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  1. JBenz63

    15x56 SLC HD

  2. JBenz63

    15x56 SLC HD

  3. JBenz63

    15x56 SLC HD

    Basically new 2018 15x56 SLC HD for sale. Used on a Coues hunt this year and really enjoyed but no longer need. Warranty card open and clear for next owner. Located in Gilbert asking $1900. Feel free to pm if you have any questions
  4. JBenz63

    Meopta 15x56 SOLD!

    Bump, insanely great deal!
  5. Says you can’t get messages. Could you please pm me. Very interested
  6. Yeah I am surprised you still have the Euros. I love trying optics and those Euros(Meoptas) are the best bang for your $$. Especially with Cabelas warranty.
  7. JBenz63

    Patagonia MT LT265/70R17 NEW SET OF 4

    dang that’s a good deal
  8. JBenz63

    Zeiss 15x56

  9. JBenz63

    Zeiss 15x56

  10. JBenz63

    Zeiss 15x56

    Thanks Shawn, they are fantastic 15s for sure. Some updated photos
  11. JBenz63

    Zeiss 15x56

    I have a pair of Zeiss Conquest 15x56 binos. Super clean, no scratches. I no longer need these for my set up. Located in Gilbert.. asking $1060. Will get updated photos tonight
  12. JBenz63

    Iso Ziess Victory SF

    Thanks I’ll have to relay the message. Much appreciated
  13. JBenz63

    Iso Ziess Victory SF

    I have a family member looking for a used pair of Ziess Victory SF 10x42. Located in Gilbert but travel to Pinetop and Tucson often. Thanks!
  14. JBenz63

    Help Arrest this poacher!

    Instagram, course we know how social media works.