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  1. ctafoya


  2. ctafoya


    I hit a bull two years ago in the same area. I was 25 yards out. Sounded like truck hitting a wall. Bounced right back out. Tiny spot of blood. I was able to keep up for a while. He rounded up his cows and moved on like nothing happened.
  3. I recently built another one chambered in 308 with a 16 inch stainless noveske barrel. That thing is fricking heavy. Still havnt fired it......
  4. Yeah that 6mm looks interesting.
  5. Picked up Aero builders kit. I was going to do another 308, but what is another good option for something a little cheaper to shoot? I was thinking maybe .243. If I stick with 308 I'm debating a 20" fluted 1 in 10 Wilson combat, or a proof barrel with the same length and twist. Other then the weight difference are proof barrels that much better to justify 3 times the price?
  6. ctafoya

    Custom Holsters?

    Is there anyone in town that makes custom kydex holsters that you have used? I saw a few online but wanted to know if anyone here had anything made. I have a really nice one with great retention for my USP 45 made by G Code. I'd like to do the same style for my FNX 45 tactical with a surefire masterfire.
  7. ctafoya


    Saw one at AJI this weekend without the extras for more. Good deal.
  8. ctafoya

    2019 RZR

    TTT, trades welcome.
  9. ctafoya

    1995 2 door Tahoe

    In storage now. I sure could use something else. Trades welcome.
  10. ctafoya

    Reloading supplies/equipment/bench/seats/etc

    I have a jobsite in Bakersfield. If there are enough people in AZ that want stuff maybe we can work something out where I drive home instead of fly back. Wont be for several more weeks though.
  11. Looks like hes just eating grass but that bear looks pissed.
  12. ctafoya

    What happened to this site

  13. ctafoya

    My First Archery Anything... and My First Bull

    Congrats! Hopefully if history repeats itself I only have 4 more years for another chance.
  14. ctafoya

    School me on getting suppressors

    Was at healys yesterday and got another one on the way. Those guys got it together. They were also able to point me in the right direction to get my SBRs started.