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  1. I believe they came out of a 2002 for ranger, I need them gone if your interested make me an offer. I will send pics if needed, they are in decent shape.
  2. Norcy

    Safe and reloading room clean out

    Message sent,I will take the H4350
  3. Norcy

    Leftover tag

    Thanks guys I appreciate it, it’s been along time since I had to submit a leftover tag app. Good luck on all your hunts.
  4. Norcy

    Leftover tag

    First I know this is the wrong forum, but this forum gets a lot more traffic. Back in the day you could hand deliver your leftover app to the AZGFD office where they had a mailbox out in front. Can we still do this or does it have to be mailed? I have searched the web for answers and nothing. Let me know if you can.
  5. Norcy

    WTT 6 pack of Charmin for custom rifle or 4WD

    Pretty soon garden hose prices will start going up also. Gotta clean up somehow!
  6. Norcy

    Glock 22 Gen 3

    PM sent
  7. Norcy


    PM Sent
  8. Norcy

    WTB Slik tripod

    I have a 624cfl but its not twist lock legs if your interested.
  9. Norcy

    Weimaraner for sale!

    Text him and he will send pictures, I contacted him and she is a very beautiful dog. I wish I had the space and money then I would have had another weimaraner, very loyal and protective dogs with the willingness to hunt. Good luck on the sale and hope she finds a good home.
  10. Norcy

    Weimaraner for sale!

    Post pictures I would love to see pictures.
  11. Norcy

    Proof Research 6.5 cal barrel for sale

    “No Dave here”, it was another member.
  12. Norcy

    Proof Research 6.5 cal barrel for sale

    I am supposed to meet up soon with the buyer I will let you know asap.
  13. Norcy

    Proof Research 6.5 cal barrel for sale

    I do, the barrel is sold pending funds but I will let you know if something happens.