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  1. Turkey Decoys with net bag. $30 24 rounds 30-40 Krag 24 rounds 30 Luger 105 45 Colt brass 38 44 Special and Magnum Make a fair offer on Ammo and Brass. 602-679-7887
  2. 4huntrs

    Primary Arms SLX 5X Prism

    Mounted and sighted in, couple trips to range. Preformed perfectly just thinking I would rather have a variable power. Paid about $350 with tax and shipping. Asking $275 or trade for Sig Tango 1-6 in comparable condition. 602 679 7887.
  3. 4huntrs

    Primary Arms SLX 5X Prism

    Price drop $250
  4. 45lc brass sold
  5. 4huntrs

    Primary Arms SLX 5X Prism

  6. 4huntrs

    FYI Blackhorn 209

    Time to switch to Pyrodex Select or 777, kills Elk on contact. And you’ll save enough for lunch.
  7. 4huntrs

    Cabelas Ultimate Alaknak 13x27

    Is this tent still available?
  8. 4huntrs

    Camo clothes/Dry bag/Micro Midas

    All spoken for. Thx
  9. Cleaning out closet. Big bag of hunting clothes pants, jackets,shirts and socks. Roll top dry bag, duffel bags. Micro Midas bow free to junior starting out. Needs new string. Sat around so long string slowly unraveled. If anyone works with junior group that can use any just contact me. Most clothes adult size but not xl. larry 6026797887
  10. 4huntrs

    Primary Arms SLX 5X Prism

  11. 4huntrs

    Reloading Items for Sale

    I’ll take all primers and 30 cal interbond. Pm for details.
  12. I know other states have 1x or less optic rules. Just curious how long until AZ goes that direction. I think sooner than later.
  13. 4huntrs


    Looks to all be once fired picked up in desert. (62) 30-06 mix head stamp. (91) 45 Colt (38) 44mag & Special That many 9mm and a few 380. Trade for 12pk Bud Lt. located in Goodyear 602-679-7887.
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  15. 4huntrs

    Lapua 300 prc brass

    Anyone looking for these. PM for details.
  16. 4huntrs

    Scam Turner99

    See these reports on here often. Curious how the scam works. Is it some kind of virus your device gets from the email or the “send me the money “.
  17. 4huntrs


    I’ll take the last one if still available. Thx
  18. 4huntrs

    Dog porter

    70-90 pound model. Only used a few months then she decided she liked the foot stool better. Been inside always. $30. Located on Goodyear. 602 679-7887.
  19. 4huntrs


    I’ll take 1 if your in the Valley.