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  1. I would not shoot, I have friends that lion hunt with dogs and the amount of time and effort and money and training that goes into this is mind-blowing. To me it feels like cutting in front of someone that you know is making a stock on an animal, kinda an a-hole move but that's just me
  2. lefty

    My daughter's second pig

    Thanks, don't know why it's sideways
  3. lefty

    My daughter's second pig

    Took my daughter out this morning for her 2nd pig hunt. Glassed up a herd right off the bat, put the sneak on them and after pursuing them for a little ways this bore stood up out of his bed and she shot him at about 75 yards. I'm super proud of her, she's the cheerleader type of girl but a couple years ago I talked her into giving hunting a try, I think I got her hooked😀
  4. lefty

    Cabela's pellet smoker

    Smoker is sold, thanks
  5. lefty

    Cabela's pellet smoker

    responded to everyone who p.m. me
  6. lefty

    Cabela's pellet smoker

    I live in North Peoria
  7. lefty

    Cabela's pellet smoker

    I'm selling my electric pellet smoker, I've had it for about 2 years and I think I've used it about 3-4 times, it's in excellent shape and comes with cover asking $150 obo p.m. if interested, I live in the n/w valley
  8. lefty

    Any big buddy heaters for sale ?

    just got a bass pro ad in the mail, the one posted in above post is on sale for $69.
  9. sweet buck, love 4 point coues deer
  10. lefty

    3rd time in 4 years - 3/3 opening am

    that's cool
  11. lefty

    1st Archery Kill.

    Archery javelina is one of the funnest hunts out there, nice job
  12. lefty

    Glassing Direction

    The deer are going to be where they're going to be, you gotta look everywhere
  13. lefty

    Remington sendero 2 in 7mm mag

    price drop to $900
  14. Posting for a friend, Remington sendero 2 in 7mm mag, muzzle brake, glass bedded, timney trigger, 50 hand loads, rifle only scope not included asking $1300. If interested call Tanner 623-206-0190
  15. lefty

    Who am I?

    i was reading somewhere not too long ago that where his dog and vehicle were found was near the border of the reservation and that authorities could not cross that border, i bet he hiked onto the rez and made his getaway. don't know how true that is about authorities not being able to go on the rez