my points who knew the area VERY VERY well.
  4. Umpqua

    What would you do with 21 points?

    Definitely DIY but investing the time to do it well. On our last AZ elk tag I arrived 9 days early to learn the area a bit. I've been on some awesome guided hunts but I'm at the point in my life that I prefer the satisfaction of DIY and interacting with my wife on hunt decisions more than the opportunity at 20" or 30" more horn. There is an exception, if I draw the AZ Strip (I'm in the max point pool), I would almost certainly have a guide involved.
  5. Umpqua

    What would you do with 21 points?

    Hunting the rut is such a huge piece. Though I think I could possibly kill a bigger bull on two of those late tags, but is 20" of horn worth missing out on a rut hunt! Not too sure about that!
  6. I like to throw these scenarios out as often I get really helpful comments. As a nonresident with 21 elk points what would you do? Realize the following: * 23N or 23S early archery may never happen due to no nonresident bonus tag. * With the newer way nonresident bonus tags are allocated, a quality early rifle tag is still a long wait, probably 10+ years. * I am still a few years out for a 9 early archery tag. Here are my favorite options listed by preference (best to worst). * Unit 10 early archery (I will be in the bonus pass. Perfect moon phase.) * Unit 3A/3C early archery (I would definitely draw. Perfect moon phase.) * Unit 3B early muzzleloader (I would likely be in the bonus pass. Full moon.) * Unit 10 muzzleloader, possibly with a friend riding my points (I spent 17 days on it in 2017. Perfect moon phase.). * Unit 23 late rifle (Full moon or it would move up in my picks). * Unit 5B muzzleloader (Rut hunt. Concerned with the very early dates. Perfect moon phase.) * Unit 22S muzzleloader (possibility for a nice bull, mostly average bulls? Full moon.) * Unit 1 late (points to draw both my wife and I. Full moon.)
  7. Umpqua

    Which Unit?

    The minimal access fee to hunt the Boquillas compared to the quality of elk hunting there, has to be the best private land hunting value in the entire US.
  8. Umpqua

    Max Bonus points

    Here are Eli Grimmett's thoughts (Pronghorn Guide Service) on the best units for 2020 and also prior years (look earlier in the blog). http://www.pronghornguideservice.com/blog
  9. That's a great suggestion. I've heard good things about the first hunt. Best timing for us usually to be in Arizona is around Christmas though.
  10. Unfortunately the point game is a much different world for nonresidents. It's always a balancing act of what we'd like to draw and what we can draw. 14 points puts her in line for some of the hardest to draw late Coues tags.
  11. She will go in with 14.
  12. Your advice looks very solid compared to what my research is digging up, especially the part about age means mass and the potential improvement to Kaibab age class with the tag cuts. Time helps that situation. Another piece is two days ago we found that my oldest son (29 years old) has a draw number in the top 0.09% for California Bighorn sheep here in Oregon. Since the odds to draw are about 0.8% for the area he applied, he's in a pretty good spot, We won't know for sure until after the AZ application window has closed. That's a big chunk of September and October devoted to that if he were to draw. I am leaning slightly to burning my wife's AZ points for a late Coues tag for her. A few days to make up my mind.
  13. That is awesome you drew in Montana! I started in the early 80s chasing sheep tags and it overflowed into other species. When preference systems went into effect, I was an early adopter. My biggest regret hunting was not buying my Arizona hunting license the very first year bonus points went into effect. I still can't believe that move I made. Live and learn.
  14. Umpqua

    Hunter’s Big Chance 2019

    Hunter, I sure hope you get a beautiful buck! This is gonna be a great time!