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  1. Accutac LR10 gen 1 bipod for sale, slightly used but going a different route. Looking to get $225 for it very strong and steady bipod.
  2. Norcy

    Hoyt Carbon Defiant for sale

    Back up for sale looks like the deal fell through.
  3. Norcy

    Hoyt Carbon Defiant for sale

    Forgot to add OBO in the first post.
  4. Norcy

    Hoyt Carbon Defiant for sale

    I live in Globe but can meet in east valley.
  5. Norcy

    Hoyt Carbon Defiant for sale

    2017 model and I have had it for a short while, my friend and I made the trade. I wanted to start shooting archery again but my shoulder can't handle it anymore. Bow does draw smooth and as I stated before my friend has only shot 200 arrows through it and took a javelina last year with it.
  6. Norcy

    Hoyt Carbon Defiant for sale

    Last time before I take it down.
  7. Norcy


    I have had a lot of people on this site hold things for me until I am able to make the trip to their location. It’s because of those individuals that I continue to shop here, a mans word should stand for something unfortunately it doesn’t always.
  8. Hoyt carbon defiant for sale bare bow $700 obo. Willing to trade for a Tikka, Remington 7 or 700 in 243 or 260.It has only had around 200 arrows through it. RH 55-65# 29.5 draw length but it is adjustable 28-30.