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  1. Swivelhead

    Whats the deal with unit 10?

    Yes, yes, & yes. Odds are you won't get another tag for 8-10 years. Make the best of what you've got. Congrats on the tag.
  2. Swivelhead

    Archery bull scouting

    Pay attention to trees rubbed from prior years. Usually, rubs will be found near bedding areas or feeding/rutting areas. This is a good indication of where the bulls will be during September. Congrats on drawing a ticket to the dance.
  3. Swivelhead

    Losing Little by Little!

  4. Swivelhead

    Losing Little by Little!

    Good to hear from you TJ. Curious, is your elk tag streak still alive?
  5. Swivelhead

    Zeiss 15x60 help

    Zeiss 15 X 60 - the very best in their day. http://company7.com/zeiss/binoculars/1560bga.html
  6. Swivelhead

    Updates on Outdoor Writer ???

    Lot of good people don't post here anymore. Too bad. I do believe we owe each other a certain amount of respect but it IS the internet, leave your feelings at the door.
  7. Swivelhead

    New 15s.... looking for some input

    Don't have any experience with the HD Meoptas but will agree that the 15X56 Zeiss Conquests are very good. When using my Conquests I find that IPD is critical to overall ease of use. When IPD is right the binos are easily focused, wrong and they are "fussy".
  8. Swivelhead

    Nobody / anybody

    Point creep is real. Had a great hunt. Saw a lot of antelope with a selection of very nice bucks. Had no issues with fellow antelope hunters but had a number of enounters with people scouting for elk. Ended up with a nice buck. My 5B lope is fantastic table fare, as good or better than coues deer. Save every scrap when you finally get a tag.
  9. Swivelhead

    Nobody / anybody

    Drew 5B last year (2020) with 27 points. Got tag #4 in the 20% pass.
  10. Swivelhead


    Proposed trail cam ban is largely unenforceable by AZGF as written. So why bother? What I could get behind would be a state law banning unattended surveilance equipment on ANY public property throughout our fine state.
  11. Swivelhead

    What ever goes topic!!!

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gr-Poz2E1o0 A little off road thunder
  12. Swivelhead

    Enough moisture?

  13. Swivelhead

    Tick Tock

    I had hoped to have AZ results (CC hits) prior to NM deadline. Looks like I'll be applying for NM.
  14. Swivelhead

    Tick Tock

    Mine too.
  15. Swivelhead

    Got it done with the .357

    Cool! Thx for posting.