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  1. Will K

    Anybody have a guy for paver stone install?

    I seen these guys work. Pretty good. PARRA'S LANDSCAPING 602-435-7219 PARRASLANDSCAPING@GMAIL.COM
  2. Will K

    Last 5 years

  3. Will K

    Gas Prices, how high will they go?

    Until Republicans get back in the big seat.
  4. Will K

    Spring bear

  5. Will K

    Best Dealer for Honda Pioneer 1000

    Thanks fella's. Will
  6. Who's the best dealer for the Hondas in the Valley? Will
  7. Will K

    Low elevation bears

    1400" Casa Grande / Stanfield
  8. Will K

    Black River

  9. Will K

    Couple rifles for sale

    I'll take 204.
  10. Will K

    23 North Early Archery

    Chase the bugles and you will be ok.
  11. Will K

    My sons first turkey 2022

    Congrat's on a nice bird.
  12. Will K

    Last junior bird down

    Awesome work. Congrat's.
  13. Will K

    Mathews v3 27

    Smoking Deal!
  14. Will K

    A Crappie Roosevelt Discussion

    Awesome time with the family is what's most important. Very Nice.
  15. Will K

    One happy kid!