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  1. 450Dakota

    Carrying Rifle w/Chambered Round?

    I only chamber when I see an animal. Talking about the shows, as a guide, you just met this guy that's going to be hunting with you. Do you really want him behind you with a loaded gun? I won't have anyone walking behind me with a loaded gun.
  2. 450Dakota

    Lost tripod on Ft. Huachuca

    You automatically get them when you sign up for the safet class and purchase the base permit. Pretty much all the hunters are getting them.
  3. 450Dakota

    Lost tripod on Ft. Huachuca

    See if Betty can mention it when she sends out her reports. Might reach others that don't see it on here.
  4. 450Dakota

    Taylor-Biggest Buck In The House

    Buck of a lifetime. Great memories for both of you. Congrats.
  5. 450Dakota

    Brass 40 S&W

  6. 450Dakota

    Brass 40 S&W

  7. 450Dakota

    Honda Generator repair (Westside)

    Yes, oil is good. I knew about the switch but thanks for responding.
  8. Anyone have a recommendation for a place to get a Honda generator repaired. It quit running during the Elk hunt and will not start now. I live. in Peoria.
  9. 450Dakota

    Bianchi holster Berreta 96 FS

    Great condition. $30 plus shipping if you want it shipped. Located in Peoria, AZ.
  10. 450Dakota

    Brass 40 S&W

  11. 450Dakota

    Brass 40 S&W

  12. 450Dakota


    Welcome to AZ. A buck is a buck. Have to start somewhere!
  13. 450Dakota

    Brass 40 S&W

    40 S&W Brass 435 new Unfired Starline pieces 47 1-2x fired Starline pieces 146 1-2x fired mixed headstamp pieces $55 plus shipping if you want it shipped.