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  1. ended up with a nightforce 3.5-15X50.
  2. ctafoya

    Good News

    Dennis Chavez? We probably passed each other a lot. I worked at furs and cattlemens on auction days.
  3. ctafoya

    Good News

    lived on 85 and mill rd for years. Moved out to Tierra Grande the last few years before I bailed. My parents are still out there. My best friend is still there, lives out on the west mesa by the bomb shelter.
  4. ctafoya

    Good News

    Yep. When I left Belen in 96 things were getting bad everywhere in Central NM. Sheriff's department was a joke on a good day.
  5. ctafoya

    Good News

    I have decided to not be fat anymore. I am now identifying as thin. I am Trans skinny. My pro nouns are slim/fit.
  6. ctafoya

    Is big lake Jake still around?

    I was wondering the same thing while going over some older content last night.
  7. ctafoya

    Anyone have a Raptor?

    POS. The graphics are all sun burned. There is salt corrosion underneath. Interior was not kept up on. Deal breaker was the cold start knock. Sounded like the engine was going to fall out.
  8. ctafoya

    WTB/WTT for Retumbo

    they might have sold out then. I was there fist thing in the morning.
  9. ctafoya

    WTB/WTT for Retumbo

    Brunos had some when I was there yesterday
  10. ctafoya

    AZ; Ready to Rumble?

    Glad to see tonto is out of stage one. I can go shoot now!
  11. ctafoya

    Rotopax gas can

    Good price
  12. ctafoya

    Small pistol primers in stock

    Looks like shoppers
  13. ctafoya

    Looking for a 300 wsm

    There is a savage on here a few pages back.
  14. ctafoya

    Anyone have a Raptor?

    Awaiting response from the dealer but when see's it its game over. I'd even trade in my power wagon for this bich.
  15. ctafoya

    Anyone have a Raptor?

    I might even wear a flat brim to get to drive this .