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  1. gauchoand

    Remington 300 Web. Mag

    Web = WBY? Zewies =Zeiss ?
  2. gauchoand

    Wtb 55g .224 projectiles

    I have a few k of bulk hornady 55 fmjbt I could part with if needed
  3. gauchoand

    Looking for 6.5grendel brass to size down to 22

    I have a bag of never fired Grendel brass but unfortunately no need for 3006 if you’re interested?
  4. gauchoand

    Vortex spotting scope

  5. gauchoand


    I’ve got one of these in 30-06 shoots awesome. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy this over any comparably priced new rifle. good luck with your sale.
  6. gauchoand

    Easton arrows

    Look like a version of thunderball nocks
  7. gauchoand


  8. Any interest in separating the hornet barrel
  9. gauchoand

    .338 projectiles and asst. dies free to a good home

    Would you put me in line if available need the 338 bullets would be happy to pass the rest along to someone else who might need it
  10. gauchoand

    Benelli Supersport 12g

  11. gauchoand

    Benelli Supersport 12g

    1500 price drop
  12. gauchoand

    Anschutz model 54 super match 22lr

    1100 price drop
  13. gauchoand

    Anschutz model 54 super match 22lr

    Peoria 101 bell area
  14. gauchoand

    Benelli Supersport 12g

    No 3 1/2s and Ill have to look at barrel length when I get home. 30”barrel 5 chokes total: full improved Modified impr cyl Improved mod