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  1. Swivelhead

    Sitting Water

    Were you on a road that continued on a substantial distance? If the road you were accosted on dead ended within a reasonable distance, say a 1/4 mile or less, I could see the guys point. In that case, park and go for it. A civil conversation could have avoided negative contact with a fellow hunter. If the guy was trying to stop access an ongoing road system for his own benefit, I know what I would have told him.
  2. Swivelhead

    Sitting Water

    Sitting water (especially this year) is very effective. Generally, if a target animal shows up, the shot opportunity is very good. Unfortunately, there always seems to be serious competition for a seat at a water source. Personally, I don't need the drama and don't care to compete with fellow hunters.
  3. Swivelhead

    Unit 1 Turkeys

    Dry as it's been water sources should reveal a lot. Acorns & water is where I'd look.
  4. Swivelhead

    Fire North of the McDowells

    Local news station 12 has video. Said 800 acres in the vicinity of Sears Kay ruin. Appears to be burning to the northeast.
  5. Swivelhead

    Sitting Water

    Sitting water is the one sure way to have negative interaction with fellow hunters & the general public. Expect it.
  6. Swivelhead

    Rut Activity

    I've had similar experiences at the tail end of the early archery hunt. Hunters that have the early rifle or muzzlerloader elk hunt that opens tomorrow are out scouting with abandon. It's one thing if someone scouting for an upcoming season innocently interrupts a stalk. No excuse for this man's actions, he knew your son was on the elk. Selfish SOB.
  7. Swivelhead

    some 3b elk from the last couple of weeks

    Any AZ unit can produce outsize bulls. Great genetics in our state, bulls just need a chance to get old, have decent feed and be somewhat parasite free.
  8. Still hot & dry. Call the ranger district in which you'd like to shoot and have a conversation.
  9. Swivelhead

    some 3b elk from the last couple of weeks

    I see the wound, could be an injury from dueling with the competition. Anybody see and arrow shaft or broadhead?
  10. Swivelhead


    Cool looking bull. My brother encountered a giant double beam bull in 5BN but it was 10+ years ago. Brother really wanted the bull but it did not happen.
  11. Swivelhead

    Day 10 Archery Bull

    Congrats on your success!
  12. Swivelhead

    WTB pistol

  13. Swivelhead

    WTB pistol

    Due dilligence by the seller is key.
  14. Swivelhead

    WTB pistol

    You guys assume the worst. An out of state buyer can arrange to have the seller ship the weapon to an FFL in his state of residence which is perfectly legal.
  15. Swivelhead

    2020 Archery Bull

    Really nice bull. Gotta love those high country black racked antlers with ivory tips. Good job!