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  1. Adicted

    Any Boat Mechanics?

    Ken @ holiday marine. Hes mobile and great (602) 510-3552
  2. Anyone have one that I can use for the weekend. Need to paint a car. So far I found a rental for 350 for the weekend...Anyone have one? Need it in the next few weeks
  3. Adicted

    Lost a good friend

    Sorry to hear. Hate those demons.
  4. Adicted

    Hungry Mountain Lions

    could be some illegals that died in the summer traveling across and lions found it
  5. Adicted

    Where Am I?

    Vulture mine area?
  6. Adicted

    OTC Buck

  7. Adicted

    Yea itโ€™s a 2x2...

    Thats a beast 2
  8. Adicted

    Late 6a 1/4 velvet monster

    Heck ya. Congrats
  9. my buddies work in the mines up there...they drive the road all the time. will send them a message
  10. Adicted

    Opening Day Buck

    Nice wide buck.
  11. Adicted

    Big Crappie

    wow ....
  12. Adicted

    Kansas 2019

    Sweet. Congrats
  13. Adicted


    Wow really! That sucks
  14. Adicted


    What causes these fish kills all the time? Algae?
  15. Great videos. Clear and well edited. Thx
  16. Adicted


  17. Adicted

    Kansas 2019

    Willie Nelson?????? Heard he quit smokin weed
  18. Adicted

    43B Ram down

    thats a good lookin ram...
  19. Adicted

    Kansas 2019

    Stay at it
  20. Adicted

    Sheep tag in the family

    Good job to all
  21. Adicted

    Another Flooding Reminder

    Pics or didnt happen ๐Ÿ˜€
  22. Adicted

    late bull elk

  23. Adicted

    Ethics or not?

    Thats straight BS
  24. Adicted

    Nov. 29 Current Road Closures

    What a mess. There is a guy on here stuck looking for help in u it 10 if anyone reads this. See his post