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  1. lefty

    Swarovski SLC 10x42 binos

    Binos are sold
  2. Selling these for my dad, these are 2 years old SLC 10x42 lightly used and in great condition, asking $1200. Pm if interested and I can give you his phone number
  3. lefty

    Should I be worried?

    One year my wife never got her strip tag in the mail, I ended up going to the g&f office and got a duplicate
  4. lefty

    Utv ramps

    I'm selling these heavy duty utv ramps, 8' long not aluminum, made by black widow says up to 1500 lbs, I used them to put my teryx on top of my jumping jack trailer but I sold my teryx so I don't need these anymore asking $125, I think I paid around $300 for them p.m. me if interested Jason
  5. lefty

    What's your favorite Burger Joint?

    Nothing like fishing at Alamo and stopping by screamers in whickenburg on the way home, great burgers
  6. lefty

    Flathead from Bartlett

    I let it go, I wish I had a scale that went that high, I'm guessing it had to be at least 40 lbs it was heavy, when I tossed it back it was like someone doing a cannon ball off the boat, it splashed all of us. I was jigging that chatter bait off the bottom when I hooked into it, I told my son to get the net, after a minute I told him it has to be a catfish because they don't have bass in Bartlett this big, after a few minutes it showed itself for a second before making a big run, when I saw it I said you might as well put the net down it ain't big enough ha ha. I've never seen a mouth on a fish that big, my chatter bait looked tiny in there, it was an awesome experience.
  7. lefty

    Flathead from Bartlett

    Caught this flathead at Bartlett this morning on a chatter bait, my scale only went up to 20 pounds, how much do you think this thing weighs, this is the first flathead I've ever caught
  8. lefty

    Rossislider is a liar and coward

    Can this thread just end, we get it you're not a poacher
  9. lefty

    Rossislider is a liar and coward

    Maybe you were hunting by some power lines , so he assumed you must be a poacher
  10. lefty

    Where Am I?

  11. lefty

    Sooo I drew the 2022 San Carlos Christmas tag..

    I'm heading up to unit A in the morning, my cousin has had unit B in the past and has always seen a lot of deer
  12. lefty


    a friend of a friends wife drew one of the mule deer tags
  13. lefty

    My 2021 RAM!!!!!

    that is a very nice sheep! congrats!
  14. lefty

    Youth bow question

    I am right handed and left eye dominant, shoot a rifle left handed and a bow right handed just fine...I know, sounds like I'm all screwed up, I would take him to an archery shop and see what feels right to him