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  1. Norcy

    RL 15 for sale

    4 new bottles of RL 15 for sale, pm me if interested. $45 EA for the RL 15 and I have 4 bottles of RL 15.5 TS $55 each.
  2. Norcy

    RL 15 for sale

  3. Norcy

    Wtt H1000 for RL 26 or vv570

    I have three one pound bottles of N570 I am willing to trade.
  4. Norcy

    With or wtb n570

    Pm sent.
  5. Norcy

    Powder for sale

    IMR 4955 8# jug $400 RL 15.5 TS 4-1# canisters $50 EA
  6. Norcy

    Powder for sale

  7. Norcy

    Powder for sale

  8. 4831 sc for Retumbo or H1000 8lb for 8lb. Just testing the waters to see what trades are available.
  9. Norcy

    Retumbo -SOLD

    PM sent
  10. Norcy

    Imr 8133

    Anybody have any imr 8133 they are willing to part with?
  11. Norcy

    Tikka Barreled Action - Price Lowered

    I love my 6.5x47 lapua rifles, one shoots 135 burgers at 2850 and the other shoots 130 burgers close to the same with little recoil. Fun accurate round, with a smooth tikka action can’t beat that combo.
  12. Norcy

    Looking for some retumbo

    Just like it says looking for retumbo, willing to buy or trade let me know what you got or need.
  13. Norcy

    Looking for some retumbo

    Man I missed Brownells I guess, must have went quick dang night shift.
  14. Norcy


    Pm inbound
  15. Norcy


    I will take it
  16. First up is a Renegade 700 LA all black $350. Small rub spot on the front right. Second is a Phoenix short action GAP splash camo never been used. $600
  17. Norcy

    Two Grayboe stocks for sale

    All SPF
  18. Norcy

    Two Grayboe stocks for sale

    3.75-4 pounds I believe.
  19. Norcy

    Two Grayboe stocks for sale

    TTT obo on the renegade stock.
  20. Norcy

    Powder trade

    Looking for 7mm projectiles, powders I am willing to trade are as follows. Looking for 175 gr Berger elite hunters, but let me know what you got if your interested. Ramshot magnum Ramshot LTR Winchester staball 6.5
  21. Norcy

    WTB Large Rifle Magnum Primers

    Look at brownells $183 per 1000
  22. Norcy

    Ramshot LRT for sale

    As noted 8# unopened ramshot lrt for sale. $235
  23. Norcy

    WTB Tikka 270 wsm

    Looking for a decent priced Tikka 270 wsm. Let me know if you have one.
  24. Norcy

    WTB Tikka 270 wsm

    Will do