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  1. ctafoya

    Moving company recommendation?

    Wow this is old.
  2. ctafoya

    The future of bowhunting is here my friends

    It'll be banned soon. High capacity assault bows have no place in our society.
  3. I've put it off long enough. Its time to quite down my Noveske. I'm looking for something MAAD mount compatible for my B.E Meyers 249 flash hider. Is a trust the way to go, of just strait up purchase? Where is a reputable place to go in the east valley for the purchase/transfer? It seems like everyone is selling them lately. I might be tempted to get one for a few other calibers as well.
  4. ctafoya

    Gun License/Registration

    You must be talking to one of my family members. They do not listen to reason or recognize the constitution or common sense. "A well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed." ENOUGH SAID. Move to Venezuela if you don't like it.
  5. ctafoya

    Gun Sale Soon in LA???

    Yeah I saw that this morning. I wanted to cry knowing the fate of those rifles.
  6. ctafoya


    i just made a bunch of sausage with extra burger and refroze. came out great.
  7. ctafoya

    Tonot NF travel BS

    I'm actually surprised it took this long to start screwing us close to the valley. https://www.azgfd.com/tonto-national-forest-releases-supplemental-environmental-impact-statement-for-motorized-travel/
  8. ctafoya

    Blood from a turnip lol

    And to think we elected a republican to that office.
  9. ctafoya

    Tonot NF travel BS

    I get frustrated with big brother restricting our access to lands, but I'm sure if people would quit driving off of trails and leaving thier trash, beer cans, cigarette butts, etc. everywhere it wouldn't be like this.
  10. ctafoya

    Regs are out

    No b!tch!ng yet? I like my paper apps, but I think only doing it one way should streamline the process. Paper Application Deadline Is Early The deadline to submit PAPER applications is 7 p.m. Tuesday, May 14, 2019. The deadline to submit ONLINE applications is 11:59 p.m. Tuesday, June 11, 2019. This is the last draw in which paper applications will be accepted.
  11. ctafoya

    What is this?

    boundary marker?
  12. ctafoya

    White Mountain Lakes

    Its a shame, there used to be a lot of good info in there. I wish they would put it back to the way it used to be.
  13. ctafoya

    Thinking of moving

    My youngest graduates in 3 years. I hate the valley. We were thinking about Show Low area, but I'm open to other places. We have kicked around Idaho, Montana, and maybe even Texas. Work isn't an issue as I work from home 1/2 of the time and travel North America the rest. The only hitch is being somewhat close to an airport. My question is, if you could move anywhere in the US, where would you go, and why?
  14. ctafoya

    Thinking of moving

    Update. So we checked out the Boise area in June last year. The climate was amazing. Nice and warm in the day, almost cold at night. we headed north towards Idaho city one day, and didn't like it too much. The next day we headed out the other direction and ended up all the way to lake fork. Almost dint come home. If there was an airport in the area we would have come home and packed. We checked out the downtown area in Boise and that's where it went south. The historic houses were amazing, minus the California driven real estate prices, and the fact we were the oldest people around. Nothing but Cali millennial's. Still not opposed to the outskirts northwest of Boise. A trip to Montana is in order soon. I'd like to go in the dead of summer, and winter to get a feel for it. More than likely we will end up somewhere around Show low or Prescott, but I feel we owe it to ourselves to look around before we make a final decision. One thing that is for sure, we will not be in the valley more then a few more years.
  15. ctafoya

    Finally made it down south

    I got sea sick when I went. Threw up all down the side of the boat. Started catching sharks immediately after. Chumming works! I took Dramamine before and it didn't help. Still had a great time anyway.
  16. ctafoya


    I have tons of em. I miss the old ones that had the little glass bottle of Tabasco.
  17. ctafoya

    Canada Bear hunt

    Good advice: Never argue with a fool. Onlookers may not be able to tell the difference. Mark Twain
  18. ctafoya

    Potable Water Totes

    glycerin is water soluble and should rinse out, but I wouldn't risk it.
  19. ctafoya

    Any shed action yet?

    Gonna go out tomorrow and look. At the very least it will get my lazy @ss finally out and doing something this year.
  20. ctafoya

    how do you display your sheds

  21. ctafoya

    Freaks of the Woods

  22. ctafoya

    Trail Cam BAN

    someone needs to revive the popcorn thread before this one gets out of hand.
  23. ctafoya

    Shooting of a road in AZ on YouTube.

    Gotta include pants hanging off your a$$ and skinny jeans.
  24. ctafoya

    Shooting of a road in AZ on YouTube.

    I bet he shoots a 6.5 creedmoor too.
  25. ctafoya

    Nogales pigs

    What metro unit?