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  1. Stallone A.

    Outdoorsman Tripod (Full Set Up)

    Thanks, all is well... Just trying to play catch up for being at the shot show all last week. Hope everything is going good for you... Tripod is Still for Sale...
  2. Stallone A.

    Outdoorsman Tripod (Full Set Up)

    Yes, the tripod is still for sale. All PM's answered.
  3. Stallone A.

    Outdoorsman Tripod (Full Set Up)

    I have a gently used Outdoorsman Compact Tripod for Sale. Reason for selling it is because its been sitting in the safe not getting used as it should. Everything that is included: 1. Compact Tripod 2. Outdoorsman Pan Head 3. Outdoorsman Telescoping Center Post (short I believe) It extends a total of 18inches with center post. I believe the post extends 10in. 4. Outdoorsman Binocular Adaptor. Total Cost for Package is $1350.00 if you bought it brand new from them. Selling for $895 Cash (Face to face) I will not ship... Thanks, Anthony Six 0 too Three two six - 9680 Yes I know how to spell the number 2... LOL
  4. Stallone A.

    Please Delete (Thanks)

    Just seeing if anyone had a left handed Tikka T3 in a short action that is sitting in their closet and wanted to get rid of. Let me know what you have, Thanks, PLEASE DELETE.... FOUND ONE.
  5. Stallone A.

    WTB Berger 6mm 105gr Hybrid Target

    Thanks, Yes I love the 109's thats what I shoot out of my 6GT. I just built a 6mm Dasher. I am waiting on brass and die's. Everyone is shooting the 105's out of the dasher so I wanted to see the difference. Thanks,
  6. Stallone A.

    WTB Berger 6mm 105gr Hybrid Target

  7. I am looking for a box of 100 or 500 of the Berger 6mm 105gr Hybrid Target. I just started a new build and wanted to do some load development with the 105's. Thanks in advance.
  8. Stallone A.

    Where's the best hand tossed pizza in Arizona?

    Chef, Glad you are doing well my friend. Couple of spots I go to in Phoenix/Scottsdale are 1. Pizzeria Bianco, Lamp Pizza, and Grimaldi's. All Brick Oven Pizza I hope you are getting some use out of those shooting bags. Good Luck this season....
  9. Stallone A.

    6.5 Berger 140 elite hunters

    Len, I wouldn't sell them. They are one of the best bullets I have ever shot. Its like opening up a water faucet as soon as you connect with the shot... Good Luck this season...
  10. Stallone A.

    .22lr Ammo

    I will take all 3 boxes of the 555 and 1 box of the Remington 525. I will send you a PM with my info to call me tomorrow.
  11. Stallone A.

    Memorial Day Sale...

    I just wanted to let you guys know that Phoenix Shooting Bags is having a sale. Save 20% OFF with code: MEMORIAL20 GOOD LUCK THIS SEASON...
  12. Its been happening to much lately. Kind of sad... Still looking for this press if anyone has one they want to sell... Thanks, FINALLY BOUGHT ONE... THANKS
  13. Guys just a heads up BE AWARE of slick racer...... trying to tell me someone has a Foster Press for sale. 0 post joined and hour ago and sent me an e-mail address. VERY FISHY....
  14. Yeah, that Zero press looks real nice but a little expensive.
  15. I have been using a Dillion for the last 4 years and I think its time to upgrade to a single stage.