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  1. JBenz63

    Spotting scope

    Great deal!
  2. JBenz63


  3. JBenz63


    Thank you but I am really interested in getting a 95 objective. Appreciate the offer
  4. JBenz63


    Still available, looking for a 95 swaro objective. Willing to throw in some $$ on my end
  5. JBenz63

    Meopta 10x42

  6. JBenz63

    Muley freak bino harness

    Original muley freak bino harness. $30 located in Gilbert
  7. JBenz63

    Meopta 10x42

    Getting rid of a few items I no longer use. Meopta Meopro HD 10x42 binos with vortex bino harness. Great binos for kids or just to have an extra in the truck $250 obo. Located in Gilbert but travel to the North Valley Often
  8. JBenz63

    ISO Lieca Geovid

    I was looking for a set of used Lieca Geovid 10x42s or 15x56. If anyone’s looking to get rid of for some extra $$ please pm. Much appreciated
  9. JBenz63

    Free goat

    Times are hard.. is he edible?
  10. JBenz63

    Ruger .357 magnum $450

    Super nice gun! Great deal
  11. JBenz63

    SCCY 9mm

    What’s the sale price if you click the link????... oh yeah says 266.99 with no stock. Plus your rebate was only good for $25 and it’s expired.... Good job, made yourself look like an idiot
  12. JBenz63

    SCCY 9mm

    No I did not. $230 was the final price
  13. JBenz63

    SCCY 9mm

    🤣😂 sold so we are good..Everyone’s feedback was appreciated
  14. JBenz63

    SCCY 9mm

    Pm sent
  15. JBenz63

    SCCY 9mm

    SCCY CPX-2 9mm. Probably shot 2 boxes with this. Great little gun. Located in Gilbert. $250 or best offer.