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  1. lefty

    Misc. Rifle ammo

    I have 270 win left and the box of 257 Weatherby, the rest is gone
  2. lefty

    Misc. Rifle ammo

    Huntntat2 sent a pm
  3. lefty

    Misc. Rifle ammo

    All 7mag gone
  4. lefty

    Misc. Rifle ammo

    The 300 rum, 22-250 and 6.5 cm are spoken for
  5. lefty

    Misc. Rifle ammo

    Thanks for fixing the pic, I have responded to all the PM's none of it is spoken for right now so call me
  6. lefty

    Misc. Rifle ammo

    Might be easier to pm me if interested thx
  7. lefty

    Misc. Rifle ammo

    The Weatherby is .257 , it's a full box of 300 wsm I'll sell for $30
  8. lefty

    Misc. Rifle ammo

    15 rounds of 300 rum for $25 and 1 full box of 22-250 and other box has 15 rounds I'll sell for $40
  9. lefty

    Misc. Rifle ammo

    Here's what I have, some full boxes, some partial, let me know if you see something you want and I'll tell you how many and how much, selling cheap, tired of them taking up space, I live in n/w Peoria
  10. lefty

    Wtb 30-06 ammo

    cabelas had a bunch yesterday, not sure of the brand or what grain, just saw that they had a bunch
  11. lefty

    Out of state pronghorn

    i hunted in new mexico on a landowner tag once, it was in the eastern part of the state, there were a lot of antelope and we had a great time and it wasn't all that bad price wise
  12. lefty

    Howa 30.06 brand new

    Rifle is sold, thanks
  13. lefty

    Some ammo for sale

    270 wsm 1 full box $40 270 wsm 12 rounds + 8 empties $25 270 wsm 19 empties $10 257 Weatherby mag 17 rounds no empties $20 300 wsm full box $40 located in n/w Peoria pm if interested, Jason
  14. lefty

    Howa 30.06 brand new

    replied back to dsotm, forgot to add my location,i'm in northwest peoria but can meet at a resonable distance,thanks
  15. lefty

    Howa 30.06 brand new

    Selling this Howa 30.06 rifle I won at the az elk society banquet last night, nice rifle I just don't have a need for a 30.06. asking $450, pm if interested, thanks Jason