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  1. Is he gone? where are all this guys coming from lately, i doubt anybody here will fall for something like this.
  2. maximus

    Youth bow question

    Take him to Ross Outdoors and ask for Brady, he does lessons there, very good guy.
  3. maximus

    Happy thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving everybody!!
  4. maximus

    Kuiu Bino Harness FS

    I have a new Kuiu Bino Harness XL, ash color, used once. $ 50.00 Also a Bee Stinger side bar adjustable-std $ 45.00.
  5. maximus

    Kuiu Bino Harness FS

    the bino harness is sold
  6. maximus

    Bear Hunting

    this are the classifieds. maybe you should post somewhere else.
  7. maximus

    Dupont Cabin

    i'm planning on taking a trip to the dupont cabin, i have a toyota tacoma, no quad, is the road in decent condition? doable with a tacoma? thanks for the responses.
  8. maximus

    Dupont Cabin

    anybody on those roads lately?
  9. maximus

    Thoughts on Chandler road rage shooting

    i lived in new york and newark for 8 years before i moved to az, never had any issues, i used to go out everynight after work and go home at 4 or 5 in the morning never encounter any problems. Harlem back then was a different story but now is clean from what i hear.
  10. maximus

    Prayer for a friend

    Good Morning, my good friend and hunting buddy is battling Covid at baywood hospital, he is been on a ventilator since monday, he had some improvement but yesterday his kidneys were not improving , we are al praying for him, he has a very young boy and is breaking our hearts. Thank you to you all.
  11. maximus

    ISO Dog Rattle Snake Training

    Stanley, i will do it especially with a Vizsla, i have a gsp and the way they search is crazy, they go full speed inside bushes head first, don't know if vizsla's are like that but i assume they are, is money well spend in my opinion.
  12. maximus

    Prayer for a friend

    well guys, thanks for all the prayers and well wishes, he went home yesterday and i went to see him today, everything is good organs wise, he is a little weak but he will get stronger, it will take time, between hospital and rehab he was there 3 months, for us is a miracle thank you all and god bless.
  13. maximus

    ISO Dog Rattle Snake Training

    i used this guy on my springer 15 years ago and work great and now i did with my gsp, don't know yet but she did picked up right away.
  14. maximus


    Lots of ammo at bass pro, just left but no reloading stuff
  15. maximus

    Need Help.. Missed biggest deer of my life

    i will try with to range with a regular rangefinder like a leica or leupold and see what it does.
  16. This is what Jim Heffelfinger posted on Instagram: Tragedy has struck the Heffelfinger household as we have come up empty-handed with no deer tags this year. None. As in, you can’t go deer hunting this year at all. Maybe a year from now. I spent almost a quarter of a century as a regional game biologist trying to maximize hunting opportunity so things like this wouldn’t happen to families who just wanted to hunt together. Our application this year included my dad (88 yrs), myself, and two sons (18 & 24 yrs). We’re not looking for trophies, just some quality 3-generation time spent on a hill somewhere glassing for deer and sharing the camaraderie of a simple deer hunt. When guides and outfitters petition the Game and Fish commission for less overall opportunity so their clients have a chance to find more mature bucks, it just doesn’t resonate very well with me. I won’t be deer hunting this year with my dad and sons. When people ask the game and fish department to manage for a higher hunt success and higher buck to doe ratios and an older age class of bucks, that comes at a cost. That cost is borne by the average hunter who just wants to get out with family and friends and spend some time at camp and enjoy a deer hunt. If you live in a state with the opportunity to hunt deer every year, don’t take that for granted.
  17. demand and supply! they will always be there.
  18. maximus

    Leupold Vx5hd 3-15x44 Firedot $550

    .it is an email from italy.
  19. maximus

    my next rifle scope.

  20. maximus

    Mountain lion

    This was in pine.
  21. maximus

    Mountain lion

    don't know exactly but their yard backs the forest.
  22. maximus

    Mountain lion

    is in my daughter's friend backyard, the mom has a camera there just in case.
  23. maximus

    Best Daypack Opinions

    i think it will fit laying down.
  24. maximus

    Best Daypack Opinions

    i have the kuiu venture 1800 and is good, also i have the badlands 2200 and is bigger with more storage packets.
  25. maximus

    Unit 33 camping suggestions Muzzy hunt

    Rincon's are in 33, galiuro and winchesters are in 32.