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  1. AZ Free Man

    Carnero Lake

    Kayak would be ideal, usually between the lake weed and wind, shore fishing can be difficult. We have had some success a few times from the shore though. Last few times I have been there it was nearly dry.
  2. AZ Free Man

    Welders (pro or amateur) in Central/East Valley?

    I could probably do it, depending on when you have to have it done by. I'm in southeast gilbert.
  3. That works, thanks. I'll send you a pm.
  4. I'll take it if you're in the east valley.
  5. AZ Free Man

    Found an enormous deadhead (coues)

    Stuff of dreams right there.
  6. AZ Free Man

    Seen on offer up

    Link works for me, it's an ad for some reloading equipment. I have the offerup app though, maybe that's the difference?
  7. AZ Free Man

    Quail Numbers

    We saw more than usual as well. Hopefully we at least get some decent winter and spring rains.
  8. AZ Free Man

    September is Prostrate Awareness Month

    I've never heard them say that... How many have you asked?
  9. AZ Free Man

    SOLD Colt model 1877 SOLD

    Wow, awesome piece of history.
  10. AZ Free Man


    I find that interesting, thanks. Is it advantageous to pack in if someone had the resources, or are there more rams closer to boundaries anyways?
  11. AZ Free Man


    There might be a hunt that just encompasses the superstition wilderness?
  12. AZ Free Man


    180gpm isn't much. I would look into what the water demands are for the crops you plan on growing and make sure that the irrigation system you're looking at can meet those demands.
  13. AZ Free Man

    black hound optics

    30 day warranty, that's laughable.
  14. AZ Free Man

    Rivers are Running!! Fill them lakes up

    Don't sound so happy about it haha. I'd sure take the cotton over the people.
  15. AZ Free Man

    Ruger Model 77 220 Swift-Sold

    Always wanted one of those.
  16. AZ Free Man

    Huge Sonora deadhead

    I saw a picture of that a day or two ago. Unreal.
  17. AZ Free Man

    Ex NFL Player Takes an Archery Mt Lion.

    I noticed that as well haha.
  18. AZ Free Man

    Free air hoses /cords

    Where are you located?
  19. AZ Free Man

    Help Save Apache Trail

    That stinks, at the rate they keep closing stuff, we won't have any access.
  20. AZ Free Man

    Help Save Apache Trail

    Yes I've been in via Roger's trough and campaign trailheads. If you start at campaign there's a couple different trails too. I'm going by memory, but I think fireline and reavis gap trails? If you have a smallish trailer, like a 3 horse slant or two horse you should be able to make the hairpin turn to Roger's trough, but it is TIGHT. I haven't been in since the burn though and that could be a major game changer.
  21. AZ Free Man

    Help Save Apache Trail

    I don't think they're bad on a mule. Some are definitely overgrown in places though.
  22. AZ Free Man

    Monsoon Rain

    Unfortunately some areas have already nearly been shut off. Hohokam irrigation district in pinal county is down to less than .6 acre feet per acre allotement this year I believe. Hardly enough to do anything sadly.
  23. AZ Free Man

    Son's turkey fan

    Best part is, he sure looks happy.
  24. AZ Free Man

    Please Delete (Thanks)

    Don't they all have the same action length regardless of whether they're chambered in a long or short action cartridge?
  25. AZ Free Man

    Looks promising

    That is great news!