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  1. AZElkhntr

    WTS 1K 9mm

  2. AZElkhntr

    WTS 1K 9mm

    Bullet Style: Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) Bullet Weight (Grains): 115 Cartridge: 9 mm Luger Muzzle Energy: 330 Muzzle Velocity (feet per second): 1135 Rounds: 1000 $800
  3. AZElkhntr

    Front Sight Pahrump

    So, if you're going with a member they can gift you a free class every year. so literally I'm paying a service fee of $50 to go for 4 days. $100 if you include my dad. plus ammo which is crazy right now. they say 700 rounds for 4 days so that cost is a little extreme but reasonable considering the class is "free". The member I am going with has gone 4 times and he's a pretty high-end avid gun guy so I think it's going to be good. I just wanted to see if anyone has some real feel back from CWT. That being said, I think the classes cost varies because they have like 400 different classes that you can take. 1 day to 5-6 day classes. $500-5,000+ is what I see on their web page. I will post about it when I'm back.
  4. AZElkhntr

    556 barrel for sale

    Diamondback 16" BBL 556 carbine medium 1/9 black nitride barrel for sale. $120. in Mesa. New Never Installed.
  5. AZElkhntr

    Front Sight Pahrump

    My dad and I are going to the 4-day defensive handgun class this year. Any tips? Thoughts on the place? Have any of you been?
  6. AZElkhntr


    I did. Sorry for not cleaning up the post. All Sold.
  7. AZElkhntr

    wtb cfe 223

    let me know what you have.
  8. AZElkhntr

    Patio table with sunbrella chairs

    if anyone else has something similar let me know.
  9. AZElkhntr

    Looking for Small Rifle Primers

    same same
  10. AZElkhntr

    Elk application not on record

    same here today
  11. If anyone has one let me know. https://vortexoptics.com/viper-pst-gen-2-5-25x50-ffp.html?vortex_reticle=1503
  12. AZElkhntr

    Bergara LRP 6.5 Creedmor

    Second on the scope only
  13. AZElkhntr

    SOLD...Remington 700 7mm

    PM sent
  14. AZElkhntr

    OZ custom knive. FREE

  15. AZElkhntr

    Christensen 6.5 creedmoor ridgeline

    1600 for package?