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  1. maximus

    New scammer alert

    did he tried to sale you an SKS ?
  2. My nephew just received a zeiss conquest 15x56 hd, he brought them over to install the outdoorsman stud and for the life of me i can't get the center post out to install the stud, any guys here have those binos, how do you get that post out? thank you for the help, very much appreciated.
  3. I have a question about POI, i reload with 130 grain berger vld hunting for my 6.5 creedmoor but i did reload some rounds with the vld target and the POI is different then the vld hunting, is that possible? they have same ballistic coefficient and looks like same bullet properties.
  4. maximus

    23-24 regs up online

    how come only 75 tags for unit 6A early coues? i think is good but low amount of tags.
  5. the only reason i'm using the vld targets is because i don't want to use the hunting ones for shooting practice and won't find any in stock.
  6. Thank you, i was confused because they have same properties but something is different.
  7. maximus


    i don't need this binos but i think i put them for sale in august-spetember before the fall hunts will sale quicker. good luck, it is a great price.
  8. maximus

    Lexus GX470

    very nice suv. they run forever!
  9. maximus


    they should come out anytime now!
  10. $279,331 estimated total.
  11. maximus

    Help with zeiss 15x56 hd

    yes, thank you so much.
  12. maximus

    Taxidermist that export

    My cousin lives in australia and he killed a couple of deer in hawaii, the taxidermist couldn't send it to australia so the guy sent them to me now my cousin asked to put him in touch with a taxidermist that can export with the right paperwork, he has an australian export agent that will contact the taxidermist and get it going. if any of you guys know a taxidermist or taxidermist that are here please contact me and i will give him your number. Thank you.
  13. maximus

    Taxidermist that export

    Thank you all, he got in touch with Southwest Taxidermy which is good for me so i don't have to drive to tucson to drop it off.
  14. maximus

    Help with zeiss 15x56 hd

    got it, thank you.
  15. maximus

    Young Road conditions

    you can't receive pm's
  16. maximus

    Monsoon season 2023

    i always said, i shoud have been a weather man, they never get it right and keep the job. good job security.😂
  17. maximus

    Arizona Trail - Any Fanatics???

    Stanley, is called Arizona Trail The Official guide text by tom lorang jones and the arizona trail association.
  18. maximus

    Arizona Trail - Any Fanatics???

    Stanley, if you need the book, i can lend it to you.
  19. maximus

    Cooler Size Question

    don't freeze the meat , do it when you get home.
  20. maximus

    Ground Blind Recommendations

    i have a rhino labs evolution xp1 and is fantastic, made in the usa. https://www.midwayusa.com/product/2904131986
  21. maximus

    Trijicon Accupoint 3x9x40 Scope w/ Rings

    second picture says Simmons not trijicon.
  22. have a Mystery Ranch Bino Harness 12x for sale is like new only use a couple of times. $115.00
  23. maximus


    looks like meljohnbrawley9 is one.
  24. only 35 tags on those units, won't get hammered.
  25. maximus

    Sick to my stomach!!!!!

    i feel bad for you man but i never use my bank card always a credit card, if there is a problem you can always contest the charge and they take care of it, the bank take care of the problem but takes a while before the money is put back in the account. never had a problem doing that.