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  1. Selling my Sig Tango 6 5-30X56 MIL/MIL First Focal Plane I love this scope but I am going back to a second FP MOA for hunting. I bought this 6 months ago for over $2100 with out Rings. Selling for $1750 without rings. This is the new model complete black, not the old graphite one you see for $1800 new. This scope has a internal leveling system that corrects any canting of the rifle. (Very nice to have on those long shots). Call me if interested. 6O2- Three two six ... 968O Thanks Anthony
  2. Stallone A.

    Brass for Sale and 22-250 Winchester Ammo and 300 RUM

    Still have 300 Rum bullets for sale and .308 Brass for sale Everything else has sold.
  3. Stallone A.

    7mm Remington S.A Ultra Mag 140gr (4 Boxes)

    All PM's answered.. Last buyer never showed to buy. Still for Sale...
  4. 4 Brand New Boxes of 7mm Remington SA Ultra Mag 140gr Selling for a friend. They bought the wrong ammo and can't return. $60 per box. Thanks,
  5. Stallone A.

    Brass for Sale and 22-250 Winchester Ammo and 300 RUM

    300 RUM Brass SPF 6.5CM Brass SPF 22-250 SPF Still have .308 Brass and 300 RUM Bullets for sale
  6. Stallone A.

    Brass for Sale and 22-250 Winchester Ammo and 300 RUM

    No Sorry only 180 Sciroccos power level 3.
  7. SOLD .......I have Some 22-250 45grain Ammo for Sale. Total round count is 43 and 16 shot Brass $50 SOLD I have 1 Box of 300 Remington Ultra Mag Power Level III Extreme Range and 10 Rounds of 150Gr Power Level 1 (Everything $85) SOLD........I have around 280 pieces of brass for a Remington 300 Ultra Mag Shot once asking $245 SOLD I have 25 boxes of mixed Brass for .308 once shot. Hornady, Federal, Black Hills, Winchester... Asking $145 SOLD.......I also have a bunch of 6.5CM Brass once shot but don't know a count and also mixed a lot of Hornady? if interested PM me. SOLD Thanks, Anthony
  8. Stallone A.

    UNDER ARMOUR Boots (Brand New)

    OK how about $60
  9. Stallone A.

    UNDER ARMOUR Boots (Brand New)

  10. Stallone A.

    UNDER ARMOUR Boots (Brand New)

    I bought these a while back thinking my son would use the boots however in a matter on one year his foot went from a size 8 to a 10. So if anyone is interested in some brand new size 8 snow boots let me know. Asking $70 Thanks, Anthony 6O2-326- nine six 8O.
  11. Stallone A.

    1097 BRASS 6.5 Creedmoor once fired/used $280.00

    Joe, is a great guy to buy from. Defiantly on the Good Guy Seller and buyers List... Good Luck with the Sale Joe...
  12. Stallone A.


    They are out of stock already.... I appreciate you trying. Thanks Roadbomber1
  13. Stallone A.


    Anyone have a 8lb jug or 1lbs jugs of Varget powder they don't mind parting with? Give me a call 602-326-96 eight 0. I need to load some rounds for my sons Elk hunt. Thanks Anthony,
  14. Stallone A.

    Leupold Scope and Mount

    PM Sent...
  15. Stallone A.

    Deuter Kid Comfort 3 (Back Pack)