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  1. Will K

    WTB Kimber 6.5 Creedmoor

    Anyone have a Kimber in 6.5 Creedmoor they might want to get rid of. Have a good friend looking for one. Thanks, Will
  2. Will K

    Tessa’s Wyoming buffalo

    Very Nice. Congrat's.
  3. Will K

    The Swhack Attack Continues!

    Nice buck. Congrat's.
  4. Will K

    2021 archery coues deer

    Sweet buck. Congrat's.
  5. Will K

    2021 starting off with a SWHACK!!!

    Smack Down....
  6. Will K

    Son's first archery pig

    Nice Job.
  7. Will K

    FYI --New Log-In For AGFD Portal

    I was on hold for 1hr yesterday. Took 1 minute for them to straiten it out. I was 19th person in line waiting fyi. Water under the bridge now.
  8. Will K

    Free College!

    Some people will do that. My commitment and morals way out way doing something like that.
  9. Will K

    ISO Mathews Bow

    There are a couple list on here in classifieds.
  10. Will K

    A little humor

  11. Will K

    2 bucks down!

    Awesome work. Congrat's.
  12. Will K

    Dry Rub Venison Back Strap