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  1. Huntmoore

    400+ on 23 archery?

    I think that’s the bull known as “George Jr.”...crazy cool character and a giant! But i think this must’ve been another bull...sounded like older because work kept him from hunting opening morning and no mention of a crossbow...
  2. Huntmoore

    400+ on 23 archery?

    Hey guys...spent the weekend up camping/fishing in 23N...Bulls are going nuts. Bugles non-stop all around us from 2pm yesterday until about 10am today. Talked to some of the early rifle hunters who said the unit WM told them a 407” was killed across from Colcord campground on the archery hunt. Apparently the guy made it up late to hunt and dropped over before setting up camp and killed the bull on a wallow? Anybody seen anything of this bull?
  3. Huntmoore

    21 Archery hunt

    My uncle drew one of the 5 tags, but not until about two weeks ago (he was next in line for a turned-in tag)....
  4. Huntmoore

    2017: What is your bull goal this year?

    Your gonna need more wall space. I'm digging the "wavy" third.....
  5. Huntmoore

    RPR gen 3 .308

    It's hard to find room for all your winnings, huh?
  6. Huntmoore

    3B Nov Muzzy Bull

    His is actually the later (Nov. 30-Dec. 6)
  7. Huntmoore

    3B Nov Muzzy Bull

    A buddy who is new to hunting drew this tag and I am trying to help him with some starting points. Anybody had this hunt in the past that would be willing to throw some help his way? Thanks guys! -Z
  8. I'd recommend Bret Prentice at Game Trail Taxidermy! Great guy and great work! His shop is around 67th Ave. and Olive!
  9. Huntmoore

    Fly fishing gear

    There is an Orvis store in Scottsdale. A new new Orvis store in my neighborhood @ 20th Street & Camelback also. FYI if you're closer to Central Phx. S. This is the only one now. The store in Scottsdale at Kierland relocated to 20th St. and Camelback. They'll take great care of you...
  10. Huntmoore

    Cabin rental in Payson, Hunt of a Lifetime recipient

    I think some guys on here have rented my buddy Gino's cabin in Mead Ranch (22N). I was in it last year for the late bull hunt. Great place and Gino lives next door and has a wealth of info about the unit (and some neighboring ones). You'd be in the heart of 22N and a short drive from 23... Google "Dead Mule Ranch" on Airbnb...
  11. Huntmoore

    Beretta 686 Silver Pigeon 1400.00

    Beautiful...wish I had the cash....