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  1. Thinking of moving on from some more crates. Testing the waters to gauge interest. I would be more interested in selling the entire lot together.
  2. ctafoya

    Corona palm tree

    Nope. Just don't feel like putting it together.
  3. ctafoya

    Corona palm tree

  4. ctafoya

    Old kitchen tins.

  5. ctafoya

    bar mirrors

  6. ctafoya

    Airplane engine picture

  7. ctafoya

    King size bedroom set

    Better pictures. Open to trades.
  8. ctafoya

    Old soda crates and shelf

    Looking to downsize some more. Pepsi, coke, DR Pepper, RC, Squirt, 7 Up, and Loli pop $25 each. Nesbits $40. Take the entire lot for $260. Shelf is actually the top of an antique buffet. Has been used as a shelf. $50
  9. ctafoya

    late archery strategies

    i wish i would have started hunting that young.
  10. ctafoya

    WTS: H1000 8lb jug

    I feel like in need to insure all my ammo and reloading supplies these days. Its outpacing my 401k.
  11. ctafoya

    bar mirrors

    I quit watching football and nobody ever used the pool table. Going with 1800's furniture instead.
  12. ctafoya

    Airplane engine picture

  13. ctafoya

    bar mirrors