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  1. AZElkhntr


    whats the cost per lb these days?
  2. AZElkhntr

    SKB hard bow case

    Interested as well.
  3. Lol. That’ll go over well.
  4. AZElkhntr

    Trophy Ridge React Pro 7 Pin

  5. AZElkhntr


    $700 after the election? Let me know
  6. AZElkhntr

    WTB: chest freezer

    Might go do the same thing
  7. AZElkhntr

    Wts Vulture HD 15x56 Binocular

    sorry guys. I am keeping them for now. I was going to sell these and buy some of the UHD's but didn't end up going through with the UHD so I still need these for now.
  8. AZElkhntr

    swarovski nl pure

    Do it! Swaro should have pricing and specs up tomorrow. Word is they Should have 20% more field of view 😳
  9. AZElkhntr

    swarovski nl pure

    That’s why I’m on the hunt for someone trying to sell their old set up and not get the new ones myself lol.
  10. AZElkhntr

    Remington 700 lr

    If anyone else has something similar im looking to buy.
  11. AZElkhntr

    New binos

  12. AZElkhntr

    swarovski nl pure

    If you have old glass to sell let me know what you have. Looking for 12X50 uhd vortex or EL 12x50’s
  13. AZElkhntr

    swarovski nl pure

    Is anyone going to get the new Swarovski nl pure’s?? Releases tomorrow??
  14. AZElkhntr

    Sig Sauer P365 - Like New

    Still available?