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  1. bustedknuckleinc

    Bullets for Sale!

    I’ll take the 7mm 162 ELDX. Where are you located?
  2. bustedknuckleinc

    Brownells has SRP

  3. bustedknuckleinc

    CWT B.P.

    Time to wake up and allow political conversations! Pathetic that people aren’t allowed to talk without a password. Keep sticking your head in the sand and watch things get worse! Yes! Thank you to all those watching our borders! Sorry the politicians are dragging your names through the mud for their politics.
  4. bustedknuckleinc

    Wanted electrician/trailer mechanic

    Honestly that is a high resistance connection. The wire was loose or corroding causing it to heat up. Trim it back clean the terminals on the breaker and reconnect it.
  5. bustedknuckleinc

    Dillon 550

    You’re not going to get the accuracy from a progressive do to the powder dump and tolerances. However you’re not going to load the volume on a single stage that you can on a progressive. Really just depends on what kind of accuracy you’re looking for.
  6. bustedknuckleinc

    Hyperinflation is coming...

    I do find it humerus that when silver, gold, and real estate goes up in value over night everyone is fine with it but when ammo goes up everyone looses their minds.🤷‍♂️
  7. bustedknuckleinc

    Hyperinflation is coming...

    I’ve got lots of lead to trade for Silver.😂
  8. bustedknuckleinc

    WTT Retumbo for SRP

    Pm sent
  9. bustedknuckleinc

    WTT Retumbo for SRP

    I paid $60 per pound for this Retumbo. Several places are still selling primers at or below this price. Totally understand if someone paid 120+ not wanting to trade. If I can’t find someone to trade with it will just get burnt up in the Lapua.
  10. bustedknuckleinc

    WTT Retumbo for SRP

  11. bustedknuckleinc

    WTT Retumbo for SRP

  12. bustedknuckleinc

    Anyone like "Country" Music?

    I’ll play the new “Country” Challenge.😂🤷‍♂️
  13. bustedknuckleinc

    rcbs charge master 1500 dropper and scale

    When paired with the MK Machining adapter this scale is dead on. Never really thought it was that great till I ordered the adapter. https://www.mkmachining.com/product/rcbs-chargemaster-hornady-auto-charge-antistatic-inserts-undersized/
  14. bustedknuckleinc


    I’ll take the 556 If you’re close to Mesa.
  15. bustedknuckleinc

    WTT Retumbo for SRP