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  1. cohofishing

    Savage Model 10 Predator

    I see that you have a few things up for sale. Where are you located?
  2. cohofishing

    Outdoorsmans Pan head, Jim White head

    I will take the jim white head if it is available and if you will ship it at that price. Pm'd you a couple of days ago. Brent
  3. cohofishing

    Jim White head and manfrotto 290 tripod

    Sent you a text
  4. cohofishing

    Outdoorsmans Pan head, Jim White head

    sent you a pm
  5. cohofishing

    Parker Match Hunters

    I have some hollow base ones's. Bob recommends those if you don't want to shoot something between the bullet and the powder. Shot okay. I ended up going with a different bullet all together. Brent
  6. cohofishing

    Black Gold Ascent Verdict single pin "Price reduced"

    Sorry. As the gentleman pointed out. Right hand model
  7. cohofishing

    Black Gold Ascent Verdict single pin "Price reduced"

    Lowered the price to $140.00
  8. cohofishing

    Black Gold Ascent Verdict single pin "Price reduced"

    Thanks I have their three pin on my madness.
  9. Just was told that I have serve osteoarthritis in my neck and may never shoot a bow again. Sucks, but I am moving on. I was in the process of setting up a triax when I got the news. The triax is already gone but I have the new sight I was planning to use. A Black Gold Ascent Verdict single pin that I bought from Bull Basin in December. I paid $219 plus tax. It was mounted on the bow and shot but never taken into the field. I never cut or used any of the sight tapes so they are all there. I would like to get $170.00 for it. Let try $140.00 Not sure why the pictures ended up this way but I can't figure out how to rotate them. Thanks
  10. cohofishing


    Sent you a pm
  11. cohofishing

    Looking to buy Berger 6.5 140 Target hybrids

    I have a full new box and 51 in a open box. I can let them go if you need them. I paid full price for them so I really can't cut you a great deal. How about .45 a bullet and whatever it costs to ship them from Sahuarita. I work for the dang railroad and have been turning on my rest so I can get these in the mail this morning if you want. Brent
  12. cohofishing

    2 Swarovski 20x60x80 HD spotting scopes

    Sent you a pm Brent
  13. Got the gps. Thanks for being prompt on the shipping. Everything is as advertised. Brent