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    Anyone else see all those lights over Phoenix?
  2. ctafoya


    I find it hard to believe they are launching hundreds of satellites. Definitely not a commet. I'm putting on my tinfoil hat.
  3. ctafoya


    Screen shot from a video. This is the second batch of them. Southwest to North East. 5 minutes strait each time. They appeared from nowhere and disappeared. Must have been over 500 of them.
  4. ctafoya

    Rare Sighting

    I'll have to show this to my kids.
  5. ctafoya

    New fire

    False alarm
  6. ctafoya

    Cci small rifle primers at midway

  7. I have a question on weights VS twist for two rifles. First is a Christensen Arms Mesa in 7MM. it has a 1 in 9 twist with a 24 inch barrel. I don't have it yet. I'm trading a friend of mine who lives in Minnesota, so we have some logistics to figure out to keep everything legal, but I wanted to start getting projectiles. He won it in an auction, but he cant shoot right handed. He also drinks white claws..... Would a 197 grain bullet be a little too heavy for it? I'm looking at sierra match kings 175, 180, and 197. The other rifle is a DPMS AR in .223 with a 1 in 9 twist with a 24 inch barrel. This has been sitting in the safe for a few years so I decided I better do something with it. What bullet would you guys recommend for it? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  8. ctafoya

    Bison reduction project

    I would hope so after somehow proving your a skilled sniper.
  9. ctafoya

    Bison reduction project

    So you don't get to keep it according to this.
  10. ctafoya

    Bullet weight VS twist

    Thanks for the input. I'll shop accordingly.
  11. ctafoya


    Yeah I was thinking 10 22 or mini. I had a tapco on a mini back in the day that looked like that. Paid a lot more then 5 bucks.
  12. ctafoya

    ISO CCI#41 primers

    Looking for CCI #41. I have 1800 CCI 450, 1000 CCI 400, 8 LBS keg of winchester 748, and 3 LBS of RL22 to trade, or I can pay cash. I will not trade or sell what I have for anything but CCI#41 primers unless you want to pay gun broker prices.
  13. ctafoya

    Corona palm tree

    Tree is around 6 feet tall. Its currently taken apart and stored. Picture is stock picture and not exact, but really close. $150.
  14. ctafoya

    Fishing poles and tackle box

    Pending pickup.
  15. ctafoya

    Benelli Supernova 12ga AND ammo $900 OBO

    Reach around? Asking for a friend......
  16. ctafoya

    Ladder, car ramps

    Aluminum ladder $70 Car ramps $25. East mesa.
  17. ctafoya

    Eberlestock dragonfly

    Eberlestock dragonfly. No rips tears or visible stains. Was used on two coues hunts. Too much pack for my wife's frame. $200.
  18. ctafoya

    Eberlestock dragonfly

  19. ctafoya

    Corona palm tree

    Make an offer.
  20. ctafoya

    bar mirrors

    got rid of my man cave and these are the last mirrors left. Anchor steam beer. 37" wide 35 1/2" tall. Sierra Nevada 64 1/2 wide 40 3/4 tall. Both have hangers but due to the wieght there are holes through the frames to hang them. $100 for the anchor steam and $150 for the sierra Nevada. East mesa.
  21. ctafoya

    bar mirrors

    Make an offer.
  22. ctafoya

    Outsdoorsmans pack accessories

    I was wondering the same thing.
  23. ctafoya

    Cabelas has 6.5 eldx ammo

    Scored today. $44 per box. They had a bunch.