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  1. Stallone A.

    Mcmillan A5 Stock (Adjustable Cheek Rest)

    Its inlet for a Badger bottom metal but it will fit many different companies. Barrel is for a Sendero large contour. (You can fit any size barrel in it.) I hope that answers your questions.
  2. Stallone A.

    Mcmillan A5 Stock (Adjustable Cheek Rest)

    All PMs answered. Still available.
  3. Stallone A.

    Mcmillan A5 Stock (Adjustable Cheek Rest)

    Short Action.
  4. Stallone A.

    Mcmillan A5 Stock (Adjustable Cheek Rest)

    Its for a Short Action. Sorry that I did not include that in the post.
  5. Selling a used Mcmillan A5 Stock (Green). This will fit any 700 Remington style action. I had this on my PRS Gun for awhile its my favorite stock that Mcmillan makes. I just upgraded to a heavier model. I had a Surgeon action and a Defiance Action installed on this stock. I have extra pieces to lengthen the butt of the stock. Asking $475. They retail for over $950
  6. Mathews Bridge-Lock Fixed 5 Pin Sight Almost new sight my son used it for 6 months and now decided to go with a slider. He paid over $350 for the sight. He is asking $275. Call or text me at 602-326-9680
  7. Maximus, Sign me up... LOL I hope you are doing well my friend.
  8. Let's get this thing Sold first $650 and its yours...
  9. I am selling a brand new Proof Research Carbon Fiber Barrel. Here are the Specs. For a Bolt Action .224, 20in Length, 8 Twist, 4 Groove CF Sendero I was going to build a ultra light weight 22GT but it took so long for me to get the barrel that I made it a 6GT instead for my daughter. I will trade for Proof Carbon Fiber Barrel in .6mm, or 6.5mm. Thanks, Asking $750
  10. Stallone A.

    Lexus GX470

    Thanks Maximus...
  11. Stallone A.

    Lexus GX470

  12. Stallone A.

    Lexus GX470

    Thanks, PRDATR , Yes 222,369 and growing... I am still driving it.
  13. Stallone A.

    Lexus GX470

    No, I ran over something on the highway and it hit the driveshaft and it broke and ruined the transfer case and catalytic converters. I thought the insurance company would have totaled it out but they said to fix it. Little did they know after everything was said and done it was over 12K in repairs. When it was in the shop I purchased the new one from my buddy. Now that I got the old one back I feel like it drives better than the new one... LOL