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  1. brndog1

    Some people

    Can you imagine what they are like at Costco!
  2. brndog1

    Time to cross UPS off the list

    Crazy crazy!! I had the same experience when trying to ship a bipod from a Mail Depot. Made the mistake of explaining what it was and that was all it took for them to not take it. Just 3 days ago had a new muzzleloader with all the accessories delivered right to the front door.
  3. brndog1

    Hunting guide recommendations

    Jason Bond (Bond Trophy Outfitters). Can't go wrong. Very knowledgeable and dedicated to his clients. He finds the big ones!
  4. brndog1

    Quad mechanic Tucson

    Hello guys.... Checking to see if anyone has a preference of quad mechanics in or near about the Tucson area. Had a bad experience (really bad) with Ride Now so never again. Going to check with CSA but thought I'd throw it out here for others. Thanks in advance.
  5. brndog1

    12B guide

    Jason Bond. Bond Trophy Outfitters.
  6. brndog1


    Making some room in safe and garage....or so I told her. A: Remington 870 Express 12gauge 18" for home defense. Good condition. Extended choke tube (6+1) capacity. $225 ** SOLD B: Mossberg model 88 Maverick 12 gauge 28". Good condition. $100. **SOLD **A & B** bought together. $300 ZFO 40lbs weighted vest. Adjustable with size and weighted sleeves. Great for off season training hikes. Good condition. $30 *** SOLD ** Items located in Tucson. Local pickup. No shipping. Thanks for looking!
  7. brndog1


    Sent you a PM
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    Selling multiple items. If all purchased as a package I will stuff them into a used but fully functional Badlands 2200 pack at "no charge" for the pack. The pack has broken clip inside the batwing for the tripod holding spot and Badlands repaired the bottom of the spotting scope pocket. Other than that all good with zippers and other hardware. **Note: Tripod batwing clip repaired at local boot repair shop plus enticing photo added! 01/17/2020 For sale: Kelty Light Year Down 20* bag. Great condition no rips or tears. $75 The North Face Storm Break 1 tent w/footprint. Bought used as a back up in like new condition. I never used it so condition still the same. $80 Big Agnus Insulated Air Core pad 20x66x2.5 $30 Thermarest Pro Lite 4 short pad 20x47x1.5 Had small pin hole that I patched years ago and it has held good. $15 The Outdoorsmans meat sling. $15 All total: $215 Would like to sell everything as a package. I live in Tucson and prefer FTF but could ship on buyers dime.
  11. brndog1

    Pops 2019 buck

    Shut the front door!! Great buck and congrats all around!
  12. brndog1

    WTB Atlas Trainer

    Looking to see if anyone has an Outdoorsman's Atlas Trainer they want to sell here in Tucson. I have the frame so just looking for the Trainer. Thx! Can text @ 520.404.6114
  13. brndog1

    Schnee's Hunter 13" size 10

    I bought these some years ago for an Alaska trip. Great boots that handled the handful of hunts that I used them on (Alaska x 2, Virginia deer, and late November AZ elk) but I'm now wearing about a size 11 and these are just too snug for my feet. I always cleaned and oiled them after each outing and they still have tons of life still in them. On the Schnee's website it states that these boots are completely rebuildable. They are just sitting in the closet so I thought they should be out getting used...in smaller feet than mine! Price $150. I'm located in Tucson. Prefer FTF but could ship on buyers dime. 520.404.6114