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  1. Norcy

    Vihtavuori Powder for sale

  2. I have some Vihtavuori powders for sale. PM me if your interested. 7lb of N560 $25 per pound 1lb N150, N160, N165 $25 per pound
  3. Norcy

    AcuTac bi-pod

    Pm sent
  4. Norcy


    Phone message sent
  5. Norcy

    Kowa 664M straight

    PM sent
  6. Spotting scope sold! Powder and bullets still available.
  7. Hrsbkhntr I replied in a personal message to you with my contact info.
  8. Spotting scope is still available, sorry for the late pictures but I did not get home until late.
  9. 4- 1lb containers of RL17= $25 Each 260 Nosler 175gr LR 7mm bullets= $80 for the lot Located in Globe, AZ
  10. Norcy


    $40 price is probably the spare lenses.
  11. Norcy

    WTS Thunder Beast Suppressor certificate

    So if someone buys this from you that's $400 for the coupon and $600 for the second most expensive suppressor for a total of $1000 instead of $1200 correct?
  12. Norcy

    Bass Tracker

    Thank You. Roosevelt Mark
  13. Norcy

    Bass Tracker

    Well ThomC I suppose if I wanted your opinion on the quality of the picture I would have PM you asking for your opinion. But since I didn't I would greatly appreciate you keeping your opinions to your self. No where in my bio or the title does it say I am a professional photographer, I suppose I could have hired you to take the pictures and approve them for me. But I didn't so keep your opinions to your self, your comments have no bearing on the sell of the boat if people want different pictures they will be sent.