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  1. Iowawhitetailnut

    WTB Blackhorn 209, pay $100

    Fyi last time i was in out local scheels they had quite a bit. Not sure if they are selling it online
  2. Iowawhitetailnut

    Vortex razor 22-48x65

    PM sent
  3. Iowawhitetailnut

    Weimaraner Puppies - SOLD

    Wish we were closer, i would have one of these!
  4. Iowawhitetailnut


    I do not think i ever heard back, I am looking for 243 ammo but would like to know more about what you have.
  5. Iowawhitetailnut

    Wtb predator/ back up rifle

    I have a savage axis 243 that i would part with. Bought it to use as a beater truck gun but honestly can’t bring myself to let a brand new gun get beat up. I dont think i have ever shot it, if i have it has only been 2-3 times. Let me know if interested
  6. Iowawhitetailnut


    What kind of brass is this? Never heard of RCA ammo, they they have their own brass or load one of the big brands?
  7. Iowawhitetailnut

    Taurus Raging Bull 41 mag **Price drop

    Will you ship this?
  8. Iowawhitetailnut


    I am looking for some 243 ammo but it is a new gun and afraid it may not like these…I am a big fan of accubonds!
  9. Iowawhitetailnut


    Op, i forgot that I also have a browning xbolt stalker in 223. Gray synthetic stock. It only has about 20 rounds through it.
  10. Iowawhitetailnut


    I have an older savage 22-250 with wood stock that i could part with. I need to verify model but believe it may be a 110. I bought it new and haven’t fired it in years but it shot really well. Let me know if interested and we can work out a price. I would need to ship from iowa
  11. Iowawhitetailnut

    Wanted 300 WSM Brass

    I have quite a bit of 300wsm brass and sold my rifle. Dont recall exactly what i have buy know i have a new bag of winchester as well as some once fired. I would need to ship from iowa.
  12. Iowawhitetailnut


    Nice truck! Wish it was in Iowa!
  13. Iowawhitetailnut

    WTB: 25-06

    I have a friend that is think about selling a ruger 77 25-06 but fairly sure it is not threaded. Let me know if you are interested and i can get you two connected.
  14. Iowawhitetailnut


    That is pretty! Did you by chance check with savage to see if they would warranty it/fix it?
  15. Iowawhitetailnut

    Eberlestock Bandit & Nosler Accubonds - Tucson

    I will take all of the 270 accubonds if you will mail them