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  1. bustedknuckleinc

    WTB 300 Blackout carbide dies

  2. bustedknuckleinc

    WTB 300 Blackout carbide dies

    I know it’s a long shot but maybe someone has an extra set. Let me know.
  3. bustedknuckleinc

    WTT RIA 10mm for XD4.5” 10mm

    He wants to trade.
  4. bustedknuckleinc


    Sold to first PM.
  5. bustedknuckleinc

    ? For the reloaders

    Never to late to start! You’re going to find that you need more than just a press. Really need to get a manual and read it. Start by figuring out what you want to reload and how much you shoot then you will know what type of press you need. You will need to buy other things as well so start looking for deals. Only thing in short supply right now is primers. Just about everything else you can find somewhere.
  6. bustedknuckleinc


    I have 2 unopened containers plus one that has about 12oz in it. Selling together for $80. Located in East valley.
  7. bustedknuckleinc

    Dillon Xl 650 with case feeder

  8. bustedknuckleinc

    Dillon Xl 650 with case feeder

    Going to try this here before I go elsewhere. Selling a Dillon 650 with a few extras. $1150 Firm (80% of new) Whats included 1.Dillon xl 650 2.Case feeder with large pistol plate 3. 2extra tool heads 4. 2 Tool head stands 5. 44SPL/44Mag conversion kit 6. 10mm/40s&w conversion kit 7. 45ACP conversion kit 8. Strong mount 9.Roller handle 10. Grand Slam upgrade kit 11. NO DIES INCLUDED!
  9. bustedknuckleinc

    Dec Elk - need a jacket

    I have the incinerator jacket and love it! I chose it over the fanatic because I was worried the fanatic would attract way too stickers
  10. bustedknuckleinc

    Iso 40 s&w ammo

    Just at Mesa sportsman’s and they had some.
  11. bustedknuckleinc


    Healy Arms
  12. bustedknuckleinc

    loosing another Bashas

    I thought Bashas owned food city too?
  13. bustedknuckleinc

    Legality of selling or buying a firearm to/from a non resident

    None residents can’t even buy guns from a ffl in Arizona. Needs to be shipped to home states ffl I believe.
  14. bustedknuckleinc

    H4350 Powder

    Did you have to wait in line at the gun counter just to get it?
  15. bustedknuckleinc

    WTB 10mm Auto Brass

    I’m looking for some brass. Please let me know if you have any you want to part with. Located in East Valley. Thanks Mike