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  1. It is the Mesa there just isn’t a space between Mesa and scope.
  2. Norcy


    Hyundai it is then!
  3. Norcy

    Looking for imr4064

    I have 1.75 pounds, what powders do you have for trade.
  4. Norcy

    Car needed for mother in law

    That’s what we have been running into, I was just hoping a member might have one they were looking to part with. I trust the 99% of the members here. The other 1% are the scammers.
  5. Looking for a good vehicle for the mother in law in the $3000 range. Small crossover would be preferred but we will consider anything at this time.
  6. Norcy


    Looks like you have a killer shop. But my dad is 80 and I want to build another engine with him.
  7. Norcy


    Rebuildable 302, I am putting it in a 4runner with a c4 behind it.
  8. Norcy


    Those are the best memories, we used to have a lot of engines laying around but seems we have used them all. If he has a 302 I would definitely be interested.
  9. Norcy


    I looked but most were rough, I will have to look again.
  10. Norcy


    Looking for a Ford 302 engine, let me know if you have one your willing to sell.
  11. Just as the title says looking for both powders. I have powders I can trade or just purchase if your willing to sell.
  12. Norcy

    new 9MM CZ P-09 trade added

    Any trades you would be interested in?
  13. Norcy

    CCi 209’s and CCi 200’s

    Your inbox must be full. I tried to pm you for Warren. He wants the large rifle primers. Feel free to PM me for info.
  14. Norcy


    I would like to buy it, I will be in Tempe tomorrow.
  15. Norcy

    Savage model 16 243 for sale

    Looking for a yard tractor/mower as well if someone has one for trade for the rifle.