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  1. Adicted

    Son got it done again.

    Tough hunt when half the unit is closed due to fires. Got it done though. 81 yard double lung.
  2. Adicted

    Son got it done again.

    If he goes to nau send me a pm. Him and his group of girls are always camping in the woods
  3. Adicted

    Son got it done again.

    Always nice when u can get a vehicle to it. Everyone thinks my rzr is for dunes. My rzr has never been to the dunes and had about 10 big game animals in it. Love it
  4. Adicted

    Son got it done again.

    19 now. Going to nau.
  5. Adicted

    Cooper 295/70/18 tires

  6. Have a feeling something went wrong.
  7. Shoot shoot shoot. Next pics should be a dead deer.
  8. Adicted

    Hunts For Heroes

    Good times with good people. Its a great program to help some vets out. Kenny great of u to offer your land. Good job
  9. Adicted

    Getting home early

  10. Adicted


    Maybe we are all looking at this the wrong way..... Maybe, shes thinking that your the baddest hunter in the world like a Rambo Rocky Deadeye shooter and knows your going to slaughter a bear!!!!! So she was hyping you up!!!!
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  12. Adicted

    Wife gets it done

    heck ya...good for her..
  13. Adicted

    Thoughts on use of point guard

    agree.. i know several people have done this already. Get a group of people drawn but then turn theres in and keep there points...
  14. Adicted

    Nails in tires 504 rd

    Thats bs and criminal
  15. Oh man. Thats archery hunting for u. Frustrating. Stay at it
  16. Adicted

    Father/Daughter Speedgoat Quest

    great trip...good write up..nice lance
  17. Adicted


  18. best of luck and will be following this.
  19. Adicted

    1987 Suzuki Samurai $6500obo

    Super nice
  20. Took these off my diesel. Lots of life left.
  21. Adicted

    267/70-17 e rated tires. 75$

    50$ come get these..will be great for a work truck
  22. Adicted

    Popcorn thread

    Is this another one?