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  1. ctafoya

    Walking sticks for Veterans.

    where at in Cali? I drive there quite a bit for work. Might be able to coordinate a drop off if its close enough to one of my job sites.
  2. ctafoya


    So, I'm not gaining any knowledge from pictures. If I don't draw anything this year, I should be able to run a few cameras for wildlife viewing. This just simply doesn't make any sense. I only have one cam that I use for camp security.
  3. ctafoya

    Newbs and non resident dont's

    Don't brag about what gear you are "running".
  4. ctafoya

    Anyone do tint?

    Need to get my new project re tinted. Anyone here do it?
  5. ctafoya

    Anyone do tint?

    It's a 95. Got it already setup like that. Looks are deceiving. It's beat, but that's what I wanted it for.
  6. ctafoya

    More chevy mechanic questions

    Figures. I just did new upper control arms, ball joints, tie rids, CV's, wheel bearings, and Threw out a PO4030 code a few weeks ago but no drivability issues. Jump forward to today and it's running very rich. More condensation then you'd expect to see from the exhaust. Leves a puddle. Coolant is down and engine oil is up. New oil and filter 200 miles ago. Runs smooth until in gear then acts like its going to stall. Cooling system does not build pressure. I think I know the answer, but throwing a hail Mary anyway. 1996 k1500 350 vortec.
  7. ctafoya

    More chevy mechanic questions

    Forgot to add the smoke and water cleared up when I pulled the PCV. It has good vacuum. I cant find out what this is that it's plumbed to. Seems to be seeping.
  8. ctafoya

    More chevy mechanic questions

    Not sure what is going on. I was getting g ready to park it on the side yard to start working on it and no more smoke or water. Cleared the code and have been beating on it for the last 45 minutes trying to recreate the problem. Seems like a small miss a few times a minute while idling. Temp really never gets higher then the picture. No more loss of coolant. Plenty of power. Lights the tires no problem. I'm really confused. I'm going to let it cool down and pull the plugs and do a compression check.
  9. ctafoya

    AR question

    For the record I've only used my bow and usp45 on a ham hunt. I'd have to strip those "pistols" down to be legal to hunt with. Too much work.
  10. ctafoya

    AR question

    That's the point
  11. ctafoya

    AR question

    These should do the trick.
  12. ctafoya

    Which one of you done it?

    I'd like to see a DNA test on that dog.
  13. ctafoya

    More chevy mechanic questions

    Yeah I'm probably just gonna do the same. Picked up a new toy over the weekend I'll do something fun with.
  14. ctafoya

    Dermatologist recommendation in East Valley

    Dermatology solutions. Higley and Baseline. Dr. Nguyen probably saved my life. She had to scalp me to do it, but most of the hair grew back.
  15. ctafoya

    More chevy mechanic questions

    Might be time for an LS conversion.......
  16. ctafoya

    More chevy mechanic questions

    Possible. Never got hot. I would just hate to go through all that just to need to do a rebuild anyway.
  17. ctafoya

    More chevy mechanic questions

    Yeah thats what I figured. Vortex long blocks aren't as cheap as they used to be. It's always something.
  18. ctafoya

    BIg Game Draw Application mistake

    Dude, way too early to put in anyway.
  19. ctafoya

    2022 Hunting Resolutions

    Fish, camp, kayak, hike, and be in the woods more. Put in for out of state hunts. Loose 35 pounds. Drink more whiskey and less beer.
  20. ctafoya

    STOLEN!!!!! Cash reward

    All thieves must fn die.
  21. ctafoya

    7mm ELD-X

    Id be interested in the 162 if you. Ant find what your looking for.
  22. ctafoya

    RIP Madden

    John Madden is gone.
  23. Should be a lot more then license revocation. A y one of us on the street would be behind bars.
  24. ctafoya

    WTB Marlin 45-70 lever action

    I saw one a few years ago at pistol parlor and hesitated. I went back that afternoon and it was gone. Did the same thing a month later at AJI. Kicking myself in the a$$ ever since. They were $1000 then. More then double that now.