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  1. I was reading that Shooters World is going to be opening a new location in Goodyear this fall. 5,000 sqft. of retail, several training rooms, and 24+ lanes. And they say that the Phoenix, and Peoria stores all have ammo, but at restricted ammounts. New store is supposed to be off Litchfield Road, near the car dealers.
  2. deercrazy

    A dream day on the lake

    That is my old stomping ground. My wife is from Harsen's Island. Only 20 miles from downtown Detroit, but a whole different world once you go across the car ferry to get there. Hope you did some Walleye fishing too. That lake also has some of the best Musky fishing you will find.
  3. deercrazy

    Boyd's Hardwood Gunstock- Weatherby Vanguard

    Standard grade real walnut and I am estimating the weight at maybe 3 pounds. I searched Boyd's website, but no weight is given.
  4. I have for sale, a Boyd's Prairie Hunter wood stock for a short action Weatherby Vanguard. The stock is standard length with no modifications to the length of pull or comb, etc. $125.00 Located in Litchfield Park.
  5. deercrazy

    Squirrel Sticks

    That's cool and a great story to go with it.
  6. deercrazy

    Where Am I?

    gold fields of Apache Junction?
  7. deercrazy

    Wtb: single stage drop in trigger

    I have a 3.5 lb straight Sporting Drop in trigger from Black Rifle Depot that I could part with. It was installed in a gun, but little use. I would part with it for $50. I live in Litchfield Park. I-10 at Dysart.
  8. deercrazy

    Are The Gun Stores Really Empty?

    So I have maybe $1000 to spend on a rifle. I am really wanting a Winchester Model 70 Featherlight Compact, or a Remington Model 7, or even a Weatherby Camilla (even if it is suppose to be a girls rifle). Those are the models that I would be very happy with, and money saved could be use for a good scope. I want a rifle with taste, sole, and good looks that shoots where I aim. All these models seem to be out of stock in all stores. Like I said, my kids can smell that I have money, and their cars are ready to crap out at anytime to loosen me from my cash. or Like the other day, my over the range microwave quite, the wife told me the tv stopped working this afternoon. Blah, Blah, Blah. I would LOVE a pre64 rifle, but not at 2K. Just bitching, and probably will settle for no new rifle, or a Ruger American in gutless plastic stock.
  9. deercrazy

    Are The Gun Stores Really Empty?

    I have been scrimping and saving for a quality rifle with a wood stock that has looks, sole, and shoots great. I decided on 3 different models by 3 different companies, and I am ready to purchase. What I have found is that the stores are empty, online is out of stock, and if you do find a rifle, there is no ammo to go try it out. Is covid19 really got all these great American companies on their knees, not employing thousands of workers, and can they bounce back. I am trying not to just settle for a plastic stock, low end,, "better in rainy conditions" rifles. heck, I already own a couple of those. I just want a rifle like grandpa had. The bad thing is that all that scrimping and saving, and no rifle to purchase will end up in my kids needing a new battery for their car, or tires, or the wife needing new shoes. I am tired of Covid and not having any fun. Back to work on Monday morning.
  10. deercrazy

    FS Ruger M77 MkII .270

  11. deercrazy

    FS Ruger M77 MkII .270

    Pictures of the gun would help also
  12. deercrazy

    Savage 338 lapua SOLD

    Must be free! Nope I see the price on the price tag now. Never Mind
  13. deercrazy

    Cooper Model 52 Custom- French Walnut

    sure is pretty. Good luck with the sale
  14. deercrazy

    *Please Delete*WTB 270/25-06

    I have a Winchester Model 70 .270 WSM I would part with. Black synthetic stock, blue 22" barrel. Comes with new Talley 1" rings and a partial box of ammo. Asking $400
  15. deercrazy

    Sleeping in bed of truck, insulation

    Fireball or whiskey