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  1. Will K

    Hyperinflation is coming...

    This market will come to a halt in 6 months.
  2. Will K

    monsoon here???

    Awesome news. I could feel the humidity building up today.
  3. Will K

    2008 Starcraft RT13 Pop Up Trailer

    Smoking deal.
  4. Will K

    Lion or Large Bobcat

  5. Will K


    I'll take the Federal 140grn.
  6. Will K

    Willow Springs

    I thought i heard they tried killing all the smallmouth of that little lake. Was that true?
  7. Will K

    Roosevelt report

    Nice reports. On call this weekend but will be back next week. Will
  8. Will K

    Warsaw fire

    Those guys sure wrapped that one good.
  9. Will K

    Roosevelt report

    On the water at 6am and off by 11am today. 25 total and biggest was about 3lbs. All Texas rigged baits in 3 to 15 feet of water. Will
  10. Will K

    Roosevelt report

    I will be there in the morning.
  11. I topped my Kimber Acsent with that scope. Perfect light weight set up. Glass is awesome.
  12. Will K

    Roosevelt report

  13. Will K

    Sept Archery: 1st half or 2nd half?

    Hunt Friday, Saturday and Sunday. If you don't tag out come back Friday through Thursday.
  14. Will K

    Lightweight (ultra light) Rifle Suggestions

    Kimber Acsent