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  1. Will K

    2 rifles for sale.

    Smoking deals.
  2. Will K

    WTB Kimber 223 ,204,6.5

    Here is the post.
  3. Will K

    WTB Kimber 223 ,204,6.5

    Guy had 6.5 in classifieds where he responded to another guy looking for a Kimber.
  4. Will K

    Doubledup today

    Good Times.
  5. Will K

    December Tags 2021

    Nice Buck. Great times.
  6. That's a cool buck. Congrat's.
  7. Will K

    Euro mount

    Sweet work.
  8. Will K

    Punched 2021 tag

    What a nice Christmas present. Congrat's.
  9. Will K

    Found in 20B

  10. Will K

    24A Success

    Memories forever.
  11. Will K

    2021 Monster Desert Muley!!!!!!!!

    Nice buck. What unit?
  12. Will K

    First AZ Bull Elk

  13. Will K

    Spot-and-Stalk or Sitting Water?

    Spot / Stalk on windy days and Sit during calm days is my preference.