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  1. lefty

    Howa 30.06 brand new

    Selling this Howa 30.06 rifle I won at the az elk society banquet last night, nice rifle I just don't have a need for a 30.06. asking $450, pm if interested, thanks Jason
  2. lefty

    Howa 30.06 brand new

    Rifle is sold, thanks
  3. lefty

    Some ammo for sale

    270 wsm 1 full box $40 270 wsm 12 rounds + 8 empties $25 270 wsm 19 empties $10 257 Weatherby mag 17 rounds no empties $20 300 wsm full box $40 located in n/w Peoria pm if interested, Jason
  4. lefty

    Howa 30.06 brand new

    replied back to dsotm, forgot to add my location,i'm in northwest peoria but can meet at a resonable distance,thanks
  5. lefty

    White tail deer in Arizona deserts

    are you wondering what sort of giant put that "golf ball" on top of that mountain out that way too haha
  6. lefty

    Rotopax gas can

    This is brand new, new used and never had anything in it, I tried to find a spot on my teryx to mount it and didn't find a spot I liked and it's been sitting in my garage for about a year so time to go, asking $50 I think I paid around $100 for it, located in n/w Peoria p/m if interested, jason
  7. lefty

    Rotopax gas can

    Sold, thanks ruthunter
  8. lefty

    Raymond Cow Hunt

    I had a yearling tag at Raymond when I was 14 years old, before bonus points, it was surprising to me when they drove us out to the heard and point out which animal to shoot, the old man before me gut shot his and that was a bit of a fiasco.
  9. lefty

    Anyone Bear hunting?

    Over the years several of our good bear spots have burned up, tired of this crap, might have to go looking around for new spots this year
  10. lefty


    i had the tag in 2010 and killed an 80" buck on benm mesa i think is the name, north of baghdad. was up there last fall on the youth deer hunt and did not see 1 antelope, the numbers are way down from what they used to be, go look out on bozarth mesa there used to be alot out there but not sure anymore
  11. lefty

    Vaccine variation in family photo

    And she's the only normal one in the bunch haha
  12. lefty

    2009 dodge ram 1500 4x4

    Selling my truck, original owner, 161,600 miles, brand new 35" Nitto tires, has been an excellent truck with no issues, always maintained, asking $14,500 obo,
  13. lefty

    2009 dodge ram 1500 4x4

  14. lefty

    2009 dodge ram 1500 4x4

    Sorry pics are sideways, don't know how to fix them, also I'm located in peoria
  15. lefty

    Looking for a coues skull

    What part of town are you in
  16. lefty

    Zeiss 15x60 help

    Check the outdoorsman
  17. lefty

    Unit 9 Goats

    I figured it was that younger guys buck Dillon or something I think was his name but not sure
  18. lefty

    Unit 9 Goats

    Don't want to be a downer, but my buddy had this tag last year and couldn't find a good buck?? I'm sure there's still some big one's in there somewhere, just curious what part of the unit your buddy killed that giant
  19. lefty

    Favorite Westerns

    The original magnificent 7
  20. lefty

    WTT Ammo

    Pm sent
  21. Have any 150 grain sciroccos power level 3?
  22. Looking for 150 grain Remington premier scirocco bonded power level 3 for .300 rum. My rifle shoots these excellent and they don't make these any more. Anyone have any sitting around they can part with, thanks
  23. lefty

    WTB remington premier .300 rum ammo

    Crap. No it needs to be the 150 grain but thanks.
  24. lefty

    Hoyt katera for sale

    Listing this for my dad, original owner hoyt katera 30", 70 lb asking $350. He is able to use a crossbow so no longer needs this. Pm me if interested and can give you his phone #
  25. Just after Christmas on my wife's deer hunt in unit 21 we were stalking the buck she shot, we were within about 500 yards when I heard a helicopter coming, that thing came right over the mountain top, right over the deer......I thought...well that couldn't have happened at a worse time. We kept working towards the deer and finally I could see them, it didn't even affect them they were in the same spot