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    Salomon gore Tex

    That’s a great price. Too bad for me they’re not size 11.
  2. daryl_s

    Ammo & Powder

    This is a new member, but I can vouch for him, he’s my dad 😊
  3. daryl_s

    Granite Mountain IHC

    I had the same thought, but he might have meant to click the thumbs up and hit the other by accident and didn’t realize it. I’ve done that myself before but luckily realized it and fixed it pretty quickly.
  4. daryl_s

    Only 1 hour until cards start getting hit

    Got hit for 1 deer tag, hoping a 2nd pending charge comes in as I put both my son and I on this card.
  5. daryl_s

    Beater car about to be for sale

    This is awesome! IMO, you're doing this parenting thing right. Well used cars are the best for new driving teenagers. I scored a great deal on a 2005 Toyota Corolla that runs great and AC blows cold, but outside it's not the greatest. Has some minor hail damage. Got it for $1000. It has 233,000 miles and drives like it's good for another 150,000. This is for my oldest who turns 16 in September. It was a proud dad moment to see her excitement despite the exterior blemishes.
  6. I believe that is a yes.
  7. daryl_s

    Look for advice on boots

    I'll add my two cents to the conversation. I bought some Salomon 4d Quest GTX a few weeks ago. I put a few miles on them the next morning in some rough country with a fairly light pack. Those combined with some Darn Tough hiking socks and I was really impressed. They feel sturdy but comfortable with adequate ankle support for me. It's not a very big sample size, but initially I am very happy with them. An added bonus was glassing up 16 deer 😉
  8. daryl_s

    Fully semi-auto 12 gauge

    It’s almost too easy, isn’t it? 😂 Free bump
  9. daryl_s

    Effects of the virus scare?

  10. daryl_s

    12B guide

    Pretty sure this was his question.
  11. daryl_s

    Phone adapter

    I don’t have the iPhone XR anymore, I traded it in for the 11. I have the phoneskope setup for the iPhone XR.
  12. daryl_s

    Phone adapter

    Which phone do you have? I have the set up for iPhone XR but I now have an iPhone 11. I’d sell it to you for cheaper than Phonskope will.
  13. daryl_s

    Build your own pool

    Pretty sure the OP wasn't asking if he should get a pool or not. His question and the advice he was seeking was about going the build it yourself route versus using a pool builder. I know from years of seeing your posts that your reading comprehension is at about a third grade level, so I'll give you a pass on this one 😉
  14. daryl_s

    Build your own pool

    That's the way it should be!! I have a 15 year old daughter, and boys ages 13, 10, 6, and 3. We did private individual swimming lessons with the 3 year old last summer and he is a little fish now and goes for hours with his brothers in the wavy chaos they create. Worth every penny to see how much fun they have in it, and that we have together.
  15. daryl_s

    Build your own pool

    I can never figure out why the negative people are always so adamant about wanting to shoot down other people's plans because they don't agree with them. Every time this comes up the same people come in and $h!t all over it. I bought a house 2 years ago this July that the previous owners had spent over $30k building a pool the previous summer. A pool was one of the "must haves" on our list. Sure we have spent more money maintaining it, but we have never regretted it for 1 second. I have 5 kids, 4 of them boys, and we use the pool every day of the week. It's gas heated and we swim from March into late October and we enjoy the heck out of it. It has been a great escape during these times when a lot of places are shut down. I say go for it and ignore the negative Nancy's.
  16. daryl_s

    Woods Canyon Lake

    My dad did the same with us as kids. I didn't love picking up other people's trash, but I am sure glad he always made us do it. Now my kids get to have that same experience 😉
  17. daryl_s

    Leave No Trace

    I was taught from the time that I first started hunting as a kid that you always get the hide off the meat as soon as possible. I have never gone back to camp with an animal that still had the hide on. I see it all the time in pictures, so over the years I just figured that I was in the minority in doing it that way.
  18. daryl_s

    Legality of Orders

    Happy to live in Pinal County https://www.12news.com/mobile/article/news/health/coronavirus/pinal-county-sheriff-refuses-to-arrest-or-cite-anyone-not-following-governors-order/75-ac6fb71c-fdee-4048-9136-4d8e8179664e
  19. daryl_s

    Legality of Orders

    Because a lot more people than they’ll admit have already had it. My friend who lives by me just tested positive for the antibodies. He had an “upper respiratory infection” in January. I myself went to the urgent care on January 18th on day 4 of being sick with the symptoms of fever, bad cough and trouble breathing. They didn’t test me for anything, just said I have the flu and that “it has been a really bad flu season this year”. I was sick for 3 1/2 more weeks. My wife and 5 kids all got sick after I did, each one to differing degrees. A lot of our neighbors got sick around the same time and everyone just assumed flu season was really bad this year. If millions more people have already had it then it’s much less deadly than originally thought. Did you see the article the other day about the inmate in Florence that “Died of Covid-19”?? He was a 79 year old man with lung cancer. That’s the front page news that keeps people scared.
  20. daryl_s

    2019 Youth Deer Hunt Success

    Very well done video and looks like an all around great hunt from scouting to filling the last tag. You've got some serious sharp shooters there! Congratulations and thank you for sharing your hunt with us.
  21. daryl_s

    Az Deer Association Rifle or Swarovski package raffle

    When will the drawing for this be? I just checked and it looks like they sold out already.
  22. daryl_s

    ISO - Springfield Armory Hellcat osp

    I shot one at the range the other day. Now it's on the top of my next gun list.
  23. daryl_s

    Effects of the virus scare?

    Can you imagine if all of a sudden a few million more people wanted to flock to Arizona for the warm weather?!?!
  24. daryl_s


    Best post I've seen on the internet in weeks! That's what it's all about right there!
  25. daryl_s

    Where am I

    Right by my house Poston Butte, F mountain, where Charles D Poston is buried