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  1. AZElkhntr

    SOLD...Remington 700 7mm

    PM sent
  2. AZElkhntr

    OZ custom knive. FREE

  3. AZElkhntr

    Christensen 6.5 creedmoor ridgeline

    1600 for package?
  4. AZElkhntr

    9mm ammo

  5. AZElkhntr

    9mm ammo

    sent my cell # to you in PM
  6. AZElkhntr

    9mm ammo

    $402 is what I am asking. Ill take a little hit. OBO.
  7. AZElkhntr

    9mm ammo

    600 Remington range 115grain bullets. Found them on midway the other day. Paid .67c per round, that includes shipping. Receipt can be provided if necessary.
  8. AZElkhntr

    Ammo in stock

    its in payson AZ. Rim country guns. its in the thread a few times now.
  9. AZElkhntr

    Ammo in stock

    I simply posted to let the cwt guys know. I can bring back 1 box Saturday if anyone is in need. Prices were way to steep for me.
  10. AZElkhntr

    Ammo in stock

    It is in Payson!
  11. AZElkhntr

    Looking for 14’ trailer tandem axle/brakes.

    interested to learn this too. Price for new trailer. used vary I know that.
  12. AZElkhntr


    Can I get the bear elk deer and ram?
  13. AZElkhntr


    can you make it out to San Tan Valley?
  14. AZElkhntr


    no responses from some people that were intreseted. Still have 8lb of CFE 223 & 1 lb of CFE Pistol. $225 for the 8 LB $35 for the 1 LB.