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  1. lefty

    Any boat guys want to give advice?

    there's a fish & ski stratos in the for sale section on here, might be what you're looking for
  2. lefty

    Unit 9

    i know 4 people with that same tag, should be a fun hunt
  3. lefty

    Where Am I?

    looks like the bloody basin rd looking east across the verde towards the matazals
  4. lefty

    sxs windshield recommendations

    i have a flip up windshield on mine, the bottom half is always on and i take the top part off in the summer and then have the full in the winter i think it;s made by kolpin
  5. lefty

    Daughters first kill

    night and day from last year to this year, last year i went 4 different weekends and saw 0 pigs, this year i went 4 different weekends and saw pigs every time, i guess thats hunting
  6. i was just going to put my son in and i see what you're saying, the system must be screwed up this morning
  7. lefty

    Furthest south you have seen elk?

    i remember back in the 90's there was a picture in the newspaper of a small bull around picacho peak down toward tucson
  8. i accidentally double clicked the pay button and it did it to me yesterday
  9. lefty

    Daughters first kill

    My daughter killed her first animal this morning and I am one proud dad! She made a great 50 yard shot as it was walking, great job Tourie!
  10. lefty

    20 points

    ha ha sorry it was late at night after i'd had a few to drink and i thought i was in the sheep section
  11. he said 2 nice buicks, did he steal 2 cars maybe?
  12. lefty

    20 points

    i'm at 28 still trying to get my rocky tag, i probably have another 10 years to go ha ha
  13. lefty

    New Service Fee

    glad i got my lifetime license 25 years ago don't have to deal with any of this bs
  14. lefty

    Just here waiting.........

    i saw a picture of a real nice ram that looked kinda like that curly ram but i'll let those guys post the picks if they choose to
  15. lefty

    Spring Tags

    nothing here either, thinking on monday or tuesday