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  1. deercrazy

    Advice wanted - crazy gun sale

    Terrible situation. As stated before, I would contact an attorney for advice before any further contact with the mother.
  2. deercrazy

    For sale AR-15 Pistol

    Make an offer,
  3. deercrazy

    For sale AR-15 Pistol

  4. deercrazy

    For sale AR-15 Pistol

    I have for sale, an AR-15 Pistol with a 7.5" Slick side NBS M-lok Upper assembly, Anderson Lower, and a Rise Armament LE145 tactical curved trigger with anti-walk pins set at 4 pounds. Also has WMD oversize accessories in brushed nickel. FailZero bolt carrier group, easy pull take down pins. Presma skeletonized pistol brace in brushed nickel, and a chrome muzzle break/compensator, The scope is an AT3 tactical red dot. There is about 200 rounds down the pipe,Red dot is on the money at 50 and 200 yards. This gun shoots awesome, and draws attention at the range because it looks bad butt. I like to call it the "Raiders Addition" because of the black and brushed nickel finish. $1200 for the pistol with 1 30 round magazine. you will not be unhappy with is\\this gun! Only selling to fund another project. PM or Call Dave at 623-Three Seven Seven-6 8 Zero 2.
  5. deercrazy


    I have about 200 rounds fired and it is both calibers
  6. deercrazy

    How do I take my rifle to Alberta Canada?

    I did this when I moved from Maine to Michigan, and traveled through Canada. I showed the paperwork at the border, was sent to the inspection line. before my trip, I was given the advice to remove my bolt and put it in a suitcase, and I also disassembled a shotgun that I had and put parts into different boxes. They liked that and sent me on my way instead of making me tear apart my car for the parts.
  7. deercrazy

    Gun Classifieds in AZ

    Lots of "better than retail" prices on that site, but that is the norm.
  8. deercrazy

    Changing a main breaker

    As long as you have the exact replacement, You should be fine. Might have to have an inspection before power back on.
  9. deercrazy

    Wanna see a huge buck?

    quit countin, and start to shootin
  10. deercrazy

    Little Boat, Big Lake

    I use to salmon fish on lake Michigan in a 14 footer with a 15hp motor. you will be fine on any Arizona lake. Like it was said, keep an eye on the weather and beat any monsoon storm to the boat launch.
  11. deercrazy

    Consolation Buck

    If that guy was "seconds", the buck your gonna get next year must be a real dandy. Good Luck
  12. deercrazy

    rifle for wife

    Oh, I thought you wanted to trade a rifle for a wife. Was going to ask for pictures of the rifle.
  13. deercrazy


    I also have Mag-guts in all my carry magazines. They are easy to install and worth the money;.
  14. deercrazy


    bump for one of the top five carry pistols!