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  1. JBenz63

    10mm & 380 auto

    10 mm still available. $580 obo
  2. JBenz63

    10mm & 380 auto

    SPF on the ruger
  3. JBenz63

    10mm & 380 auto

    Considering cash offers now. $580 10mm and $150 .380... open to trade on other optics as well. Thanks
  4. JBenz63

    10mm & 380 auto

  5. JBenz63

    10mm & 380 auto

    Both are NEW and never been fired. Springfield XDM 5.25 in 10mm and Ruger LCP in 380 auto. Just looking to possibly trade for a set of 15s binos. Located in Gilbert. Feel free to pm if you have any questions
  6. JBenz63

    AZ Coues hunters headed to Colorados GMU 74

    Funny, I drew the exact same tag. I also have a September muzzleloader bull tag in there as well. I anticipate it will be busy on both hunts... Rokslide and MonsterMuleys seems to have more information related to 74. Plus most people are pretty reserved on information related to any easy draw units in Colorado. I honestly don’t blame them
  7. JBenz63

    Guess the Scores

    Very nice 👍👌.That second bull on the first post looks like a tank. What throws me off the most is when bulls are packing extra points. Either way its fun just to find big bulls.
  8. JBenz63

    3b sept archery

    I had this hunt last year. It’s definitely a good hunt but not a trophy unit. It’s pretty easy to get around in the unit so most people that know 3b well won’t give up information. It’s worth scouting right before the hunt that way when opening morning hits you pretty much are dialed in on your bull.
  9. JBenz63


    Pm on the Ruger
  10. JBenz63

    2009 Honda Foreman 500 4x4 / 2001 Six Chuter SR1 SS

    Now that how you scout for Giants!! Super cool
  11. JBenz63


    That’s a great deal! Too bad I am a fata$$
  12. JBenz63


    SPF to Nitemann
  13. JBenz63


    Kimber 1911 Target. Probably shot it 100 rounds or so. Comes with all original equipment and additional Hogue grips. Though I would use this more but now it just sits in the safe. $650 trades welcome(optics). Located in Gilbert
  14. JBenz63

    ISO 12x50 swaro

    I was able to find some. Thanks everyone for the help and offers!!
  15. JBenz63

    ISO 12x50 swaro

    Looking for a pair of 12x50 swaros. Looking to spend $2400 or less depending on condition and year. Thanks!!