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  1. Will K

    First coues

    Good job.
  2. Will K

    My 13A Muley

    That's Awesome. Hoping you have a full recovery.
  3. Will K

    2019 Desert Mulies

    Impressive. Congrat's.
  4. Will K

    Wifes 1st coues

    Wowza. Stud Buck. Big Congrat's.
  5. Will K

    Daughters first desert muley

    Awesome job.
  6. Will K

    Target buck down

    Cool Buck.
  7. Will K

    Opening day success

    Nice Buck Chris. Congrat's.
  8. Will K

    Beautiful bobcat rug (done by Mark plunket)

    That's nice work. Only certain people can do cats justice.
  9. Will K

    Tagged out

    Awesome Buck. Congrat's.
  10. Will K

    My sons 1st coues

    That's cool. Nice buck. Congrat's and good job Dad.
  11. Will K


    Nice looking rifle.
  12. Will K

    Two Point Tuesday

    Mr. Mass. Nice buck. Congrat's.
  13. Will K

    Got her done.

    Congrat's on a nice buck.