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  1. Swivelhead

    10mm for grizzly bear defense

    I packed a 3" Smith & Wesson 44 mag when in AK. Friend who sold it to me commented that I did not actually have to hit the bear during a close encounter as the muzzle flash would set the bear on fire. Substantial recoil w/300 grain hardcast ammo. If I had to do it over again I would opt for the 10mm Glock or equivalent.
  2. Swivelhead

    12A West Late or 12B West Late. Which one?

    Although there are resident deer in 12B, most deer that show up are migratory, mostly from Utah. Cold and snow in Utah will mean a banner hunt but hot & dry will leave a lot of deer on the wrong side of the fence. 12A West deer are generally resident year round. If I were in your shoes, I'd go 1st choice 13B then 12A West late. Good luck in the draw.
  3. Swivelhead

    Manuel A. Sinohui

    Thanks for posting this. I too read his articles in AZ Wildlife Sportsman magazine. Many years later, I actually met the man out at Black Canyon Shooting Range (before it was called Ben Avery). We were shooting at the sillouette range. Spent at least an hour listening to him talk about our state. It was a very cool hour. Married 73 years = AWESOME! Peace to his family.
  4. Swivelhead

    Prairie Dog Hunting

    Page 84 of the 2018-2019 regulations. Season was 7/1/18 till 3/31/19. New regs due out soon will likely be the same for the upcoming year. Don't hunt prarie dogs on the Buenos Aires refuge (black tailed dogs), do plan to go elsewhere in early July before the monsoons grow the grass too high to find the dogs.
  5. Swivelhead

    New Mexico draw

  6. Swivelhead

    lab pup

    Sorry for your loss. Dogs give all they have, all the time, what a gift they are. I attended the deer club banquet Saturday night. Barbs house of labs donated a chocolate female for auction. Great looking pup. I was going to bid on the pup but bidding quickly went above my price range. Barbs house of labs supports the deer association, might give them a call.
  7. Swivelhead

    Where Am I?

    Road to Childs off highway 260 if, as you say Jerome can be seen from this road. IMO, this has got to be the view, as others have stated, from the rim of Bloody Basin looking east to the Mazatzal wilderness. Mount Ord is visible on the extreme right of the photo on the far horizon and upper racetrack mesa is visible too.
  8. Swivelhead

    5B info

    Learn the road system where you plan to hunt. Much of Anderson mesa is now roadless (if you adhere to the MVUM). Cool up on top, prime forage too. Much of it is not visible from legal roads .......
  9. Swivelhead

    Pronghorn Hits?

    For the most part, I've had good luck drawing tags over the years. The exception is AZ antelope. Congrats to those who drew.
  10. Swivelhead

    Pronghorn Hits?

    26 wasn't enough either.
  11. Swivelhead

    Don't try this at HOME!

    Ahem, there were at least two idiots present ........
  12. Swivelhead


    You have a particularly good looking version of the M1A.
  13. Swivelhead

    Big Horn Cape needed

    Fivealive, sent you a PM
  14. Swivelhead


    Outstanding ram, congrats to you.