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  1. gauchoand

    Pro Hunter Encore 243 and 50 Cal Muzzleloader

    I’d be interested in a price on this
  2. gauchoand


    Wish I could get that AR
  3. gauchoand

    WTS: Savage 17HMR

    I’ve been looking for something like this but of course... Safford
  4. gauchoand

    Brass Annealing

    I strongly suggest if you use the above methods to add some tempilaq to it not just throw a torch on it.
  5. gauchoand

    Trail cameras

    I remember hooking up 6v lantern batteries to some of those. Easily leave them out for months on end.
  6. gauchoand

    Fs 2x Magpul collapsible stocks $35

    If that’s 35 for the both of them I’ll take them
  7. gauchoand

    Barrett AR15 6.8spc, AA 6.5 Grendel AR15

    This was one gun I remember the story on. Was at a crossroads of the west when I happened across a ruger 77/17 hmr. I wanted to get it but was short on cash. Few days later purchased this gun from Sportsman’s N. Phoenix. Me and wife were dating at the time. We’ve been married 14yrs.
  8. gauchoand

    Barrett AR15 6.8spc, AA 6.5 Grendel AR15

    I’ve been shooting this gun for 15 yrs. up until now didn’t know that it was supposed explode. But, google says you’re correct.
  9. For sale: Paintball lot everything in the pictures. 3 guns Tippman 98, Spider Sonic, brass eagle gun. Co2 tanks compressed air tank, 3 hoppers, cabelas bag to store it. $100 Axeon laser gun sighter. $35 Leupold rangerfinder new in box $160 Lone Wolf glock 23 barrel and guide rod $85 lot of everything else tons of 9mm brass, 9 boxes of strike anywhere matches (hard to come by) bianchi leather holster, 9mm and 45 dummy rounds, wheeler sight levels, 4 collectible fishing reels, tannerite, pierce, xd mag extension, improvised munitions handbook, all as one lot don’t want to separate $100
  10. Selling Barrett Piston Rec-7 Gen 1 upper on a YHM lower 1 new mag included $900 6.8 dies included Alexander Arms 6.5 Grendel AR15 w/ leupold scope in aero mount 2 mags included $1000 have up to 500 rds Wolf ammo for extra.
  11. gauchoand

    FS: $350 Savage 11 .223 with 2 extra mags and rings

    Thought you were gonna call me when you were out my way.
  12. gauchoand


    I’ve been wanting one of these for a long time. Too bad your in ND.
  13. gauchoand

    Glock 43

    I want it, send me a pm I’ll take it.
  14. gauchoand

    FS: $350 Savage 11 .223 with 2 extra mags and rings

    Interested where are you located nevermind your other posts said east valley. Too far for me
  15. gauchoand

    Christensen Arms Ridgeline W/ Leupold VX6 HD

    Oh sweet baby Jesus, I wish, I better go check the cup holders in my car....cuz I’m ONLY a grand short in my toy account. My wife would love me more if I brought this one home.