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  1. Will K

    Good luck HAM hunters

  2. Will K

    Good luck HAM hunters

    250 Grain Barnes Sabot a little much at 70 yards. Good times.
  3. Let's see some pictures.
  4. Will K

    Stolen pack in Payson

    That sucks.
  5. Will K

    Another Great Hunt with My Son!

    Nice Job. Congrat's.
  6. Will K

    Down to the wire success in 20c

    Perfect Little stinker. Congrat's.
  7. Will K

    Need New Mexico antelope tag

    Good luck with that.
  8. System probably loaded down.
  9. Will K

    Condolences to Blue Ridge Faithful

    Sorry to hear. Prayers sent.
  10. Nice little rifles. Let see a picture?
  11. Will K

    2019 Youth Opener Javelinas

    Awesome work. Congrat's.
  12. Will K

    Daughters first kill

  13. Will K

    Thomas got it done again!

    Perfect. Congrat's.
  14. Will K

    **f/s TIKKA T3 LIGHT 300 WIN MAG**

    What is the weight?