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  1. lu518

    (3) Burris XTR II rifle scope ONE LEFT!!!

    Sent you a Pm
  2. lu518

    Big Sweets

    This buck is not sweets. I know the fellow that killed this buck. It is from another unit. I won’t post details out of privacy.
  3. lu518

    Sold! Please delete. Docter 15x60 newer model

    I’m interested I live here in globe. If you can give me a call at 9288124890. I also sent you a pm
  4. lu518

    Sold! please delete. Docter 15x60 older model

    I live here in Globe. I’m interested please give me a call at 9288124890
  5. If you forget they got there jobs back because of Union Arbitration.
  6. A -MEN brother. I wish some would spend more time in the woods than here. They would kill better deer.
  7. Hawkeye, Hey brother. There is no sense in kicking a dead horse when we live in a right to work state. We don't have a shot in heck trying to fight against all these republicans. There are those people on here that probably have worked union then went back non-union but they never started out union in the first place so they don't know what true brotherhood is. The Michigan "Thug" that beat up the right to work guy wasn't fighting just to fight he was fighting to keep food on his family's table. Nobody in this right to work state understands that. The brotherhood is more than just a bunch of "Thugs", it's a family. If someone threatened your family you'd stand up and fight too. I think that all of these RATS have it wrong.It is not our fault that our pension is better than theirs. These Rats are the same guys that invest their own money into 401k $ for $. These are the same guys that work for the same contractors that hire border jumpers that work fof 5 bucks a hour and the contractor charges primo rate. The customer doesnt see that part. I bet they shop at Wal-Mart. I bet they drive Duramax Diesel that has a ISUZU motor in it. The UNION has always been good to me. I have no complaints I am not lazy and when I do see that lazy person I run him off my job.I have no room in my life for lazy people. I think when it comes down to it you all hate the UNIONS. If you had Romney as Pres would you feel the same way? I know for a fact if Kennedy was pres you all wouldnt talk this crap. I know some of you hunt the REZ thats OK though their stopping 400 RAT jobs and 4 UNION jobs.Thats OK though.When I goto bed tonight I know I wont be shakeing bells and putting smiley faces on my grandchildren at the door of Wal-Mart because I was a FAT RAT that has no pride in his work. Thanks JAY.