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  1. gauchoand

    Serbu RN-50 (50 Cal)

    Any chance you’re selling this cause of what happened to Kentucky ballistics??? Meh still want! Any ammo that could go with it?
  2. I’ve got up to 3000 of hornady bulk packed (packed myself) 55gr FMJBT w cannelure. I opened the box and threw these in to food saver bags myself to seal them for long term storage. All bags were done by weight and weighed evenly so there should be extras as there’s generally about 20 extra in one of these bulk boxes. $125 per 1000 Located in Peoria. Only thing I’d be interested in as trade is H335 minimum 4lbs.
  3. gauchoand

    Coueswhitetail bullet group buy

    I’m in and def don’t need 6.5 bullets
  4. Trying something... might be a bad idea... may he that I'm about to be reamed by the good folks of CWT. I've been using an auction house to clear out ammo. Instead of dragging more to them I wanted to offer it here. So throwing up the next crate full I was taking. I know based on my past auctions what Id get for this. I can back it up with actual auction results. But, here neither of us have to pay commissions. So selling the full crate for $1500. Not breaking it down, not going to piece meal it. Just want to sell it all and hopefully help someone out who wants to shoot. See the pics its all exactly what you'll get, all of it is brand new all still in the boxes. $1500 otherwise I'll take it to the auction. Following calibers are in there: 223 (1k), 30-06 (40), 9mm (150) .40 (400), 22-250 (180), .45 (100), 22lr (350), 17hmr(100), 30-30 (60), .308 (20). First pic shows it all in one lot.
  5. gauchoand

    Winchester 556 1000 rounds

    Christ people leave the man alone: Id call what he’s selling a smoking deal!
  6. gauchoand

    Vanguard tripod

  7. gauchoand

    Dumping some stuff Barrel, NV, Ammo

    not going to separate anything at this point just want to get this stuff off of the shelf.
  8. Glock 23 gen 3 Lone wolf .40sw barrel $60 Lot of stuff in picture: .45 snap caps, 308 dummy rounds, golden rod, GPS, Nixon watch, Tannerite, wheeler scope levels, digital compass, gun sock, 3 fishing reels. $100 Lot of AR stuff: 3 ASC 6.8mm/224 valk mags, 6.8/.223valk bolt, BCM mod 0 compensator. Troy medieval flash hider, MI sling point attahcment, rail covers, barrel wrench. $100 AMT Aries MK 440 works: $200 Box of misc scope mount bought this at a garage sale rather just have it gone $70 308 black tip AP rounds. aprox 155 $200 30-06 Factory black tip AP rounds aprox 155 $200
  9. gauchoand

    Wtb- 6.5mm bullets/projectiles

    I’ve got 5 new boxes of hornady SP 129 gr. If you take em all you can em fo 100.
  10. gauchoand


    How do you report these guys I was hit up by him too but couldnt figure out how to let site staff know.
  11. gauchoand

    Wtb Contender action or barrel

    Interested in a Thompson Contender, I could go for complete pistol or barrel only. Need something that would be good for a 12 year old on a HAM hunt and don’t think 375Win is a good choice for him. Let me know please. Thanks.
  12. gauchoand


    Interested in these would you be willing to meet in cordes?
  13. gauchoand

    Looking to buy a kids quad

    I have a couple project quads sitting in the garage Polaris 50 missing some parts and an lLt 80 ive had running but compression issues or it needs a new carb. I have carb for it. $400 for em both
  14. gauchoand

    SR Primers for sale

    All spoken for