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  1. gauchoand

    SOLD 1st Series Colt Woodsman 22LR

    My great grandfather had one of these, family story was the bear skin rug he always scared us with as a kid was killed by his colt woodsman (its a great story was actually published in an outdoor magazine), it was the first gun I can recall ever shooting as a kid. I inherited his other two rifles but would love to have this any chance we could put together a meeting I’d love to have it but live in Peoria. Just have a lot of memories around a woodsman handgun.
  2. gauchoand

    Guns and gear

  3. gauchoand

    Guns and gear

    Is it the encore with the interchangeable barrels? might be mistaken but I was under the impression that not all are swapable?
  4. gauchoand

    For Sale: Ammo for sale many calibers

    @nitemann yeah 375 win, just need brass and bullets, have a set of dies. Was reading you can convert 30-3o brass into just didn’t want to fireform cases.
  5. gauchoand

    For Sale: Ammo for sale many calibers

    Im Peoria easiest to meet at Sportsmans warehouse for me
  6. Well Im gonna be that guy too. Dont believe Im going overboard on price if I am someone will be along to correct me. This is all factory ammo in original boxes, I am interested in trades mostly stuff to get me reloading some new calibers ive picked up 375 winchester, and 338 lapua. Others Id entertain. I have available the following: 22LR—sold Bucket o bullets Remington 1400rds $85 Remington thunderbolt 500rds $30 Federal automatch 650rds $50 45 ACP Magtech 230gr FMJ brass cased 100 rds $45 federal 230gr FMJ aluminum 200 rds $80 TulAmmo 230gr FMJ 50 rds $15 22-250 Winchester White box 45gr JHP 160 rds $150 Winchester 55gr Varmint X polymer tip 120rds. $140 17HMR Winchester 17 gr polymer tip 400 rds $100 270 Federal Fusion 130gr 120 rds $120 40SW Winchester White Box 165 gr FMJ 1000rds $300 Tulammo 180 gr Steel cased 350rds $95 223/556 -Sold IMI m193 55gr 380 rds $160 Federal 55gr FMJ 300rds $120 30-06 Black Tip AP 158 rds $200 300 weatherby Mag 220gr soft point 20 rds. $45
  7. gauchoand

    Buyer Beware

    Hey OP only, I don’t know seller but,,, ’I have plenty of 223 brass if your near me I’ll be happy to get you some for free just need to come get it.
  8. THIS ALL HAS TO GO AS ONE LOT WONT SEPARATE. $125 for the whole thing See the pics: Summary. Select fire AK-47 airsoft gun with batt and charger metal one not cheapy gun, 4 1911 mags, 2 glock mags in 45 and 357, 3 springfield XD mags in 45 and 40, Midlength A2 handguards, Bianchi leather holster, flashlight pressure switch, Scalpels from survival kit expired so no human use, 2 ruger 10/22 mags, Ar15 bolt carrier, Dummy rounds 9mm and 45, whatever else is in the pics
  9. gauchoand


    Just bought these in 12x50 this week can say he’s offering at a fair price
  10. gauchoand

    WTB Youth Camo clothes and day pack

    Yes where you located?
  11. gauchoand

    WTB Youth Camo clothes and day pack

    Thanks for the generous offer AZBear, I just want a small daypack so I can reinforce the idea to carry appropriate gear in case something were to happen. We will be car camping.
  12. Taking the boy on Javelina hunt for first time. Looking for at least a nice jacket, gloves, beanie or hat. He’s a skinny kid wont be able to tolerate the cold well. He’s youth 10/12 according to wife maybe youth medium. Interested in whatever you have please let me know, I just know these kids grow through them so fast so hate to buy new. LOCATED in N phoenix Peoria area. thanks
  13. gauchoand


    Kitchen remodel huh! PM me when you need a good divorce attorney. sorry I had to.
  14. gauchoand

    Del-ton DT Sport Lite AR w/ a few accessories

    Here’s the specs in unstated finish etc glad I could be of service to you boatman Barrel: 4140 Steel 16" Length, 1x9 Twist Carbine Gas System Threaded Muzzle, A2 Flash Hider Manganese Phosphated Phosphated under Standard A2 Front Sight Base Lightweight Profile Chamber: 5.56 Nato Bolt & Carrier: Phosphated 8620 Steel Carrier Assembly Carpenter 158 Bolt Heat Treated and Plated Mil-Spec Chrome Lined Carrier Interior Carrier Key - Chrome Lined, attached with Grade 8 Screws Properly Staked & Sealed Gas Key Handguards: Carbine Length Aluminum Delta Ring Single Heat Shield Upper Receiver: Forged 7075 T6 Aluminum A3 Flat Top w/ White T-Marks Hard Coat Anodized Bore’s Surface is coated with dry film lube, over anodized surface Mil-Spec Open Ejection Port (This model does not have an ejection port cover or Forward Assist) Right Hand Ejection Lower Receiver: Forged 7075 T6 Aluminum Hard Coat Anodized Mil-Spec Aluminum Triggerguard & Mag Catch Button Semi-Auto A2 Grip
  15. gauchoand

    Pro Hunter Encore 243 and 50 Cal Muzzleloader

    I’d be interested in a price on this