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  1. KThompson

    Coueswhitetail bullet group buy

    I’d be interested in .224 88g eldm’s (250 ct.) and 6.5 143 eldx (100 ct.)
  2. KThompson


    All SPF
  3. KThompson


    2 boxes SPF
  4. KThompson


    Opening Morning it says you can’t receive pm’s either.
  5. KThompson


    Sorry, i deleted some should be good now.
  6. KThompson


    Sold please delete
  7. KThompson

    FS-Savage MSR-15 Valkyrie .224 FDE

    Bump - Price Drop $1200.
  8. Like new Savage MSR 15 .224 Valkyrie FDE with only 50ish rounds down the tube. Awesome tight gun only reason for selling is because I have two and this one has become a safe queen. If you're looking for a AR style rifle but want better ballistic qualities than a standard .556, this is the rifle for you. Plus, in these uncertain times ammo is easier to find and not much more money. Gun comes with 150 rounds of Federal 75 grain ammo, one magazine and a Magpul bipod for $1300.
  9. KThompson


    I’m interested, are you available Thursday evening or Friday?
  10. KThompson

    6.5 creedmoor for sale

    Is this still available?
  11. KThompson


    Did your rifle officially sell?
  12. KThompson

    Custom 6.5 prc $2,700 obo

    Is this still available?
  13. KThompson

    FS .224 Valkyrie AR 15

    I’m interested in seeing in person...would you be available tomorrow afternoon/evening for me to look at it?
  14. KThompson

    FS .224 Valkyrie AR 15

    Could you please send me a picture if still available?
  15. KThompson

    Sell or trade annealing machine

    If you buyer falls through let me know I’m very interested and have cash or powder on hand. Thanks