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  1. AZElkhntr

    OnX Maps?

    I would make sure if you do switch to OnX that you get a nice reliable Solar phone charger or some kind of battery backup because it can be a drain on cellular batteries. The product is AWESOME! just a drag when you get under 10% @ 10 AM
  2. AZElkhntr

    Elevation/GPS on OnX?

    I agree it would be a nice thing to OnX to add! I submitted this as a request directly to OnX. you should do it too to get some more traction on this topic. EDIT... I got a response from OnX. Hi there, Thanks for reaching out to us. Unfortunately there is not a way to find specific elevations on the map. You are entirely correct, the way you would find an elevation is by turning on topo or hybrid as a baselayer and following those lines. This is something that may show up in the future because I think it would be beneficial to many users however at this moment it is unavailable. Have a good day. onX Support
  3. AZElkhntr


    I have brushed shoulders with Eddie Basha's oldest son's family... Trey, or Eddie Basha III now CEO of Basha's... and his family are awesome people. They really care about the community and fight tooth and nail to improve every aspect of life for their employees and those they run into (even if you shop at Walmart Ha-ha)... Side note...They (the family not the Chain) are associated with a group named People Over Politics based out of Chandler... it's worth looking into! The name says it all... “Going Local: Quantifying the Economic Impacts of Buying from Locally Owned Businesses.” Garrett Martin and Amar Patel, Maine Center for Economic Policy, Dec. 2011. On a dollar-for-dollar basis, the local economic impact of independently owned businesses is significantly greater than that of national chains, this study concludes. Analyzing data collected from 28 locally owned retail businesses... with corporate filings for a representative national chain, the researchers found that every $100 spent at locally owned businesses contributes an additional $58 to the local economy. By comparison, $100 spent at a chain store... yields just $33 in local economic impact. The study concludes that, if residents of the region were to shift 10 percent of their spending from chains to locally owned businesses, it would generate $127 million in additional local economic activity and 874 new jobs.
  4. AZElkhntr

    WTB battery chain saw

    Let me know if you or anyone you know is selling a battery powered chainsaw. Milwaukee is preferred.
  5. AZElkhntr

    PSE React $700

    I am a fan. The wife isn't......
  6. AZElkhntr

    PSE React $700

    I have a PSE React with PSE's new ECS cams (Awesome!) 80-90% let off. PM for pictures. Will have PSE sight and wisker bisket rest. PSE React Specifications Brace Height 7 " Draw Length 26 " - 31.5 " Draw Weight 50 lbs - 70 lbs IBO Speed 322 fps - 330 fps Weight 3.9 lbs
  7. AZElkhntr

    PSE Response 2018 model

    My draw is 31.5" and would like to hunt Deer & Elk. 70lb is fine. Just in case youre going to suggest other bows. I have to have a long draw length. Also cost is a factor. This bow retails at 799 but I see it new for around 550-650. For the PRO series with their evolve cams it seems like a killer deal.
  8. I went into the PSE Pro Shop here in Tucson and they were pretty helpful. I came out seriously considering the PSE Response (Formerly the React, Patent issues on the name so they rebranded Response)... Anyways... I want to know your guys opinion before pulling the trigger. Thank you for your advice in advance!
  9. AZElkhntr

    Beretta A400 Xcel

    It has sold ty
  10. AZElkhntr

    WTB rangefinder vortex 1800

    Looking to buy a range finder. Let me know if you have something.
  11. AZElkhntr

    Beretta A400 Xcel

    New Beretta A400 Xcel Sporting with kickoff recoil reduction system 30 inch barrel, warranty not registered yet. test fired only, this shotgun will make you a better shot, shoulders and shoots excellent. Cost $1700 new, I will sell for $1300 cash 480-226-03 six eight https://www.budsgunshop.com/catalog/mobile/product/90394/redirect
  12. AZElkhntr

    WTB Sitka ascent 42R

    Ascent Pant WTB Acent Pant 42R
  13. AZElkhntr

    Killer badlands deals

    Codes dead.
  14. AZElkhntr

    WTB Hunting Pack

    Looking for something along the lines of a Badlands 4500. PM me.
  15. AZElkhntr

    CC Hit (First Elk Hunt) GEAR TIPS

    I currently use OnX maps and pay the yearly sub. Which isn't bad. I just wanted to see if anyone suggested stand-alone units over the smartphone route.