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  1. Good looking cat. Congrats! I've taken a few archery shots @ bobcats over the years while predator calling. Cats caught me drawing each time and jumped the string (big time) each time. +1 on the adrenaline dump
  2. Swivelhead

    How big you think this elk was

    I can see 335-340.
  3. Swivelhead


    Sounds like a smart legal manuever. Wonder if it will also affect my membership status.
  4. Swivelhead

    Tessa’s Wyoming buffalo

  5. Why not let interested parties decide what they are worth?
  6. Swivelhead

    Proper skinning of a Javelina.

    ^^^^ X2 Pictures, hang, skin then gutless process. Tag a foot, put meat in a game bag and head to the truck. Meat is good,
  7. Based on the map in the link, suspect there is a squatter problem in the vicinity of Cottonwood.
  8. Swivelhead

    mount insecticide treatment

    Not sure how to prevent bugs but had good luck bagging mounts with mothballs, killed the bugs. You will need to move the mounts outside due to odor issues. Kept the mounts bagged for a couple weeks.
  9. Swivelhead

    Any Outdoorsman pack users

    Try hockey stick tape. Worked for my sqeaky pack however my pack is not an Outdoorsmans pack.
  10. Swivelhead

    2021 archery coues deer

    Biggest forkie Coues I ever saw. Congrats.
  11. Swivelhead


    Optical Science Center @ UofA is a world class facility that all Arizonans can be proud of.
  12. Swivelhead

    G$F Fines

    ^^^^ This is his best shot. Handwriting letters to the citing officer, prosecutor and judge admitting guilt and remorse could help him keep his hunting & fishing privileges. Courts generally don't cut much slack on the $$$$ end.
  13. Swivelhead

    ISO 10mm Ammunition

    Sorry guys, been offline. Ammo was found at local pawn shops.
  14. Swivelhead

    ISO 10mm Ammunition

    Found! Thx for the help.
  15. Swivelhead

    ISO 10mm Ammunition

    Thanks for the replies. Still looking