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  1. desertstalker

    WTB 15X56 Swarovski

    I have a pair of Swaros 15X56, send me a personal message
  2. desertstalker

    Pro Hunter Encore 243 and 50 Cal Muzzleloader

    Sorry no longer for sale
  3. Pro Hunter Encore 243 with Nikon BuckMaster 3X9. Great shooter and condition. Also 50 Cal Muzzleloader with 3X9 Nikon. Shoots Blackhorn 209 with shotgun primers. Spit Fire T EZ Sabots with with upgraded alignment tool. Dialed in up to 180 yards. Will save you time and money with this setup. Muzzleloader has killed 3 whitetail and a Bull Elk last year. Comes with everything shown. Just wondering if anyone would be interested in the package deal. Shoot me a reasonable offer, thanks!
  4. desertstalker

    WTB Swarovski Tripp’s Adapter

    Thanks I just went with the Outdoorsman set up, thanks
  5. desertstalker

    WTB Swarovski Tripp’s Adapter

    Looking for a Swarovski tripod adapter for 15X56 thanks
  6. desertstalker

    WTB Swarovski 15X56 Doubler

    Thanks for advise I will pass!!! No Doubler needed
  7. desertstalker

    WTB Swarovski 15X56 Doubler

    Anybody have a doubler for sale or trade? For Swarovski 15X56 SLC Non HD?
  8. desertstalker

    PSE EVO, Swaro Doubler, Vortex Spotter

    I'm still interested on the doubler, 6238269620
  9. desertstalker

    PSE EVO, Swaro Doubler, Vortex Spotter

    Ok, I'm interested in it. Thanks for the reply.
  10. desertstalker

    PSE EVO, Swaro Doubler, Vortex Spotter

    Still have the Swarovski doubler? My number is 623-826-9620
  11. desertstalker

    24b success ? Anybody?

    I agree with Matty.. I hunt the south side of unit, stay in the lower section of the desert. I killed my buck on a transition section of the desert. He was with 3 other bucks. I had seen them the week before my hunt. In the November rifle hunt the bucks bed down early morning! last few years have still been warm in early November. During archery season if you find does you will see bucks!!! My father in law killed one when another Hunter was driving his ranger through a road and spooked the buck! We saw him get up and came straight to us.
  12. desertstalker

    24b success ? Anybody?

    Another pic
  13. desertstalker

    24b success ? Anybody?

    Sorry forgot picture
  14. desertstalker

    24b success ? Anybody?

    This is one I killed last year in 24b. Decent bucks in there, lots of glassing and you will find them!!!
  15. desertstalker

    WTB Barnes Spit Fire T-EZ Bullets 250G

    Dick's just told me they are also on back order. They will update their site.