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  1. Hello Fellow Predator hunters. Last year I built a 338 Lapua Magnum and man is this thing an absolute tack driver with a 300 grain berger OTM tactical bullet. I built it for the sole purpose of elk hunting as it works extremely well for it. Last year I shot an elk at 660 yards and absolutely folded the sucker with a single shot, died instantly from hydrostatic shock! So I know 338 Lapua is a bit much to hunt coyotes but last week I went out to have some long range fun, long story short I killed 2 coyotes and they both were totally not impressive in terms of trauma. Almost seems like them coyotes are not dense enough to get that bullet to expand properly haha. Any ideas on any explosive/rapid expanding 338 caliber bullets that will blow up a coyote?😂 Anyone have experience with blowing up coyotes to kingdom come😁 Below are some bullets I have researched that definitely have my attention🤔 What you guys think? Any input much appreciated! https://makerbullets.com/proddetail.php?prod=338225THV https://cuttingedgebullets.com/338-260gr-rifle-maximus-50ct https://www.hornady.com/bullets/rifle/338-cal-338-225-gr-sst#!/
  2. Hello fellow members, I recently purchased the latest version of the Hornady reloading handbook (11edition) just to find out that they don't have load data for 300 PRC - 208 grain ELD-Match bullet for any powder. Any idea if you guys can help me with this? Just putting logic together I took 200 grain ELD-X data and 212 ELD-X load data in H4831SC subtracted the two amounts and figured my max for 208 ELD-M. 300 PRC - 200 ELD-X 300 PRC - 212 ELD-X I was thinking around 77.0 Grains of H4831 would be max for a 208 ELD-M bullet, correct? What do you guys think?
  3. The Big Bucks are coming out of there lairs!!! Seen this big boy doing some chasing activity on a hot doe this passed weekend. He was very smart and didn't stray too far from the heavy brush lines. Made a mistake and bedded in a killable zone! Stalked up to 60 yards from him bedded and waited 2 hours for him to get up and stretch, freakin drilled him! He didn't go more than 70 yards before piling up!!! It's been an awesome year of hunting! I just want to thank God for making all this possible, hunting is something sacred in my family! Not literally but kinda lol.. We eat sleep and S%$t hunting! To many more hunting memories of lifetime. Happy hunting fellas God bless and be safe!!!! #MuleDeerPutasos #Masiso #BigBucksDriveMeNutz Ohhh and before I go I just want to thank my biggest supporter "trphyhntr"😂😂😂
  4. Coues Archer

    Best Ultralight Optics Under $600

    Thank you for the two cents recurveman! After much research I decided not to get anything. Seems like the only good glass that would be in weight savings category is the kowa tsn 553 spotting scope. They recently did an optic review on it. Long story short it performed amazing. One of these days I’ll pull the trigger on it.
  5. Coues Archer

    Ramshot LRT for sale!!!

    Have 6 brand new 1 pound containers of Ramshot LRT powder for sale. $30 per pound
  6. Hello my fellow hunters, It's that time of year again and I'm more anxious than ever to hit the hills once again. I just want to start off by saying that I genuinely hope all of y'all are doing well. So to start this off I'm in the market for an ultralight optic that I can carry backcountry. I hike many miles and I honestly have no need for my vortex razor HD's; awesome optics but too heavy for my use case. I literally only use a spotting scope to classify an animal for trophy quality. Other than that I don't use the dam thing lol I scan with my Kaibab's until I find the animal and lately haven't had an optic to classify the animals quality. Long story short I need that added 30x - 45X optic to distinguish such details. Maybe 30X-45X is too little maybe 60X? I need something that could distinguish trophy quality coues/mule deer out to 1 - 1.5 miles. Preferably an optic sub 40 oz. Please any feedback would be much appreciated.
  7. Coues Archer

    2020 archery buck

    Good job on an amazing Buck! Definitely once in a lifetime. Please let us know what he tapes out when you have a chance. I say he goes 198”🤙🏽🤘🏽
  8. Coues Archer

    Tough archery hunt

    Congrats on a nice buck man. You have a good pool of genetics running around that spot🤙🏽
  9. Coues Archer

    Mature Big Desert Muley Buck Down

    Thanks man. Are you talking to me or oz31p?😂
  10. Coues Archer

    Mature Big Desert Muley Buck Down

    I have not as of now but I will sure get in touch with one soon👍🏼 Thanks for the heads up man.
  11. Coues Archer

    Mature Big Desert Muley Buck Down

    Thank you all for all the support. I hope all of you have some good luck this year for your upcoming hunts. I will keep y’all updated on what this buck will score after the 60 day dry period. Until then... Take care fellas🤙🏽
  12. Coues Archer

    Mature Big Desert Muley Buck Down

    Yeah man I agree. Archery is so unpredictable just to many variables in play and bad shots happen all the time... But in the horns huh😂 that would have sucked had I hit this guy in his horns lol
  13. Coues Archer

    Mature Big Desert Muley Buck Down

    I like your style Delw🤙🏽 I practiced everyday for the last 3 months so I was super confident going into this hunt. I was hitting 6 inch groups at 90 Religiously so I was good out to that range. When the 39 yard shot presented itself I knew it was a wrap👍🏼
  14. Coues Archer

    Mature Big Desert Muley Buck Down

    Absolutely not bro. I was up hill from him and I attempted to make a downhill frontal shot on his chest. When I shot he jumped the string and tried to turn. The arrow zipped right through his neck without hitting his neck bone. He ran 70 yards and fell down so I ran up too him all full of buck fever and put one in his heart🤙🏽Never in my wildest dreams would I attempt a neck shot... It just happened to hit him there given the circumstances. it’s not ethical and it’s too hard of a shot when shooting at a 180 buck😉😂 I got lucky it hit him there bro
  15. Coues Archer

    Mature Big Desert Muley Buck Down

    Hey man I’m not insulting the ones that gave there honest opinion. In fact I liked all y’alls posts. As for a couple of folks that were rude... This post is for them🤙🏽😉 Nothing against you or the ones who kept it real and were just honest.