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  1. cohofishing

    Sold Please Delete

    Sent you a pm
  2. cohofishing

    308 bullets

    All of them are sold and shipped. Thanks for looking
  3. cohofishing

    308 bullets

    Had a few pm's about these bullets. I will answer them in order that I got them Thanks for all the interest. Brent
  4. cohofishing

    308 bullets

    Made a list of partial boxes of 308 bullets that I have sitting around for a gentleman that needed some. I thought that I would put it on the classifieds. Most of these bullets have been sitting on the shelf for awhile. I re barreled my 300 wsm to shoot heavier bullets so if you see something that you need let me know. Brent 70 sierra 150gr spitzer boattails 58 speer 150gr spitzer boatails 31 Combined Technology 150gr ballistic silvertip 23 nosler 150gr Accubond 23 Barnes 150gr TSX boattails 30 Barnes 150gr TSX boattails, different box, same lot 45 Nosler 165gr Balistic tip 59 Swift 165gr Scirocco II
  5. cohofishing

    WTT Hornady ELD-X for Berger Hybrid

    I am working thru a box of berger 180's hybrid, 500 count. I might be talked into getting rid of some if you need them badly. I can try and help you out. I tried to send you a pm but it said you couldn't receive it. northAZarcher. I sent you a pm about some 175's Brent
  6. cohofishing

    WTB or Trade For: 160gr 7mm Nosler Accubond

    Put them in the mail today. Sent you a PM with the tracking number
  7. cohofishing

    Looking for .264 projectiles

    I have a new box of the albrs and a partial box that I will have to count if you want them. Send me a pm Brent
  8. cohofishing


    Thanks for the time you put into their projects. Every catchment that I went to this summer had water and was being used by all manner of animals. Not just sheep. I can’t wait till I can put some time in. Will probably be after I retire due my job. I appreciate what everyone does and I enjoy supporting them even if it is only as a member Brent
  9. cohofishing


    I had the second hunt
  10. cohofishing


    Thanks. He is Shoulder mount. I don’t have the room for a full body mount. I will probably regret that decision one day.
  11. cohofishing


    Thanks guys. He is awesome. To answer some questions. I had 19 points. I know I got lucky. My ram gets his score from his mass. 108 5/8 inches of it to be exact. I tried to post a picture of the fish and game measurements. A quick note. The fish and game never claims that their score is exact. Sealing my ram was a amazing experience and one I hope everyone gets to experience one day. I only posted what he was measured because I knew someone would ask. Chris Harlow said he is at least 12 years old which agrees with what the fish and game aged him at which makes him the class of ram I wanted. Looked at a lot of rams and I can honestly say that was pure luck. I shot him because he looked as big as any ram I had seen and because Courtney was first to glass him up which was a dream come true. She is becoming a great huntress and I am as proud as heck. Tried to include a shortened kill video. Hope it plays. IMG_1013.MOV
  12. cohofishing


    Here's my 2020 37a desert. Using the fish and game numbers, he nets 176" with my math. Using the fish and game's math, 174 1/2" 😳. The fractions were not added up right for the gross score and the deductions where done wrong. Will have him officially scored after the sixty days. He was aged at 11 to 12 years old. The class of sheep I have always wanted to harvest. It was a awesome hunt. And getting to experience it with family made it even better. I have been trying to draw a sheep tag for years and I honestly wasn't sure it was ever going to happen. Many thanks to the fish and game and all the people that keep our Arizona sheep alive. I spent almost four months scouting for this hunt and can see how people can get addicted to sheep hunting.
  13. cohofishing

    Hornady 7mm 175 ELDx

    Sent you a pm
  14. cohofishing

    Leftover tag

    It has to be mailed to the Phoenix office. I believe that it can't get there before Monday. I use to mail mine on Friday from Tucson. They pick up the mail once a day. At least that is what the lady at the office said. Hope this helps.
  15. cohofishing

    Kimber Hunter 6.5 Creedmoor - Sold

    sent you a text