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  1. Will K

    UofA seriously?

    Pray for 4 more years of Trump or it will get even more left than that.
  2. Will K

    well place shot

    High in the front shoulder.
  3. Will K

    Dad Passes

    One of those things you never get over. Just gets easier to deal with over time.. Sorry for your loss.
  4. Will K


    What time of year was that?
  5. Will K

    Win mod 70 22-250

    Tac driver.
  6. Will K

    Is a .243 enough for a cow hunt?

  7. Will K

    Hunt Party Rules

    All legal. Remember if on state land everyone has have to have a hunting licence to trespass i believe.
  8. Will K

    .270 Ammo For Sale

    That round none bullet is good medicine for elk.
  9. Will K


    One hit for us.
  10. Will K

    CC Hit

    One hit for me. My Son or Myself will be Archery Bull hunting in Sept..
  11. Will K

    January Muley

    Nice buck.
  12. Will K

    Day 4 Stink Pig /1st Ever

    Good Shot. Congrat's.
  13. Will K

    19’ Javi tag filled

    Sounds like a fun hunt. Congrat's.
  14. Will K


    Awesome and nicely done.