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  1. rschaumb

    G&F commission voted unanimously to ban trail cams

    How will it boost age class? Having the cameras allows them to know there are bigger older bucks TO target. Without that they might shoot smaller younger deer without knowing there are older ones present.
  2. rschaumb

    Dead head after shedding or antlers sawed off?

    Hahaha. No. I was shed hunting, not skull hunting. It was just a pile of bones scattered about. Didn't take much time to investigate.
  3. rschaumb

    Dead head after shedding or antlers sawed off?

    That's what I was thinking. It was pretty close to a main road and probably visible from it. So there's definitely a chance that someone saw it from the road and poached it.
  4. I found this dead head and carcass while shed hunting last April. Was wondering if it was a bull that shed it's antlers and then died or if someone either killed or found it dead and then sawed off the individual antlers? The base of sheds are really bumpy/gritty and not so flat/smooth, so I was guessing they might have been sawed off? Any thoughts?
  5. rschaumb

    That Buck

    Congrats! I had a very similar expectation and story. I'll post it up at some point.
  6. I have the late hunt in 24b. I've been out 3 times and have seen 14 does, 1 small fork day 1. 27 deer day 2, 9 were bucks. Nothing even over 80. And today saw 30 deer. Only 4 bucks. Biggest was maybe 60 inches. Anyone else having this problem. Tons of does and only a few small bucks. Hopefully I can find a good one this last weekend. I've been out in this area before a week before the late hunt even started and I've seen 80-90 inch bucks with does. Weird year. Not the greatest to finally get this tag after 6 years.
  7. rschaumb

    2017 Draw Results

    Tag #2. Pretty sure I got Dec 24B coues.
  8. rschaumb

    2017 Draw Results

    Remember, even if you didn't draw, there's always a chance these days with Point Guard. A month after Elk results came out (and no tag for me), I was called by game and fish and offered a tag that someone had returned using Point Guard. I was the next person in line for that tag during the draw so I got it. That being said, I got a late coues tag this after 6 years of putting in for it, too. Can't wait to find out what unit. So, I'm happy all around! Good luck to everyone!
  9. rschaumb

    Bino Harness - looking for recommendations

    I used the S4Gear bino harness for a few years and they were OK but I've been looking for something to replace them. They were a little noisy with the metal clip but the worst part was the straps would slip and you'd have to constantly pull on them to keep it tight and secure. I just got the Kuiu's for my 10s. They are great so far. I love how simple and tight they fit. They are quite and the straps hold tight to wherever you set them. Like mentioned above, they are open in the back but they cover more so than the S4Gear so I like them a lot. The only thing I need now is to figure out where to put my range finder. I've always just had them around my neck where I tuck them behind the bino harness but I need something else. I was looking into the Solo hunter bino harness and range finder combo but went with the Kuiu for the simplicity for stalking/crawling when in close.
  10. rschaumb

    Is 23 enough

    As far as I can see, the only units he'd have a chance to be guaranteed the tag with 23 points is 2A, 3A, 19A, 30A, and 31,32 or any of the 12s or 13s. But your "guaranteed" chance could be thwarted by someone else with high points deciding to put in for the same unit and could take the tag out from under you. But any other unit you have basically no chance of drawing in the bonus round. After that, the odds for all the units in the 1-2 pass are very low.
  11. rschaumb

    Leftover deer tags

    Pending deer tag for 1123 34A. It says my brother and I have tags 677 and 678. But that hunt only had 675 to start with. Weird...
  12. rschaumb

    Leftover deer tags

    Left overs are out. A lot fewer tags available this year. https://www.azgfd.com/Hunting/Draw
  13. rschaumb

    Any missing

    You sure the elk/deer didn't just finish off the block
  14. rschaumb

    Declined credit cardS

    It's not just about having the card up to date. They may be up to date just fine, but the bank may think it's fraudulent and decline it. But I agree if the card failed because it expired then they didn't meet the deadline to update and they shouldn't get 3 attempts to give a new card. But if your bank screws you by thinking it's a scam I agree with the calls. I've never had it happen and hope it never does.
  15. rschaumb

    fishing spots near sedona

    There's also Wet Beaver Creek. It has small smallies, some trout that get stocked, and a few sunfish.