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  1. ctafoya

    Where am I 2/15/20

    There's a few more structures if you follow that around and head towards the mountain.
  2. ctafoya

    Girls Upgraded 6.5 Ruger American

    I have the exact same setup, but not pink. Great shooter and you cant buy everything cheaper then that price.
  3. ctafoya

    CC hits

    Fake news.
  4. ctafoya

    Ruger Mini 14 stainless 580 series $500

    glad your in Tucson or id be $500 poorer. smokin deal .
  5. ctafoya

    Strange things found while out hunting.....

    Did it fall out of your pack?
  6. ctafoya

    The best 3 weeks of the year...

  7. ctafoya


    The more they move here the more dems they will help vote into office.
  8. ctafoya


    It will only get worse here. Need to build the wall to block California too.
  9. ctafoya

    He is coming to Arizona

    This is no joke. The anti's have a lot of money to spend. The more the cancer spreads across our boarder from California the worse this is gonna get.
  10. ctafoya

    Looking for an Auto Detailer...ISO

    The guys at the dealer ruined the clear on my wifes new challenger. We had to get dodge corporate involved and they made them re clear the car. Finding someone to do things right is getting harder to find these days. That's the problem with a good economy I guess.
  11. ctafoya

    WTB AR Pistol lower

    I just finished building an anderson yesterday. Garbage. The hole for the bolt catch was almost too big to hold the roll pin and it will not accept any magazine other than aluminum. spend a few extra bucks.
  12. ctafoya

    National Weather Service 2/1/20

    That blows.
  13. ctafoya

    Popcorn thread continues on MonsterMuleys>com

    He'll probably get caught again soon.
  14. ctafoya

    Kobe Bryant farewell

    I stand corrected. I don't follow basket ball so I only know him by name. I was not aware of everything else he did. It was not my intention to dump on him. The point I was trying to make is that the news is so full of celebrity BS that does not matter. Every time some celebrity or athlete says something on twitter or posts a picture on Instagram it seems like its front page news. Its all too much of a distraction from whats really going on in the world today.
  15. ctafoya

    Kobe Bryant farewell

    Who gives a chit. What has he contributed to our country? He plays sports. Good for him for being the greatest basketball player of all time. Patriots die every day. Where is their front page recognition? Our country is seriously misguided. I'll be an asshole with you.