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  1. gauchoand

    FS: $350 Savage 11 .223 with 2 extra mags and rings

    Thought you were gonna call me when you were out my way.
  2. gauchoand


    I’ve been wanting one of these for a long time. Too bad your in ND.
  3. gauchoand

    Glock 43

    I want it, send me a pm I’ll take it.
  4. gauchoand

    FS: $350 Savage 11 .223 with 2 extra mags and rings

    Interested where are you located nevermind your other posts said east valley. Too far for me
  5. gauchoand

    Christensen Arms Ridgeline W/ Leupold VX6 HD

    Oh sweet baby Jesus, I wish, I better go check the cup holders in my car....cuz I’m ONLY a grand short in my toy account. My wife would love me more if I brought this one home.
  6. gauchoand

    FS Norinco SKS

    Have any wood to it?
  7. gauchoand

    Classy Interarms Mark X .270 Win in custom stock

    Kitchen Camo?
  8. gauchoand

    ATN night vision scope $275

    I agree but thats a big risk you take when you don't offer a full price offer. But good on seller to do that for buyer. For me its sold with the first full price offer or when the seller agrees to a lower price. If they dont take my offer its on me only.
  9. gauchoand


    Sorry but they are not. Vernier calipers have a vernier scale for measuring.
  10. gauchoand

    Cabela’s Gun Safe

    $300 you deliver. Really though what are you looking for on it? Are there big scratches on the front.
  11. This isn’t the whitworth mark x is it??? I guess not since it’s not mentioned. You’d be way under value IMO on an interarms mark x whitworth. Still a good Mauser action.
  12. gauchoand

    WTB Once Fired 30-30 Brass

    Sorry no go can’t find any.
  13. gauchoand

    Ammo Dump prices reduced