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  1. Will K

    2023 archery pigs

    Fun times. Congrat's.
  2. Will K

    Call your double and raise you one.

    Strong. Good job boys.
  3. Will K

    Giant Tom Hits the Dirt!

  4. Will K

    First One

  5. Will K

    Desert Bighorn sheep full cape for sale

    That's Strong. Congrat's on a job well done.
  6. Will K

    Michigan Early Rifle Success

    Solid Buck!
  7. Will K

    Pair of nice bucks for my boys.

    Good to see. Congrats.
  8. Will K

    Welding/machine shop looking for help?

    Have him look into Western Industrial or Kinder Morgan. They are always looking for laborers for their welders, good way to get in and learn and move up.
  9. Will K

    Daughters first coues deer

    Awesome picture. Congrats.
  10. Will K

    Prayer request

    Prayers sent.
  11. KUIU on sale right now. Nice a slim lined.
  12. Will K

    Happy Birthday Amanda!

    Happy Birthday Amanda!
  13. Will K

    My bear quest continues!

    Tuff for sure.