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  1. ctafoya

    On my way

    Absolutely miserable hunt so far. We went home Friday afternoon. The wind was so bad you'd get pushed around glassing. Couldn't even enjoy a beer if I had to. Came back Sunday afternoon. No wind and nice and cool. Yesterday found more does then I can count and a mule buck. Today more of the same but it's 85 degrees. Going to give it another 24 hours and call it if the weather doesn't get better. Maybe do a day trip over the weekend. I'm glad to see the wildlife we are seeing, figured the fire would have pushed everything out.
  2. ctafoya

    On my way

    Miserable 20mph swirling wind. Fun morning
  3. ctafoya

    On my way

    Headed out. Was hoping for cooler Temps but oh well.
  4. ctafoya

    Norma Brass

    Yeah, guess so. Less options suck.
  5. ctafoya

    Norma Brass

    Fine with me. I haven't found Norma brass that I could load more than twice.
  6. ctafoya

    New Draw

    I waste money on dumb chit. I have no problem burning a few bucks to get in. I'm sure this counts for your annual bag limit.
  7. ctafoya

    Leftover tags

    Power over us.
  8. ctafoya

    7MM at Midway

    FN price gougers. Thier prices are getting ridiculous. FS, 3 boxes hornady precision hunter 7mm. $100 each. No low ballers.
  9. ctafoya

    Camp Chairs

    I have two of those Kuma chairs just not heated. Same thing, I broke every other chair I sat in. These chairs are holding up great. I've had them for a little over a year. They are big and take up a lot of room in the back of the truck.
  10. ctafoya

    Spring draw

    looks like I'll be in 37A again this year. Those mountain pigs are real!
  11. ctafoya

    Card hits??

    Just one Javi tag here. Hopefully its my wifes. She wasn't able to use her tag last year.
  12. I'll take the shock wave. I can pick it up this weekend. PM inbound.