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  1. Hunt30b

    Thanks Winchester Browning

    Copper prices up good for us copper miners... arizona has a bunch
  2. Hunt30b

    6.5 Creedmoor ammo for trade

    I will by the 143 eldx at 60 a box.
  3. Hunt30b

    Where to retire?

    I have a place in Alpine so sonoita in the winter
  4. Hunt30b

    Where Am I?

    Diamond rock
  5. Hunt30b

    Leupold VX3 CDS for sale SOLD

    I was wondering if the CDs dial has been setup for a load as I would have to purchase an additional one. Very interested however
  6. Hunt30b

    Youth tags 33

    Down in the southern part of the unit you can access foothills of the rincons off of the j6 ranch Rd.....just before the railroad tracks. Open country....very glassable
  7. Hunt30b

    Anybody use call/rattle for rutting mule deer?

    The deer talker call generally will bring the does running. Get the wind in your face and blow the call just loud enough they hear it
  8. Hunt30b

    Weather report

    None here on orange grove....bisbee got good snow Saturday......oh I wish I were chasing Muley's down there right now!
  9. Hunt30b


    We had almost 3 inches accumulated at our place at tall wi-wi Dec. 4. Made for a great and memorable elk hunt as we caught bulls bailing off the tops!
  10. Agree with bouncing between 27 and 28. Both hold good Muley's and you can transition in an hour
  11. Hunt30b

    Late bull report

    Other than the memories, here's the best part of her hunt!
  12. Hunt30b

    Late bull report

    Had no problems finding bulls in 27. Never saw anything huge but my niece took a solid 6x6 sunday
  13. Hunt30b

    Looks Like a Cold one!

    9 degrees for the low in Alpine Sunday. Hope my niece can get it done before then. Anybody know if there's snow on the ground up there yet?
  14. Hunt30b

    Late Season Unit 1

    Some parts of unit 1 are glassable due to wallow fire. We've also found good bulls in the open meadows morning 1. After that head to thicker, more secluded ridges and canyons.