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  1. mathews4804

    Where am I ?

    Camp naco
  2. mathews4804


    143 and 147 eld in stock ar creedmoor sports if anyone is looking
  3. mathews4804

    Tire Question

    Has anybody ran the goodyear ultraterrain just curious
  4. mathews4804

    Golden retriever

    Any one no of any golden retriever puppies for sale it's time to get mine a friend
  5. mathews4804

    Golden retriever

    He is a great dog he turned 2 in September
  6. mathews4804

    Need some info help on Unit 1 in AZ

    Good areas of the 88b rd to camp easy access Williams valley rd is usually pretty good even with some snow
  7. mathews4804

    Coueswhitetail bullet group buy

    I would be interested in 147 eld m projectiles and 143 eld x and 162 eld x
  8. mathews4804

    Wanting to trade

    Look to trade for hornady 147 eld match or hornady 143 eld x projectiles possibly 6.5 prc loaded rounds I live in bisbee best way to reach me is 520-249-3880 there is 500 large rifle primers 1000 large magnum and 100 small pistol
  9. mathews4804


    I would by the remainder 6.5 if there not spoken for
  10. mathews4804


    I ll take it depending location
  11. mathews4804

    Wanting to trade

    I am looking for some 143 gr eld-x or 147gr eld match projectiles I'm headed to Phoenix from bisbee tomorrow let me I can add some money if needed
  12. mathews4804


    Yeah I have not had any luck finding any down here
  13. mathews4804


    Ok thank you a little too far for me
  14. mathews4804


    I'm interested in the two pounds of rl23 where are you located
  15. mathews4804

    Norma 6.5 PRC 143gr

    I want this can you call me 520249 3880
  16. mathews4804

    New 6.5 prc Hornady brass and 1lb of H1000

    If it don't work out I would be interested in buying both
  17. If you have no luck with trading I would be interested in buying your h1000
  18. mathews4804

    Updated Primers, powder, brass and bullets

    Seconds on the 6.5 prc brass if needed
  19. mathews4804

    Badlands Bino Harness

  20. mathews4804

    New to 6a

    Just had a question my son drew a 6a 5bs jr hunt for elk I've never hunted up there I wasn't able to get signed up for the Jr camp before it filled up we are heading up there next weekend to do some scouting and find a good area to camp but my question is should I concentrate on the northern portion of the units this early in the year can share info on units unit 1 and 27 thanks
  21. mathews4804

    New to 6a

    Ok thank you
  22. mathews4804


    Is anyone going to sunrise and if so do you remember how much they charge to camp overnight
  23. mathews4804


    It was a small turn out but the weather was good I know not the best picture but there wasn't anymore than 10 or12 vendors
  24. mathews4804

    Looking for a bow

    I have a Mathews dxt. If interested give me a call 520 249 3880
  25. mathews4804


    Okay thanks didn't realize it was that close to the boundarie of national forest