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  1. JBenz63

    Vortex Fury

  2. JBenz63

    Vortex Fury

  3. JBenz63

    Vortex Fury

    Drop $800
  4. JBenz63

    Vortex Fury

    Brand new and still in plastic Vortex Fury 10x42 rangefinder binoculars. Asking $850 also open to trades.
  5. JBenz63

    vortex 10x42 fury hd

    Great deal right here.
  6. JBenz63

    Why is there so Many Swaro 15’s for sale?

    Bump.....Let’s milk this topic for another 3 weeks. Then we can talk about who’s got tags
  7. JBenz63

    Swarovski 15x56 HD - $2000

    That sounds like a party 🎉. Bump for a great pair of glass!!!
  8. JBenz63

    Why is there so Many Swaro 15’s for sale?

    I think everyone assumes when they buy them they are going to be just like Jay Scott
  9. JBenz63

    Lieca Geovid 15x56HD

  10. JBenz63

    Leica Geovid HD-Y 15x56 BRF

    Message sent
  11. JBenz63

    When you’re upset you don’t draw

    The last image with archery has the cow hunts. I did miss “anterless” while taking the photo. I will post the deer section up later this afternoon
  12. I found this regulation booklet helping some family move.Since it’s application season I figured I would post this. Amazing how many more tags we issue now
  13. JBenz63

    Swarovski 10x42 question + vortex 15x50

    Lol dude they aren’t even close. Apples to oranges.