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  1. A friend is selling this light NIB. Just sitting unused, so he's moving it along. Unfortunately they've come down since he paid the sticker price, looks like $125 on Amazon. He's looking for $100. He can meet at SW North Phoenix (I-17 & 101). Text Scott at 480-297-8443 if interested! IMG_2278.HEIC IMG_2277.HEIC IMG_2276.HEIC
  2. Huntmoore

    6A December WT

    Thanks for asking, man...we had a tough year. We made it up for a couple of days before the weather came in, but we had some illness hit the family and we had to cut it short Tag soup for us...
  3. Not being used, so might as well go to someone who can use them! Manfrotto 290 Tripod - $75 Outdoorsmans Pistol Grip (lightly used) - $175 Outdoorsman’s Panner: $75 Located in NW Valley. Can meet at SW @ I-17 &
  4. Huntmoore

    Anyone know this guy?

    Yeah...deer are so "in the know" on Vias now, it doesn't even work. Only Valo works now
  5. Huntmoore

    6A December WT

    Hey all! Not looking for specific info, but would seeing if anyone here has had this hunt in recent years and what you experienxed, both in regards to weather and rut activity? My dad managed to draw this tag, so I am doing my best to help him get a good buck. Know the unit fairly well, but mostly curious about weather on this late hunt! Thanks in advance!
  6. Huntmoore

    Flathead Fun!

    This was a few weeks back, but I thought I would post. Was my first time targeting these guys...a buddy took me out and we brought three to the boat. This #43, a #22, and an #18. Had a blast!
  7. Huntmoore

    Fly fishing

  8. Huntmoore

    elk nose ?

    That's what happens when you mistake Parmesan Cheese for Cocaine
  9. Huntmoore

    Vortex PST-5258 5-25x50 Scope & Swagger Bipod

    Evening bump
  10. Couple of fun ways to spend that stimi $$$ 😂 Text Matt at (707) 2one7-88seven9
  11. Huntmoore

    Springfield Armory XD(M) .40 Modified $500

    😂😂 he wanted the option of carrying more easily with compact mags! The extended mags just put it back to original size!
  12. Item is a lightly used in great condition Vortex Ranger 1500 with HCD. Works perfectly, no scratches on body or lens. $250 OBO in NW Valley (will meet at I-17/101 Sportsman's).
  13. Huntmoore

    Springfield Armory XD(M) .40 Modified $500

    Price lowered