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  1. I accidently purchased two of these so selling one of them. NEW IN THE BOX WRAPPED! Horaday Match Grade Die Set 6.5 .264 Pay what I paid with Shipping: $95.00 ( I rounded up .18 cents) Only Serious Cash buyers please Text me 602-904-2134
  2. NIB Seekins Precision AR10 Model SPX 6.5 Creed New in the Box! Never Shot! Excellent Precision Long Range AR10 Rifle Partial Fluted Barrel with muzzle break Magpul Stock fully adjustable butt plate and cheek rest and Magpul Grip Price Reduced to sell: $2699 $2,575 OBO Call or Text Brian @ 602-904-2132 Gilbert, AZ
  3. Fors3

    6.5 prc trade

    PM if interested in selling
  4. Fors3


    Interested Pm me your location and if can meet tomorrow AM?
  5. Fors3

    6.5 PRC ELDX for 6.5 PRC ELDM

    Still available? I do not have trade but will buy PM me
  6. Fors3


    Still available?
  7. Fors3


    How old, are they? any damage or lens scratches? what level of quality are these? pm me
  8. Fors3

    6.5 PRC Hornady Custom Grade Dies

    Still available?
  9. Fors3

    6.5 PRC Brass for trade

    How much do you want if sell? pm me
  10. 308 Ammo sell or trade for 6.5 PRC Precision Hunter 143gr 1 Box Federal 308 WIN. 150 gr $75 3 boxes PMC 308 WIN Bronze 147 gr FMJ $160 2 boxes Herters Select 308 WIN SPCE 150 gr $130 Prefer trade for Precision Hunter 6.5 PRC 143 gr but will sell too. gilbert, AZ brian 602-904-2132
  11. Fors3

    6.5prc eldx SOLD

    Ill take it. PM Sent
  12. Fors3

    6.5prc eldx SOLD

    PM me
  13. Fors3

    6.5prc eldx SOLD

    could you load a picture of the box?
  14. Looking for 6.5 PRC Ammo, Brass & Dies Will buy or Trade I have some 7mm, 308, 7.62, 223/5.56 ammo to trade Brian 602-904-2132 Text me or PM me Good luck out there!
  15. Fors3

    6.5prc eldx SOLD

    if it were less, I would be interested and happy to pick it up. I understand. Let me know if you can do less PM Me