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  1. Will K

    A Tale of Two Tags

    That's Priceless. Congrat's to all. Well done.
  2. Will K

    Youth Cow Hunt

    Great job. One happy young man right there.
  3. Will K

    Swavely kids 2020

    Awesome job to all.
  4. Will K

    Some recent trail cam pics

  5. Will K

    10yr Old Daughter's rifle bull

    Priceless. Great Job.
  6. Will K

    Happy Birthday Amanda!

    Happy Birthday.....
  7. Will K

    Want to buy a Mathews bow 2016 or newer

    Smoking deal. Bump.
  8. Sweet. Awesome job guy's.
  9. Will K

    Youth Hunt with niece and nephews

    Great Job.
  10. Will K

    Youth cow elk success!

    Big Congrat's.
  11. Will K

    My daughter got her first elk

    Awesome job.
  12. Will K

    "Not going back that way."

    Abnormal. Had to be in California where you cant hunt them.
  13. Will K

    Tree Stands

    Summit Climber. Steady with no wobble and feel completely safe.
  14. Will K

    Hail Mary Elk Hunt

  15. Will K

    Daughter gets her biggest buck to date

    Looked like you guys had a great time. Awesome Job.
  16. Will K

    Big D strikes again

    That's Cool. Nice Bull. Great Job...
  17. Will K

    Bubba Shot a Bull

    Now that is priceless. Congrat's.
  18. Will K

    First Bull With A Bow

    Awesome. Congrat's.
  19. Will K

    Rosey after the fires

    I hear its on fire.
  20. Will K

    Brand new Mathew VXR left hand

    I have the same bow in right hand. Let off/Anchor is awesome. Shouldn't last long.
  21. Will K

    Card pulls

  22. Will K

    Elk Rut

    Cactus Bulls. Got to love them. Congrat's.
  23. Will K

    Tips for finding bucks in 36B

    Trust me they are there. Keep glassing.