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  1. bustedknuckleinc

    WTT Fed 215M for Fed 210M

    I can trade you 210M’s for your 215’s. I’m in the East Valley.
  2. bustedknuckleinc

    rem 700

    I believe Remington had a recall on some of there triggers.
  3. bustedknuckleinc

    ATF paperwork

    Not sure he has an FFL. Think he’s looking for a change of address in regards to where suppressors will be kept.
  4. bustedknuckleinc

    What’s the best camp chair?

    Zero gravity chair from Costco. $80 I believe.
  5. bustedknuckleinc

    ISO reliable vehicle

    I was thinking the same thing.
  6. bustedknuckleinc

    Hits started

  7. bustedknuckleinc

    Hits started

    Just got hit for 2 deer tags.
  8. bustedknuckleinc

    Mr Silencer

    Dang I was so concerned with how to word this as to not make it sound like I was starting a rumor that I didn’t go back and change that. Thanks bro!
  9. bustedknuckleinc

    Mr Silencer

    Anyone here know if Mr Silencer is closing? Any truth to the rumors?
  10. bustedknuckleinc

    Federal 205 Small rifle primers

    It’s not price gouging anyone because that is what they’re worth right now. I doubt anyone bitching is selling their house for what they paid for it 5 years ago.
  11. bustedknuckleinc

    Federal 205 Small rifle primers

    Market price right now is $100-120 per 1k.
  12. bustedknuckleinc


    Pm sent
  13. bustedknuckleinc

    New Member

    Really isn’t important. Glad you got out of that BS. Don’t ever put up with that.
  14. bustedknuckleinc

    New Member

    I would think he wouldn’t be allowed to own guns if he was found guilty of Domestic Violence.