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  1. bustedknuckleinc

    Sendero Stock

  2. bustedknuckleinc

    Sendero Stock

  3. bustedknuckleinc

    Swarovski Big Eyes for sale

    Little over 7 pounds I believe.
  4. bustedknuckleinc

    Sendero Stock

  5. bustedknuckleinc

    Sendero Stock

  6. bustedknuckleinc

    Sendero Stock

  7. bustedknuckleinc

    Sendero Stock

  8. bustedknuckleinc

    Sendero Stock

    $200 located in East Mesa.
  9. bustedknuckleinc

    Rimfire Guys!!

    I would stick with a pre threaded barrel as it is almost impossible to get a short barrel threaded for a suppressor. Have you looked at the Ruger precision rim fire rifles? 22LR 22Mag and 17 HMR.
  10. bustedknuckleinc

    UofA seriously?

    I guess they should remove all police presence from campus too cause I’m sure some of those Wildcats have warrants.
  11. bustedknuckleinc

    WTB or WTT Vihtavuori N570

    Just checking to see if anyone here has any that they would be willing to part with. Thanks, Mike
  12. bustedknuckleinc

    Dehydrator for jerky

    I use my Green Mountain Smoker! Works great and can’t beat that Smokey flavor.
  13. bustedknuckleinc

    Once fired 300 RUM brass

    I have 149 pieces of Remington brass. $150. Located in Mesa.
  14. bustedknuckleinc

    License Convenience Fee

    Glad a bought the lifetime license back before they did the last price hike! Paying for itself.
  15. bustedknuckleinc

    Labradar chrono pros and cons

    I love mine! On thing I’ve noticed that is a pain is it won’t trigger if I have a suppressor on. I purchased the microphone for it and it triggers now but if your at the range it triggers every time the guy next to you shoots too. So overall not a big deal I just won’t use it at the range.